The Rise of His Little wife/C4 Uncle You're so Nice
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The Rise of His Little wife/C4 Uncle You're so Nice
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C4 Uncle You're so Nice

"Wake up, hurry up and eat. I'll take you to school later." Shen Pu, who was reading the newspaper, felt an inexplicable pain in his heart when he saw Pei Zi's shocked and puzzled expression. He had almost no time to accompany her, to the extent that eating breakfast together scared this girl.

... "Oh." Pei Zi came back to her senses and softly replied. She walked over and sat opposite Shen Pu and quietly ate without making a sound.

... "Eat more. You are too thin!" Shen Pu picked up a bun and placed it in Pei Zi's bowl, but did not look at her.

... "Oh." Pei Zi stared at the water fried bun that suddenly appeared in the bowl for a long time before replying softly. She continued to eat but at this time her heart almost jumped out of her throat. Whether she was happy or nervous, even she herself could not tell.

... "" Shen Pu drank half a bowl of porridge before realizing that the restaurant was too quiet. He raised his head and looked at Pei Zi opposite him. His narrow eyes were fixed on the quiet girl opposite him. Pei Zi lowered her head and scooped up a spoonful of porridge into her mouth. The collar of her school uniform was a little big. A white porcelain neck could be seen. Her charming collarbone could be seen...

It was as if a colored bomb had suddenly exploded in his mind. Shen Pu felt a wave of heat wave that made him want to escape.

Damn it! Shen Pu had suspected that he had been possessed since last night. An indescribable irritation made him unable to sleep all night. Initially, he felt much calmer after he had run around early in the morning. However, when he saw this girl appear, he felt inexplicably upset. What exactly was wrong?

Pei Zi kept her head down and finished her breakfast. This sudden interaction made her feel frightened and helpless in her pleasant surprise. It had been five years. Shen Pu was the closest stranger to her...

She went out to school every day and got into Shen Pu's car. She carried her schoolbag and sat in the back seat side by side with Shen Pu. Pei Zi turned her head and looked out of the window. She still did not say anything, but her expression was relaxed. Her big eyes looked at the fleeting scenery and revealed a joyful light. However, she did not dare to reveal her excited expression to Shen Pu who was beside her.

... "Is homework difficult?" After breaking the silence, Shen Pu asked Pei Zi about her studies. Yesterday the principal told him that Pei Zi seemed to be unable to keep up with the school's progress.

... "I just changed the school and the teachers teach different things. I am not used to it." Pei Zi retracted her gaze and answered softly. She lowered her head and fiddled with the strap of her schoolbag with her fingers.

... "find time to show me your homework. The college entrance exam is about to start. Try to get into a better university." Shen Pu glanced at the pair of white hands and quickly looked away.

... "Uncle, will uncle tutor me?" Pei Zi suddenly raised her head and looked at Shen Pu.

Seeing the obvious expectation in the girl's eyes, Shen Pu could not help but nod. Shen Pu could not help but tense up when he saw Pei Zi's delicate face at such a close distance. It took him a long time to regain his voice.... "If I have time, I will tell you what I will not tell you."

"Really! You, you are not lying to me?" Pei Zi was excited but she was not sure.

... "Yes, I am not lying to you!" Shen Pu's lips curled into a rare smile. This was still a child! His mood relaxed and he could not help but raise his hand to rub Pei Zi's hair. "No matter what, I have to let you go to university!"

"Uncle, you, you are really good! ... Hehehe!" Pei Zi had never seen Shen Pu smile at her before. She blinked her big eyes and hugged Shen Pu's arm happily. Pei Zi quickly let go and sat down obediently when she realized she was rude.

... "Good boy." Listening to Pei Zi's happy laughter, Shen Pu's mood improved a lot. However, he felt a little disappointed when Pei Zi suddenly let go of him. Being together with Zheng Xu and the others, this girl did not care about trifles. How come he was so distant now...

