The Rise of His Little wife/C20 Do You Know What Time It Is
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The Rise of His Little wife/C20 Do You Know What Time It Is
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C20 Do You Know What Time It Is

Even through the helmet, Pei Zi could feel the rapid wind passing by her side. A long-suppressed impulse made her want to scream loudly. The boredom in her heart also wanted to disperse along with the wind to not let it come back to bother her again...

Shi Lei rode Pei Zi for about 20 minutes and arrived at a park. There was a motorcycle parked by the side of the road. Not far away, a group of people were sitting on the grass and chatting happily. Using the lights by the side of the road, one could vaguely see that there were a few girls who were dressed in fashionable clothing, but all of them were handsome and neat.

"Hey! Shi Lei, why are you here just now?" When Shi Lei stopped the car, a girl had already rushed over. Pei Zi stopped in her tracks when she saw Shi Lei coming down from behind.

"Let's go. I'll bring you to meet my friend." Shi Lei ignored the girl who ran over. He took off Pei Zi's helmet and hung it on the handlebars of the car. He pulled her towards the group of people.

"F * ck! Shi Lei, did you bring Niuniu here today?"

"Hey, Niuniu is so pretty! Where did you find her? How about giving her to me after winning a match?"

"Hahaha! Jing Tai, you are looking for a beating! Be careful Shi Lei will cripple you!"

Don't listen to their nonsense. They are all cheap mouths. There are no bad people. " Shi Lei was afraid Pei Zi would misunderstand, so he did not answer their conversation and explained to her in a low voice.

"Yes, it's okay." Pei Zi was used to being with soldiers in the army, as long as they did not hurt her too much. She did not care.

"Hey, don't shout. This is my classmate. Let's get to know each other." Shi Lei brought Pei Zi over and introduced them to a group of people.

... "Well, hello to you guys. I am Pei Zi." Looking at the black mass of more than ten people, Pei Zi smiled and generously expressed her friendliness.

"Hello, hello! I am Wan Jing Tai, Shi Lei's good brother." The boy called Jing Tai stood up and no longer smiled cheekily. He introduced himself in all seriousness.

"My name is Zhuo Wei, Pei Zi, right? What a nice name." Another guy in white sportswear came over and looked at Pei Zi. "Hehehe, you are more beautiful than your name!"

"Huh? Hehehe, thank you for your compliment!" Pei Zi could not help but laugh. It seemed that these people were not bad.

After that, everyone got to know each other. It was just that the girls were obviously a bit distant and did not seem to be as enthusiastic as the boys. Pei Zi did not mind. Originally, she was here to join in the fun and would not interact with these people in the future. It did not matter if others liked her or not.

A group of young people sat on the grass and chatted from the sky to the ground. Pei Zi only knew that they were a group of motorcycle enthusiasts. Each of them had a few years of age and Jing Tai and Shi Lei had participated in the BAJA competition last year.

Pei Zi, who was unfamiliar with these aspects, sat among them and listened to them talk about their idols. She was thinking about her dreams. Occasionally, someone would say some dirty jokes and she would laugh along with them. Under the dim light, her big elf-like eyes were filled with envy.

Everyone had a good time chatting. Unknowingly, it was almost 10 o'clock and they were going to school tomorrow. Everyone arranged for the next meeting time to get on the cars. After a deafening roar, they each rode their own cars and headed home. Shi Lei drove Pei Zi home and said he would see her tomorrow. He did not dawdle and left on his bicycle.

... "Ah!" Pei Zi did not even take a step when she turned around with the key. The tall figure standing at the door really scared her.... "Uncle, uncle?" Seeing that it was Shen Pu, Pei Zi released her clenched fist and called out softly. When did uncle come back? Why was he standing here like a door god? Waiting for her?

... "Go home." Shen Pu said lightly and turned around to enter the yard. He thought she was going for a walk and did not come back after waiting for a while. Shen Pu himself walked around the villa area like an idiot and did not find Pei Zi. He was about to drive out to look for her. Seeing someone ride the girl back, it was fortunate that the person didn't waste any time. If he dawdled for another minute, he probably wouldn't be able to resist going over to beat her up.

... "" Pei Zi closed the door of the yard and followed into the house. Shen Pu silently sat on the sofa. The lights in the living room had been turned off. Only the lights on the stairs were on. Although the light was dim, Pei Zi could still clearly see Shen Pu's face covered in dark clouds.

... "Good night, uncle." Pei Zi said softly and turned to go upstairs.

... "Where did you go?" The gloomy question behind her made Pei Zi pause in her steps. "I went out for a while." After she finished speaking, she did not turn around and continued walking upstairs.

"Who sent you back?" At this time, Shen Pu had already stood up. He was worried that Aunt Wu would follow behind Pei Zi and ask as he also walked up the stairs.

"Uncle..." Pei Zi who was halfway there suddenly turned around and looked down at Shen Pu. This gave Shen Pu, who was behind, a shock.

"Didn't you say I have a good life? I'm going to enjoy my good life! You should be happy. Don't worry, I'm already an adult. " I know what I should do and shouldn't do. " Pei Zi had never been so calm and collected as she talked to Shen Pu. The little girl's face was tense and her eyes were shining like stars in the dark.

"I..." Seeing Pei Zi like this, Shen Pu did not know what to say for a moment. He only spat out one word and his narrow eyes could not move away from her face.

"Uncle, rest early." Pei Zi did not dare to take another look. She was afraid that she would be timid in the next second. She hurriedly turned around and quickly walked up the last few steps. Under Shen Pu's gaze, she entered her bedroom and slammed the door.

... "" Only when he heard the door close did Shen Pu come back to his senses. The fire in his heart rushed to his head. Without thinking much, he walked over and pushed Pei Zi's bedroom open. These years, Pei Zi had never dared to lock the door at night. Although she was not often at home, Shen Pu knew her habit very well.

Pei Zi, who was about to change her clothes, was so scared that she took a few steps back and sat on the bed. She blinked her big eyes and looked at Shen Pu who suddenly pushed open the door and entered. Her face was as cold as an iceberg, and she actually felt a bit of pleasure in her heart.

"Do you know what time it is? Do you know how long I have been looking for you, do you know..." Do you know that you have something to do, what should I do?

Shen Pu walked over step by step. He looked down at Pei Zi who was staring at him with her big eyes. He felt a sense of powerlessness that he had never felt before. He raised his hand and pinched between his eyebrows. His action scared Pei Zi so much that she closed her eyes and waited for the expected slap to land on her face.

Shen Pu lowered his hand and saw Pei Zi's pretty face was upturned. Her small mouth was tightly pursed and her big eyes were closed. Her long trembling mascara was like a butterfly that was about to flap its wings and fly.

... "" His anger instantly disappeared without a trace. Shen Pu originally wanted to lower his hand and gently stroke the girl's face. He carefully swam around and stopped in front of her cherry lips. His long and slender index finger rubbed her moist lips. He felt the inexplicably beautiful touch from his fingertip over and over again...

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