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C3 Let Me Go

"Mom, Mom! Say something, Mom!" It was dark all around. Pei Zi, who was curled up in her mother's arms, shouted in horror over and over again. Two drops of warm blood fell on her cheeks. Pei Zi would never forget that feeling.

"Help! Help! Is there anyone? Hurry and save us!"

Why are you calling for help? It's so good to die together with mom! Pei Zi returned to her bedroom and maintained her posture of hugging her knees as she looked out the window. Her clear and big eyes were filled with confusion. At this time, the girl seemed to have changed her soul. Her entire body was filled with loneliness and loneliness.

It had been five years, and no one knew that she had always been afraid of the darkness. Every night, she had to turn on the lights to be able to sleep in peace. Shen Pu should have told her that it was good. She didn't need to worry about food and clothes. The school also picked up two good ones. But he was too busy. Sometimes Pei Zi could only see Shen Pu once a month. This was the first time she had seen Shen Pu since she moved back to the capital.

She swept her gaze across the house that she could see. This house was actually her own! Yes, it had been five years. No matter where she moved, she was alone. Shen Pu, the only person in the world who had anything to do with her gave her a second life, but it also made her feel the most helpless loneliness.

She was afraid of Shen Pu, afraid that she would not be able to disappoint her uncle. She tried her best to be a good child. Pei Zi, whom everyone saw, was lively and cute. She hoped that even if her uncle did not mention her in front of him occasionally, Shen Pu would feel gratified. But all of this was meaningless in the end. She did not have any status in her uncle's heart. She was just an adopted orphan. To herself, Shen Pu only had that bit of responsibility for her. She was very sad about what happened today. Her uncle didn't even have basic trust in her. The results of her hard work these few years were not as good as a short video...

It was already late when Shen Pu sent Zheng Xu away. He went upstairs to see Pei Zi's closed door. He stood there and gently pushed the door open. The girl who thought she was sleeping was sitting on the bed with her back to herself. The thin Xiao's back was almost curled into a ball. It was so quiet and helpless.

... "Why aren't you sleeping yet?" Shen Pu walked over and stood by the bed. He did not know what he was feeling.

It had been five years. The child seemed to have grown up overnight. When he saw her despairing little face at school, Only then did he realize that he had always neglected her. Only when he neglected her did he realize that she was no longer the little girl from before! The current her was a beautiful girl that could be carved into one's heart with just a glance.

Pei Zi was still quietly looking out the window as if she could not hear anyone talking. That kind of disregard made Shen Pu frown. He reached out his large hand and hesitated for a moment before landing it on Pei Zi's shoulder.

... "Zi, I should not be angry at you. The matter is already clear and the school will take care of this matter properly. Don't think too much. Rest early!" The high and mighty Shen Pu would never apologize to anyone. Today, he did not know why he felt a little guilty looking at this girl.

... "" The body of the person sitting quietly stiffened but still remained silent. The silence in the room made Shen Pu feel a little nervous. He retracted his arm and turned around to walk to the door.

... "Uncle, I still want to go to the welfare institute." Before he reached the door, Pei Zi suddenly opened her mouth and said. Although her voice was very soft, Shen Pu could hear her clearly.

"No!" Without any hesitation, Shen Pu's first reaction was that he could not. When he turned around, there was a hint of panic in his narrow eyes.

Having been on the battlefield for a long time, he, who had always been calm and composed, felt flustered for the first time. That inexplicable emotion that blocked his chest caused his already cold handsome face to be covered with a layer of ice. His emotions that had been conflicted and depressed for half a month at this moment were like a volcano that had been suppressed for a long time, searching for a breakthrough. This girl, Half a month ago, she suddenly called and said that she wanted to go to the welfare institute, but now she mentioned it again. She really wanted to leave me!

"Why? Why not?" Pei Zi seemed to have decided on this matter and shouted again. This time, she turned her head and looked at Shen Pu. The pair of big eyes with starlight under the light made Shen Pu, who was also looking at her, suddenly lose his mind.

