The Rise of His Little wife/C6 Uncle Can You Stay with Me for a While
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The Rise of His Little wife/C6 Uncle Can You Stay with Me for a While
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C6 Uncle Can You Stay with Me for a While

"Miss, you're back! Quickly wash your hands and eat!" When Pei Zi returned home, Aunt Wu had already prepared dinner.

Oh, Aunt Wu... Uncle, are you not back? " Pei Zi put down her schoolbag and looked at the cold living room and asked in disappointment. She had just entered the door and had been thinking that Shen Pu could return home like he did in the morning and wait for her to eat.

"Mr. Shen didn't say he would come back." Aunt Wu was already used to having only Miss at home. When she saw Pei Zi ask like this, she did not mind saying it and went to the kitchen.

Originally her happy mood gradually cooled down. Pei Zi was stunned for a moment before she turned around and went to the washroom.

"Miss, why do you eat so little!? Where are you uncomfortable?" Seeing that Pei Zi only drank a little porridge, Aunt Wu asked worriedly.

"I'm not that hungry, no no no..." Pei Zi had just said half of the sentence when there were sounds of footsteps outside. Before Aunt Wu could turn around, a figure flashed in front of her eyes. The young lady who had just sat on the chair had already rushed out of the restaurant.

"Uncle, uncle!" Seeing Shen Pu changing shoes at the door, Pei Zi's two big eyes were full of surprise. They were exceptionally bright and beautiful.

... "Hmm, have you eaten?" Shen Pu stood up and saw Pei Zi's gaze pause for a moment. Then he lowered his narrow eyes and asked in a low voice.

"I just ate it. You, you ate it?" Pei Zi said carefully, waiting for Shen Pu to give her the same answer as she had expected.

"Anything else? Is Aunt Wu done enough?" Shen Pu walked to the coffee table and put down his briefcase as he took off his military uniform.

"Yes, yes. I will go and get Mr. Shen some bowls and chopsticks." Aunt Wu, who came out, replied that she was in a hurry to prepare the bowls and chopsticks. It was the first time Mr. Shen had dinner at home in such a long time.

"Let's go eat. It will be cold soon." Shen Pu looked at Pei Zi and turned to go to the washroom.

Pei Zi stood there and waited until she heard Aunt Wu setting the bowls and chopsticks. She quickly turned around and walked into the dining room. "I will serve uncle the rice." The little girl carefully took a bowl of rice and placed it on the table where Shen Pu sat in the morning. She looked at the distance and moved a little. She picked up the chopsticks and placed them beside the bowl. She also carefully took a few tissues and placed them on the table.

"Miss is really careful!" Aunt Wu looked at Pei Zi as she busied herself and praised with a smile.

"What's wrong?" Shen Pu walked in and looked at the two of them standing in front of the table.

"Miss is really filial. She is rushing to serve you dinner." Aunt Wu's unintentional praise made Shen Pu's face stiffen and he did not say anything and sat down.

... "" Pei Zi keenly sensed the gloominess that flashed across Shen Pu's face. Her heart sank as she quietly sat down and lowered her head to eat the remaining half of her porridge. The harmonious atmosphere suddenly became dull. The two people sitting opposite each ate their own food without saying a word. Occasionally, they would pick a dish and their eyes would be lowered.

... "Show me your homework later." Just when Pei Zi did not know whether she should put down her chopsticks and say that she was full, Shen Pu suddenly spoke.

"Ah? Oh, I got it. I, I'm full. Uncle, take your time." Pei Zi was stunned. She looked up and saw that Shen Pu did not raise his head. She quickly got up and went upstairs. She forgot that her uncle said he wanted to see her homework this morning.

After the girl left, Shen Pu put down his chopsticks and habitually pinched between his eyebrows. This child was obviously scared when he saw her. He had never cared about her since he adopted her. Except for food and drink, it seemed that the child grew up on his own. In front of him, this girl had never been as relaxed and natural as when she was with Zheng Xu and the others.

