The Rise of His Little wife/C9 I Bumped into Uncle on a Blind Date
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The Rise of His Little wife/C9 I Bumped into Uncle on a Blind Date
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C9 I Bumped into Uncle on a Blind Date

There weren't many people in the restaurant, but Zheng Xu and Bao Jun were both handsome men. There was also a pure and beautiful girl following them, so it was natural that no one could ignore her. When the three of them were sitting by the window, Shen Pu and Yinn Peiyun noticed them. Yinn Peiyun did not know Bao Jun, and she did not recognize Zheng Xu in casual clothes at all. However, both of them focused their attention on the pink figure at the same time.

When Shen Pu saw Pei Zi, he was as shocked as Zheng Xu and Bao Jun. The girl sat there with a smile that was as beautiful as a beautiful scroll. It was not as thick as ink, but it was so beautiful that it was not real.

Gradually, Shen Pu's expression became gloomy, and dangerous dark clouds gathered in his narrow eyes. Damn it. What were these two bastards trying to do? Dressed the girl like this on purpose! Zi was still a child and had never come into contact with the outside world. She did not have any sense of danger. Would she not learn to be bad after being led by them like this? Before Yinn Peiyun could look away, Shen Pu had already stood up and walked towards a few people not far away.

... "" He had met someone familiar! Yinn Peiyun looked at the man who had left the seat and also took his bag and followed.

"Zi, come and order some food and see what you want to eat." Zheng Xu placed the menu in front of Pei Zi. Bao Jun, who was opposite, raised his hand and greeted the waiter. However, Shen Pu, who was walking towards him, surprised him.

"Pu? "You're playing with tracking! "How did you know we were here for dinner?" Shen Pu and Bao Jun called each other in private.

Bao Jun's words made Zheng Xu and Pei Zi raise their heads. Zheng Xu was very happy when he saw Shen Pu, but Pei Zi lowered her eyes at once.

"Pu, come here. Without saying a word, suddenly attack! "Sit down!" Zheng Xu pointed at Bao Jun with a smile.

"Have a seat." Shen Pu walked to Zheng Xu's seat and pulled him up to sit beside Pei Zi. Pei Zi, who did not say anything, subconsciously moved inside. This made Shen Pu's already gloomy face look even worse. Was he afraid of him or something? When she was with Zheng Xu and the others, she did not avoid suspicion at all!

"F * ck! She's so domineering! I want to... Fine, I'll let you!" Zheng Xu looked at Shen Pu's expression and sat beside Bao Jun.

"Young Master Zheng! I didn't recognize him just now. No wonder Mr Shen Pu came over! You guys are here for dinner!" Yinn Peiyun, who came over, recognized Zheng Xu and greeted him. She looked at the situation and walked to Shen Pu's side. "Mr Shen Pu, go inside."

Only then did Shen Pu think of such an existence. He looked apologetically at Yinn Peiyun sitting next to Pei Zi and asked Yinn Peiyun to sit down.

... "" Pei Zi. It was only when Yinn Peiyun spoke that she noticed her. Out of the corner of her eye, she looked at her sitting beside Shen Pu and suddenly thought of what Yuan Ye had told her. This was her uncle's girlfriend? Wasn't she just about to introduce her? It seems like the two of them are very familiar! Don't tell me that they have been together for a long time...

"Ah! Big Miss Yin! What, a coincidence or a coincidence?" Zheng Xu's family was also a wealthy family in the upper class of Beijing. Their social circle was only so big, so they naturally knew each other. The difference was that they had their own connections.

"Ah, let's come over for dinner." Yinn Peiyun smiled and looked at Shen Pu. "Sister Peifaang wants me to get familiar with Mr Shen Pu." When she said that, Zheng Xu and Bao Jun understood what was going on. Shen Pu was here for a date. But why did you come to their table for a date?

Shen Peifaang and Pei Zi naturally knew who it was. Her eyes that were still drooping just now slightly tilted her head and seriously sized up Yinn Peiyun who was separated by Shen Pu.

Yinn Peiyun actually looked very good. Her entire body emitted an elegant temperament. The gentleness and charm of mature women were vividly displayed on her body. In addition, the makeup that she specially drew tonight added to Yinn Peiyun's beauty. It was very beautiful. It was a perfect match for her uncle. Pei Zi felt a little sad when she retracted her gaze. She felt a sense of loss. She lowered her head and bit her lower lip.