I can't let you leave. The thought in his mind left Shen Pu's mind and he walked to the bed a few steps away. He stretched out his long arm and the girl was carried to the ground from the bed. "I said I can't do it, but I can't!" Shen Pu realized that he had used too much strength to hold Pei Zi's hand. He slightly loosened his grip. She lowered her head and looked at the girl who was staring at her indifferently. After a long time, she finally thought of a sentence, "Stay well and study well."

... "Uncle... let me go! You have taken care of me for so many years, without you, I died in the earthquake. I don't want to drag you down anymore. There are still a few days left. I'm 18 years old. Let me go to the welfare institute. I'll take care of myself. " At least she wouldn't be alone every day like she was now. Pei Zi was very calm. The big eyes on her small face were clear to the bottom. She looked at Shen Pu without any ripples. After she finished speaking, she suddenly gave Shen Pu a smile.

That smile was like a rising sun in the snow glacier that had been frozen for ten thousand years. The temperature brought about by it was unpredictable and melted the white snow. Pei Zi just wanted to make herself look fine, but she did not know how much shock this smile had caused the cold man in front of her to feel.

"Uncle, bring me to do the formalities tomorrow! I want to go with those..."

"Shut up! No! " Shen Pu did not know where his anger came from. He suppressed his anger and suddenly pulled the girl into his arms with a low voice. He held her head with his big hand. He did not want to see the girl's smile that seemed like she was going to be freed.

... "" Pei Zi's nose hurt from Shen Pu's strong chest. She was so sore that tears came out. She wanted to push it away quickly, but it was too warm and safe here. For the first time in five years, she felt the meaning of An Xin.

... "I'm sorry Zi, I apologize. I didn't find out the misunderstanding... Don't talk nonsense. I won't let you go anywhere. Stay here, stay by my uncle's side. I... I will take good care of you! " Shen Pu almost blurted out the words in front of the girl in his arms without thinking. He only regained some rationality in the end.

... "" Pei Zi quietly leaned into Shen Pu's arms. For the first time, she smelled the faint scent of Lan Zhixiang mixed with tobacco on his body. Her originally gloomy and indifferent mood suddenly became a little flustered. Her face was burning and her heart was beating very fast. This embrace was very warm. It was as if all the storms and disasters in the world had left her. It was a peaceful and happy feeling.

... "Xiao, Zi, Don't think about it anymore. "It's your birthday in two days. Uncle... Uncle will bring you to play. "Go and sleep, tomorrow nothing will happen." Shen Pu patted Pei Zi's back. For the first time, it was so hard to coax a child. He did not know what kind of emotion it was. The more he wanted to suppress it, the more he wanted to break out of the ground. Without waiting for Pei Zi to respond to her, she bent down slightly and picked up the girl and put her back on the bed. He carefully covered her with the blanket and walked to the window to draw the curtains. Whether it was nervousness or not Pei Zi did not even look at the bed, she hurried out like she was running away.

... "" Pei Zi looked at the quickly closed door and her small mouth opened slightly. Her eyes flashed for some reason and suddenly covered her face with the blanket.

Early in the morning, the girl woke up under the urging of the biological clock. Last night, she did not have any nightmares. The morning light that shone through the curtains made her feel so full of vitality for the first time. Pei Zi washed up and wore her neat school uniform. She took her schoolbag and left the room.

"Miss is up. Breakfast is ready. Hurry up and eat so that you can go to school." Aunt Wu was wiping the table and looking at the girl who came down from upstairs, she said with a smile. This child was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. She had worked in so many places. Only this young lady was very kind to her. There was no big lady who was not picky about anything.

"Aunt Wu, long ago. Thank you for your hard work!" Pei Zi smiled and thanked as she walked towards the dining room. It was just that Shen Pu, who had never appeared at the dining table, stopped her footsteps when she walked in.

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