He had already walked into the canteen today, but when he saw a few female soldiers passing by, he suddenly thought of this child. He didn't ask Liang Binn to drive with him, so he didn't know why he rushed back in 20 minutes. He was very happy when he saw Pei Zi standing at the door to welcome him with her beautiful eyes. He could not tell what kind of feeling it was. His heart was stuffed full of satisfaction. But Aunt Wu's filial piety made him inexplicably depressed. How old was he? To let a seventeen or eighteen year old lady show filial piety?

Pei Zi went back to her room to take a bath first. She sat in the chair and wrote today's homework. Because she wanted to accompany Shen Pu for a while longer, she ate until she was full. Her stomach hurt and thought that her uncle would have to check her homework later, Pei Zi endured the discomfort and carefully did them one by one.

Shen Pu processed some of the company's documents and then held a video conference for an hour. He looked at the time and saw that it was almost 11 o'clock. He went out of the study and saw that Pei Zi's bedroom door was ajar. Shen Pu frowned and the red mole on his forehead also moved slightly. This girl asked her to show him her homework. Did she forget or was she hiding from him? He gently pushed Pei Zi's bedroom open. There was a light on in the room. The little girl was still writing something in front of the table.

It was so late and she was not done yet? Shen Pu approached Pei Zi and stood behind her. He bent down slightly and his gaze fell on her work book. She was still writing quickly with a pen in her white hand. The lines of neat and delicate words on the white work book made Shen Pu raise his eyebrows. The words were very beautiful. They had a delicate and delicate look, but there was also a faint vigor to them. They should have practiced for a long time.

"Do you have a lot of homework?" Pei Zi and Shen Pu were afraid that they would scare Pei Zi and Shen Pu, so they deliberately lowered their voices.

"Ah! ... No, no, I'm organizing my notes." Even so, Pei Zi was still shocked. When she suddenly raised her head, her two eyes were very close to each other just like that.

... "Cough, give me your homework. Go to sleep. I will tell you if there is a problem tomorrow morning." Shen Pu straightened his body and clenched his right hand into a fist to his lips. He coughed lightly. Why was his heart so chaotic at this moment?

"Oh... Hiss..." Pei Zi took the neatly arranged workbooks and handed them to Shen Pu. After she stood up, she suddenly bent down with her hands on her stomach. Shen Pu saw that Pei Zi's face was a little pale. Her big eyes were slightly narrowed and her eyebrows were knitted together.

"What's wrong? Are you feeling unwell?" Putting down the book, Shen Pu held Pei Zi up and looked at her patiently. He was shocked and asked while carrying her to the bed.

"Where does it hurt? Is it my stomach? When did it start to hurt?" After putting the person away, Shen Pu looked at where Pei Zi was covering and made a rough guess.

"Yes, dinner. I ate too much," Pei Zi said. It really hurt. Pei Zi's forehead was covered with a layer of sweat.

"Don't you know how to be hungry at such a big age? How delicious it is to be full to yourself!" Shen Pu scolded angrily.

"I, I want to stay with uncle for a while." Pei Zi saw Shen Pu pull his face down and blurted out anxiously.

... "I will try to come back as much as possible in the future." Hearing these words, Shen Pu's heart ached for no reason and his tone also became gentle. He turned around and went out to find a few digestive drugs for Pei Zi to eat. He sat by the bed and took her hand. He slowly pressed down on her Great Ling and Lao Gong acupoints...

"Are you feeling better?" After a long time, Shen Pu lowered his head to look at Pei Zi.

"Yes, it doesn't hurt that much anymore." Pei Zi nodded and really did not feel that much pain anymore.

"Go to sleep! If not tomorrow, I will take you to the hospital." Shen Pu pulled Pei Zi's blanket up and was about to leave when a small hand suddenly grabbed the corner of his clothes.

"Uncle... you, can you accompany me for a while?"

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