"Who is this young lady? She's so beautiful!" Yinn Peiyun looked at Pei Zi who was lowering her head and asked Zheng Xu.

"She is..."

"I am Zheng Xu's niece!" Shen Pu, who was about to speak, was suddenly interrupted by Pei Zi. His little face lifted up and gave Yinn Peiyun a smile. "Hello Auntie!"

... "Yes, yes," Yinn Peiyun was stunned. This child's small face was so beautiful! But calling her auntie made her feel a little embarrassed.

Shen Pu's red mole on his forehead moved imperceptibly. What did this girl mean? Why did she say that? It was obvious that she wanted to cut ties with him!

Zheng Xu did not think too much about it. He thought Pei Zi was angry with Shen Pu because of what happened before. Bao Jun looked at the girl in front of him. Did this girl know Yinn Peiyun wanted to be Shen Pu's girlfriend? Was she afraid that her existence would affect her uncle's marriage? After all, an adopted daughter was equivalent to a burden! Thinking like this, her heart ached for Pei Zi even more.

"Zi, the college entrance exam is about to start. Don't give yourself too much pressure. If you can't get into the exam, then we'll enter the army. Uncle Bao will do it for you!" Bao Jun said as he placed the fruit juice the waiter brought over in front of Pei Zi.

"Yes, I still want to say it! Zi, just do your best. " Actually, I still want to let you join the army from the bottom of my heart. " Zheng Xu also started talking with Bao Jun.

Shen Pu was so angry that he sat there quietly. It was obvious that the two of you were going against me! It was your turn to worry about her! At this time, Shen Pu did not know why he was so angry. What was wrong with his comrades caring about Pei Zi?

... "Let me take the exam. If I can't go to university, I'll go back to my hometown." Pei Zi smiled at Zheng Xu and Bao Jun. With Shen Pu around, she felt nervous everywhere. She sat there and answered obediently.

"Back to my hometown? Why did you go back when there was no one else in your hometown? Don't talk nonsense. We don't feel at ease letting you go back." Bao Jun frowned and looked at Shen Pu with some dissatisfaction.

... "" Shen Pu felt even more depressed when he saw his comrade's reproachful eyes. He did not explain it in front of Yinn Peiyun. Pei Zi did not say anything else. She lowered her head and looked at her hand. There was a silence on the table. A few people were sitting there and the atmosphere was a little depressing.

At this time, the waiter brought the dishes. It was Pei Zi's first time eating western food. She looked at the knife and fork in front of her and did not know which to take. Shen Pu also did not say anything. After the meal, he did not even raise his head. He brought the steak in front of Pei Zi and cut it and put it back. Under the gaze of the other three people, he put the knife and fork into each of her hands and said lightly, "Eat."

Zheng Xu and Bao Jun looked at each other but did not say anything. Yinn Peiyun looked at Shen Pu's actions and was a little puzzled. Shen Pu was obviously different from this girl. She had sensed something wrong with Shen Pu's aura the moment she sat down. She looked at Zheng Xu in confusion. She saw his calm face and thought that he was a friend who should take care of this girl.

Pei Zi was stunned for a moment and then looked at Shen Pu. She saw that he did not even look at her with his eyelids lowered. An inexplicable grievance suddenly made her want to cry uncontrollably. She put down the tableware and stood up. "Uncle, Auntie, please enjoy yourselves. I, I will go to the washroom first." With that, she turned around and walked towards the corridor.

... "This child looks a little unhappy. What's wrong?" Yinn Peiyun was not a fool. Her intuition told her that there was something she did not notice. She looked at Zheng Xu and asked.

... "Oh, I was a little unhappy at school. I was scolded by my family. It's okay. I'll be fine in two days." Zheng Xu looked at Shen Pu and answered.

"Oh, the kids nowadays are under a lot of pressure. Many of them have been forced into depression by their families." Yinn Peiyun nodded and sighed. She looked at Shen Pu. "Mr Shen Pu, why don't you eat? Come, let me cut it for you."

Shen Pu did not say anything. Zheng Xu looked at Yinn Peiyun cut the steak for Shen Pu and could not help but hold his tongue. Pei Zi did not chat with them as they ate and chatted.

Afraid that others would see her tears, Pei Zi quickly lowered her head and walked to the washroom. Pei Zi turned the corridor and did not want to meet them. She bumped into a person full of...

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