The Rogue Alpha Reverses the Time/C2 Chapter 1: Aftermath
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The Rogue Alpha Reverses the Time/C2 Chapter 1: Aftermath
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C2 Chapter 1: Aftermath

I still remember the night of the lunar eclipse when the smell of arson drizzled along in the wind, and the night sky was covered in a vast orange hue caused by the fire while the whole pack was bathed with the music of moans and sufferings echoed all over the place.

I remembered smiling more, seeing the dead bodies of his pack members, along with the emotions I buried.

I couldn't forget the look of betrayal and fury of him when Valerian realized that the subterfuge I was doing had come to light. It inflicted a thousand arrows directly to my chest with such a sight that was not to behold.

And I ended up losing him in the process.

I thought it was easy to finish him then, but I never thought I would find myself drifting apart from him.

My actions to his whole pack with the help of my henchmen and the deception of professing my love to him were so unbearable and heart-rending that Valerian chose to die in front of me by coercing the tip of my sword to be pierced in his chest with a crestfallen smile plastering on his lips.

"I hope you shall be happy after this... May you bring this to your grave that you hurt me, honeydew."

I was compelled to watch him dying before my eyes, feeling my emotions uprising and revolting that I was too late to realize that Valerian Leveaux was essential to my life.

He was the air I breathed, the glimmer of hope, and the light to my darkness.

But he was gone now...

"Valerian, I love you..." I cried and hugged his body. "NO!"

That agonizing scream I made and hearing my heart shatter into pieces was too much to handle, resulting in being punished for letting myself be obscured with emotions.

"Young mistress Dominixe." Orion, the head butler of the House of Cantavalle, arrived, bowing his head before me. I did not respond and waited for him to say something. "Lord Warren Porter has arrived to extend his wishes about tonight's event."

I grimaced upon hearing that name. "So?" I snorted. "Tell him to go home." There was no need for me to entertain that stupid lad.

"Lord Harchier wants you to entertain him until Lord Warren leaves, young mistress," Orion said when I walked past him.

I glared at him, not liking that he was using my father's name to entertain that man. "Fine!" I nudged his shoulder, indicating that I was displeased with how he acted on me. "Where is that asshole?"

"To the drawing room, my lady." He gestured his hand where it was.

"I know where it is." I marched away since I couldn't keep my head cool at tonight. Papa had already scolded me, and my sisters were already gossiping about me for certain.

If I did not entertain this bastard, I would never hear the end of his scolding. I would certainly end up in prison to learn from my mistakes.

Arriving in the drawing room, I could hear some soft, flirtatious giggles from Britanny inside. I gritted my teeth, knowing well what she was doing.

I barged in and saw Britanny on Warren's lap. Her shoulder was exposed before she frowned slightly and got off his lap.

"I shall take my leave, Lord Warren," Britanny said, giggling as she curtsied before him and left us with a smirk on her lips.

"L-Lady Dominixe, I can explain..." Warren reached for my hand, but I jerked it away.

"It seems Britanny can entertain you. She saves my time. You can go back to her." That was all I said before I turned my back.

"Come on..." Warren halted me. "You are my fiancée so—"

I did not wait for him to say anything and slapped his face. "I never wanted this engagement with you, so halt yourself from claiming me as if you want me. Go and speak with Papa that all you want is Britanny." I was about to yank my arm back, but Warren tightened his hold. "Release me this instant..." I threatened him.

Warren's face darkened and dragged me closer. "Once we get married, you are not allowed to talk to me like that, Lady Dominixe. I warn you." Gone was the frightened expression and was exchanged by his menacing aura. "If you think that tossing me away can make you call off our engagement, you are absolutely mistaken, my lady." He gripped my arm like it was a stick that could easily break.

"Who says am I doing something to call off our engagement?" He was not wrong about that fact.

Being engaged to this man was against my will. I begged Papa not to betroth me with him, but it was futile.

Papa no longer listened to me. My opinions were dismissed as I gradually became unfavorable in this household, a laughing stock among my half-siblings.

"Well, do you?" His eyes squinted as if that churning glare could penetrate me.

I almost snorted. His aura was nothing compared to Papa's. So, I couldn't feel fear the way he was exerting his intimidation on me.

"I must go now." My frigid tone was emitting while trying to yank back my arm.

But as a jerk, as he was, Warren tightened the hold on my arm, digging his nails into my skin. "Still thinking that your Alpha mate shall come and save a damsel in distress like you, don't you?" I stiffened as cold and warm air caressed my nape.

My hand landed on his cheek, chest rising up and down as turmoil of emotions hastily obscured my whole being. "You scoundrel... Do not mention my Valerian here!" I barked, feeling my heart aching to remember that past.

My jaw tightened, almost wanting to lacerate his throat with the dagger sleeping in my thigh holster. But I must calm down and not cause disputes between the Cantavalle and Porter families.

Papa was already at his limits. If I displeased him again, it should be over...

I was expecting Warren to shut his mouth, but I was wrong. His shoulders shook, and he smiled like an idiot before meeting my gaze.

"Don't get your high hopes up, Dominixe. He is dead and shall never come back to life." I clenched my hands, wanting to hurt him for his insolence. "After all, it is your fault. He killed himself because of you. Am I right?"

Before I could react to the memory that haunted me, Warren suddenly pulled me inside his arm and kissed me. "Hmm!" I struggled, wanting to use all of my strength to get away from him, but if Papa heard that I did something to displease my fiancé, there would be consequences. "L-Lord Warren, halt...!"

I wanted to fight back! I wanted to! But I couldn't find myself to do so.

Papa would kill me! I never wanted him to get mad at me! I wanted to please him as his first pup!

Warren started unbuttoning his suit. "Do not be frightened, Lady Dominixe. I just want a taste of you..." He pushed me to the couch and crawled towards me.

"No..." My chest rose up and down. I wanted to behave. I wanted to let myself succumb to this disgusting man. "But I can't!" I blurted out the thought I had on my mind.

Without thinking straight, I formed my hand into my first and punched Warren.

And the instinct of seeking bloodlust sank in me, being a member of the family of Alpha slayers.

It was too late to realize that I fucked myself up.

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