"We're here. Study well." The car stopped at the school gate. Shen Pu looked outside to tidy up Pei Zi's collar. His movements were very casual but could not be said to be very handsome and gentle.

... "Yes! Chief, don't worry. I will study hard and improve every day!" Pei Zi saluted Shen Pu seriously and then jumped out of the car with her schoolbag and ran into the school.

... "Hehehe!" Shen Pu smiled as he looked at the slender back. That was the right thing to do. He was also very happy that the girl was happy in front of him.

... "Return to the army."

... "Oh, no! Yes, Chief!" The security guard, Liang Binn, who was watching in secret, recovered from his shock and answered incoherently. He started the car in a flurry.

What did he just see? Did the teacher laugh? Did he laugh? Yes, he did! Holy sh * t! Was he the first person to see his teacher laugh? Calm down, calm down, don't let others see it. Otherwise, he might be killed by the chief...

Pei Zi carried her schoolbag and entered the school happily. For the first time in her life, she walked into the school with excitement. She had just stayed in the school for more than a month, but she did not realize that it was actually very beautiful. The small stones that got in the way were so cute that they accidentally hurt her feet.

"Zi!" Two boys ran over from the sports field not far away from the sound. One of them was taller and held a basketball in his hand.

"He's practicing!" Pei Zi stopped and greeted the two of them who were approaching her with a smile.

One of the boys was Chang Shuai, and the taller one was Yuan Ye. The two of them were brothers. They were both from Grade 12 Class 1. Yuan Ye was Shen Pu's nephew, the son of Shen Peifaang, the eldest daughter of the Shen family, and Yuan Feng Group's chairman, Yuan Changheng. Chang Shuai was a second generation official, and his ancestors were politicians. His parents worked in the City Hall, and his position was not small.

The two young men were very handsome and bright, especially Chang Shuai. Although his face was still young and tender, his family background as a politician was much more stable and shrewd than the average 18-year-old boy.

"Zi, I saw Small Uncle yesterday after school. I gave him a lesson and only then did I know what happened to you. Damn it, Fong Zhiyu dares to bully my people. Just you wait, I will take revenge for you!" Yuan Ye looked at Pei Zi waving her fist in a fierce manner.

"Hey! Who is your person? Don't talk nonsense. People will misunderstand Zi if they hear it!" Chang Shuai frowned and looked at Pei Zi after reminding her. "Zi. We know who you are. If you have anything to tell us, tell your uncle. There's nothing that can't be solved. In short, you can't let yourself be wronged. "This bro supports you!"

"Hehehe... Interesting! "I'm fine. Uncle said the school will punish them. Yuan Ye, don't look for trouble. Otherwise, aunt will scold you! "I don't want to ruin my image because of you!" Pei Zi smiled and nodded at Chang Shuai. She turned her face and said to Yuan Ye.

She was not very close to Shen Pu's family. She had only had a few meals in the past few years. Although she was young, she knew that she was a burden to Shen Pu in the Shen family. This was also the reason why she wanted to go to the welfare institute.

"F * ck! You heartless person. I'm still holding my breath for you! "What a lazy fellow, get lost, I don't want to see you!" Yuan Ye said with a look of disgust. He used some strength to pull Pei Zi's hair and ran away.

"Ah! Damn Yuan Ye! When I catch you, I'll blow your head off!" Pei Zi covered her head and cursed with hatred. The little girl had the most contact with the army. She was used to being in a group of big men. She looked sweet and harmless. In fact, she also had a violent temper.

"Are you alright?! This kid doesn't have any sense of propriety at all." Chang Shuai looked at his friend who was running away and shook his head. He asked with concern.

"It's okay. I'll teach him a lesson when I catch him! "I'm leaving. See you later!" Pei Zi smiled at Chang Shuai and turned to walk towards her classroom.

Seeing the girl leave, Chang Shuai was stunned. He waited until Yuan Ye called him from afar before he turned around and ran away.

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