The Rise of His Little wife/C8 Why Are You in Such a Hurry When He's Looking for a Girlfriend
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The Rise of His Little wife/C8 Why Are You in Such a Hurry When He's Looking for a Girlfriend
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C8 Why Are You in Such a Hurry When He's Looking for a Girlfriend

"Zi, over here, hurry up!" When Pei Zi finished school, Yuan Ye was already waiting at the school gate. He saw Pei Zi waving at her from afar.

"Do you have something to do today?" He looked a little anxious. Li Zhi took a few steps forward.

"Hey, I told you not to go home and ask Small Uncle!" Yuan Ye came over with a mysterious look. "My mom said she was going to date Small Uncle this morning. I need to go back and find out who she is."

... "" Pei Zi was stunned for a moment. Her uncle was going to find a girlfriend!

What are you waiting for?! Hurry up and leave. After I send you off, I will go home to gather information." Yuan Ye pulled Pei Zi along and walked towards his car without caring about her expression.

"Why are you looking for a girlfriend?" Pei Zi asked. Pei Zi regained her senses and felt a little upset.

"Nonsense! Of course I have to figure out that woman's background! Are you stupid or not? The woman Small Uncle found will be like your stepmother from now on. If she is not easy to deal with, who will be at a disadvantage? "Stupid!" Yuan Ye pulled her along with a worried look on his face.

"Little girl! Wild brat!" At this moment, a Land Rover on the other side of the road opened its door. Zheng Xu got out of the car and shouted at the two children.

"It's Uncle Zheng Xu. Come, let's go." Yuan Ye did not hurry to find his car when he saw Zheng Xu. He pulled Pei Zi across the road. He walked to the car. "Uncle, why are you here?"

"Me too! Stinking brat, quickly call me." Bao Jun stuck his head out and said with a smile.

Uncle Bao, long time no see! " Seeing Bao Jun, Yuan Ye called out politely.

Bao Jun nodded and looked at Pei Zi, who was beside Yuan Ye. "Girl, do you want Uncle Bao? Get in the car, let's go eat something delicious!"

... "Uncle Bao, why are you here?" Seeing Bao Jun and Pei Zi greeting him with a smile, she temporarily suppressed the anxiety in her heart.

"You, Uncle Bao, just came back from a mission. I missed you! Let's go, wild brat. What's wrong with you? Come with us!" Zheng Xu opened the back door and let Pei Zi get into the car. He then looked at Yuan Ye.

"I'm not going today. I have something to do at home. "Zi, I'll tell you the result tomorrow! Bye bye! " Yuan Ye would have liked to join in the fun normally, but today, he turned down the offer and ran away.

Pei Zi sat firmly in the back seat. The car had already started up. Pei Zi was used to being together with them and was usually very relaxed and casual. When she became barbaric, it also gave these soldiers and hooligans a headache. But today, she was a little out of shape. Her mind was filled with the things Yuan Ye told her. Her uncle was going to have a girlfriend. What should she do? Would the girlfriend he found hate her? Would her uncle still care about her when he had a girlfriend?

"Girl, I heard you got a bear?" Bao Jun sat in front of Pei Zi and turned around to ask jokingly.

"Huh?" Pei Zi asked. Who was the one who suffered the bear?! Uncle Zheng, you are slandering me again! " Pei Zi hugged the back of the driver's seat and shouted at Zheng Xu discontentedly.

"How can a little girl talk?! When did Uncle Zheng not stand on your side?" Zheng Xu was happy. "Can you say that?" Zheng Xu asked. That's a compliment!"

"It's not a glorious thing. What's the point of praising?" Pei Zi pouted.

"Zi, have you thought about which university to take?" Bao Jun sat in the co-pilot seat and continued to chat with Pei Zi.

"That's right. Girl, you can't enroll in the military school, right?" Zheng Xu also said. He really wanted this girl to be a soldier.

"No!" Pei Zi did not even think about rejecting him and said, "My grades are not very good. I can't get into the military school. I can get into any university in Jingdu!"

"Anything? Hehehe, you are so casual." Bao Jun shook his head. "Going to college is a big deal. Study hard and find a job after you get into a good college."

"I'd better study hard first. I'll talk after I finish my exams." Pei Zi was not worried. She felt that it would not be a problem for her to study hard and go to college. As for where to go, that was something she would consider after she finished her exams. She did not know if her grades were good or bad. Where she wanted to go was for nothing.

When she came to Beijing, it was Pei Zi's first time eating outside. Zheng Xu and Bao Jun were both wearing casual clothes and school uniforms. Pei Zi felt a little awkward. Bao Jun knew that her birthday was about to arrive. He pulled Pei Zi and Zheng Xu to the mall first.

"How about letting the little girl wear this? This is our new model this year. It was only sold yesterday." The salesperson who could talk was holding a dress and comparing it with Pei Zi.

