The Rise of His Little wife/C7 That Girl Was Scolded by the Unpolished Girl
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The Rise of His Little wife/C7 That Girl Was Scolded by the Unpolished Girl
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C7 That Girl Was Scolded by the Unpolished Girl

The girl's soft and soft voice seemed to carry some kind of magic. Shen Pu's tall figure turned around slowly and stiffly. Pei Zi had already retracted her hand when Shen Pu turned around. She really did not do it on purpose. Her uncle pinched the acupuncture points for her and made her think of her mother. She really wanted to keep this kind of warmth that she had not felt for more than five years.

"I'm sorry uncle. I'm fine now. You go and rest..." Pei Zi did not dare to look at Shen Pu's expression at this moment. She stared at her blanket and whispered. However, the person who suddenly laid down next to her made her raise her eyes in surprise the next second.

Shen Pu was already lying beside Pei Zi. He turned his face to look at the stunned lass. "Quickly go to sleep." After saying that, he closed his eyes first.

... "" Pei Zi stared blankly at the man lying beside her. In disbelief, she was deeply moved. Her uncle was still concerned about her! This knowledge caused a faint layer of fog to appear in the little girl's big eyes that were like stars. She did not dare to do anything and hurriedly closed her eyes. That kind of peace of mind that made Pei Zi very nervous actually fell asleep in a short while.

... "" Shen Pu slowly turned his head when he heard the even breathing sound beside his ear. Pei Zi quietly fell asleep. Her charming little face, which had unknowingly become very charming, had a faint smile on it.

Turning his body, Shen Pu held his head with one hand and stared blankly at Pei Zi's sleeping face. His narrow eyes that were as deep as the sea surged with an unknown emotion. After an unknown amount of time, Shen Pu raised a hand and gently combed a strand of long hair from Pei Zi's face to the back of her head. He then lowered his head and pecked her smooth forehead.

The skin that his lips touched carried a trace of warmth, but it made Shen Pu's mind go into a trance as if he had been electrocuted. The uncontrollable impulse in his body made him want more. His lips moved along his forehead and slowly kissed Pei Zi's slightly pouting little mouth.

His red lips carried a trace of moisture that looked like cherries waiting to be plucked. Shen Pu's thin, cold lips gently pressed against hers. He did not know how to describe that kind of beauty that he had never experienced before. His cold and clear heart had instantly stirred up a surging tide. His tightly stretched body was like a trapped beast that instinctively wanted to break free and capture its prey.

Pei Zi seemed to have been disturbed. She slightly moved her body, making Shen Pu, who had fallen into a trance, instantly clear up. What was he doing? How could he do that? A flash of annoyance flashed across his dark narrow eyes as he supported his tall and sturdy body with one hand and jumped lightly onto the ground. Looking at the girl who was still sleeping soundly, Shen Pu turned around in a sorry state and quickly left.

Still waking up under the urging of the biological clock, Pei Zi looked at the empty space beside her and thought of the scene of her uncle lying on the bed with her last night. He covered his face and rolled twice on the bed. The happy little girl got up and looked at the time. She rushed to wash up...

... "Aunt Wu, where is uncle?" When she came to the dining room and saw that there was no figure in front of the breakfast table she wanted to see, Pei Zi asked doubtfully.

"Sir left right after dawn. From the anxious look on his face, there seems to be something going on." Aunt Wu answered as she put down a glass of milk and returned to the kitchen.

Something is going on. That's right. I don't know when there will be a mission in my uncle's army after so many things. After staying in the army for a long time, Pei Zi also knew the environment Shen Pu was in. She explained to herself clearly that the little girl happily ate breakfast and went to school.

In the military administrative building, Shen Pu had been sitting in a chair for a long time. He had not slept for a whole night. Thinking about his strange actions last night, he wanted to slap himself. Pei Zi was adopted by him. In the eyes of those who knew, Pei Zi was adopted by him. She was his adopted daughter. Shen Pu, are you crazy? She actually...

The frown on his handsome face showed the frustration and frustration in Shen Pu's heart. The phone on the table rang for a long time before he picked it up.

"Hello, it's me, your sister." The phone was from Shen Peifaang, Shen Pu's eldest sister.

"Yes, what is it?" Shen Pu raised his hand and pinched the space between his brows and asked.

"What is it? What else can it be?" Shen Peifaang was obviously not satisfied with her brother's question. "What do you think about the girl from the Yinn family that I told you about last time? "My dad has urged me several times already! At least you..."

Arrange the time to meet. I have something to do. I'm hanging up! " Shen Pu hung up the phone without waiting for Big Sis to finish.

His family was urging him to get married, but he did not have that thought at all. Women were not important to him in the first place. But these two days when he faced Pei Zi, he had an uncontrollable feeling that he could not explain. Perhaps it was because he was too pure and had no desires that he actually had that kind of impulse when facing a child. Find a woman and try it. He had also reached the age of having a family and a career. No matter what, he had the responsibility to pass down the generations of Shen family...

"Pu, we have detected the signal of the Great Yao!" Zheng Xu pushed the door open and passed a document to Shen Pu with excitement. A tall and strong young officer followed him in. He was not in a hurry to talk. He sat on the sofa.

... "Continue to monitor. Don't alert the enemy first. Increase the publicity for RW5 and spread the news that the experimental supplies will be transported to the southwest in half a month." Looking at the information in his hands, Shen Pu's cold expression became slightly better as he gave the order to Zheng Xu.

"Alright, I will arrange it." Zheng Xu, who knew Shen Pu's ability, nodded his head. He chose to obey such a decision unconditionally.

"Boss, how about Zi changing schools? I haven't seen her when I came back from a mission!" The officer sitting on the sofa looked at Shen Pu and Pei Zi with a smile on his face.

"Bao Jun, let me tell you. Zi was scolded by Pu. How pitiful! My heart is still hurting!" Zheng Xu relaxed after he finished his business and started talking to this person exaggeratedly.

Shen Pu watched the two of them get up and pour himself a glass of water. He did not want Zheng Xu to come over and grab it. He gulped it down.

"Hehehe, pour me a glass too." Bao Jun looked at Shen Pu and shook his head with a smile. Only Zheng Xu could act cheeky in front of Shen Pu, who was like a creditor. Other people could not wait to avoid him.

"I'm going to rest today. I'll go to your place to see that girl. You can't go back." Bao Jun took the cup of water from Zheng Xu and looked at Shen Pu.

... "Yes." Shen Pu sat back behind his desk and looked down.

"If he doesn't go, forget it. Old Bao, let's go to school in the afternoon to pick up the girl and go out to comfort our little beauty's wounded heart."

"Alright, I'll go to the team to take a look first. I'll go to your place later to look for you." Bao Jun stood up and looked at Shen Pu. He did not greet him and walked straight away.

"Do you have anything else to do?" He glanced at Zheng Xu and Shen Pu, who were still sitting.

"Pu," Zheng Xu said, rubbing his nose. He looked at Shen Pu seriously. "Have you ever thought about asking Zi to enroll in some university? What if she can't? "She can't be a soldier," Shen Pu said.

Shen Pu did not answer. He had not thought about Zheng Xu's question carefully.

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