"Girl, can you try it?" Bao Jun took the dress and pushed Pei Zi into the fitting room. He and Zheng Xu walked to a stool and sat down.

"Old Bao, this child doesn't talk much today. He hasn't had enough energy yet, right?" Zheng Xu felt that Pei Zi did not seem very happy today. In the past, she had never stopped talking with them. Today, she had only said a few words. Only when there was a question would there be an answer.

"What do you know?" Bao Jun rolled his eyes at him. "Zi is already 18 years old after her birthday. The other girls have probably changed a few boyfriends at this age. Our Zi has grown up."

... "Hehehe, that's true. When I first saw her, she only reached my waist. She's so skinny and small. Now she's grown into a big girl! Old Bao, why do I have the guts to have a virgin in my family! Hehehe... " As the two of them were talking, The moment the fitting room door opened, a pink figure flashed out from within. Bao Jun and Zheng Xu stood up in shock after just one glance.

The girl walked towards them step by step. The design of the pink dress was hollow. Pei Zi's white neck and charming collarbone were revealed on her shoulder. The cut made her waist look even slimmer. There was a layer of gauze covering the skirt that just reached her knees. She was wearing a pair of white sandals with small heels on her straight calves. The entire design was very cute and matched with Pei Zi's young and delicate face that was already revealed to be stunningly beautiful.

... "F * ck! How did it become like this!" Zheng Xu looked at Bao Jun and had a feeling that Shen Pu would beat them up if he saw them. This was the rhythm of turning a doll into a demon!

"Doesn't this look good? I think it's pretty good!" Bao Jun did not think too much about it. He went over to take a look and nodded with satisfaction. "Girl, you have become a big girl in the blink of an eye! Uncle Bao found it unbelievable. Let's just have it. It's very beautiful!"

"Well, Uncle Bao, this dress is very expensive. I don't want it. I'll give it a try. " Besides, I'm not used to wearing dresses. " Pei Zi had just looked at the label. It was worth more than four thousand yuan! This price gave her a shock. Besides, she was really not used to wearing it like this.

"It's fine as long as it looks good. You don't care how much it is!" Bao Jun took out a card and handed it to the salesperson. "Girl's birthday, this is Uncle Bao's birthday gift for you."

"That's right. Don't worry about whether it's expensive or not. Just wear it properly. This old man is rich. Go, take out your school uniform and let's go eat." Zheng Xu walked around Pei Zi as he spoke. When she walked to the fitting room, he took a picture of her with his phone.


"Peiyun, you and my brother know each other. I won't say much. You guys eat while chatting. I have to go back and see if Little Ye is home yet." At the Western Royal Noble Restaurant, the middle-aged woman sitting next to Shen Pu was Shen Pu's eldest sister, Shen Peifaang. After speaking to the girl opposite her, she turned her head and pulled her brother's arm. "Little Pu, don't put on a poker face. You have some eyes. I'm leaving now."

"Okay." Shen Pu nodded and stood up.

"Sister Peifaang. Be careful on your way." The girl opposite her also stood up and said politely.

"Alright, you guys continue chatting. Don't send me off!" Shen Peifaang waved her hand and quickly left. Was it easy to connect the strings to this brother? She finally let go and quickly contacted Yinn Peiyun. As the eldest sister, she was so anxious that her hair turned white! I hope it can be done this time...

"Mr Shen Pu, have a seat!" Shen Peifaang left and Yinn Peiyun generously invited Shen Pu to take a seat.

"Take a seat." Shen Pu said expressionlessly and sat in his seat. He knew Yinn Peiyun. The Yinn family had been in charge of business for generations and came to Yinn Peiyun's father's place. Yinn Peiyun's uncle and big brother were in charge of the family business. Yinn Peiyun went to the medical university at the age of 26 but returned to her own company to help. A few years ago when she graduated from her internship, big sister asked her to stay in ZL for more than a month.

"Mr Shen Pu, it's much more convenient for you to transfer back. Uncle Shen must be very happy." Yinn Peiyun was beautiful and talkative. She did not feel any pressure facing Shen Pu, like an old friend she was very familiar with.

"The army is busy. I don't go home often." Shen Pu was still in his military uniform. When he got off work, his eldest sister called him here, but this time he was very cooperative. Sitting there, he restrained a lot of coldness. When people asked him, his answer was like an interview in the workplace.

"Mr Shen Pu, I have liked soldiers since I was young. I remember you were a major during my internship. You have become a major in these few years. You are really capable! Yinn Peiyun was very good at chatting. Shen Pu's attitude did not make her feel awkward.

"Zi, let's eat Western cuisine today. You can order whatever you want. You don't need to save money for uncle!" Zheng Xu pushed open the door of the western restaurant as he spoke. Bao Jun pulled Pei Zi into the restaurant.

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