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C5 Chapter 4: Elmbow

I woke up the next morning, hearing Anita's voice. "I have prepared your bath, Young Mistress Dominixe. I even added some lavender and rosemary in your tub as well."

I looked at her intently. I remembered before I died, I couldn't find Anita and even the antidote I kept in a secret compartment which she and I only knew. I had revealed that compartment six months ago.

How could I forget before that everything in this manor, even people, couldn't be trusted? My judgment had clouded ever since Papa disagreed that I must not fall for him.

Perhaps, I should be careful this time not to tell her and not act like she was my friend.

"You were jaded yesterday, my lady. You slept the whole day."

I smiled, trying to be friendly a little. I would use it to my advantage to observe her properly. "Right? The whole night fighting made me exhausted." I yawned and went straight to the bathroom after she finished undressing me. I sighed contentment when I felt the lukewarm water bathe my naked body. "Ah... This is heaven..." I felt at ease somehow with this bath.

I stayed a little longer before Anita helped me to get dressed. I knew this would have happened this day so I told her that I would go out since Papa approved my boon.

Anita prepared a gown with this heavenly colored sky-blue color for the front and back, with white silk on the front skirt and laces on the edge of it. It also had the same color for my flaring sleeves, matching it with a sapphire blue brooch. Even my hair was pulled up to an elaborate updo. I even had to wear some gold earrings and a necklace made of amethyst stone.

I dressed in a baroque gown and made the best look since I hadn't been able to keep myself well since I had been investing my time in fighting and killing Alphas Papa assigned to me. All we could wear if we were on our mission was dressing in all black and covering our faces.

He had been sending my siblings or me on a mission to kill the certain Alpha he had an investigation on since... That was the goal of the Cantavalle Family.

Or, more likely, Papa's goals.

Outside of the Cantavalle mansion, Papa was the Marquis of Airan. That was his facade and no one knew that he was behind all of the terrors about the execution of the Alphas.

He had a huge grudge against the Alphas. It was why he became an Alpha slayer and started slaughtering the packs he targeted.

He was actually wanted as a felon in the whole Yuanzhong Kingdom but no one could capture him. No one even knew his face since he never left any survivors from the packs he massacred. Even his real name was not even revealed.

And now he passed it down to all his 11 children to inherit his legacy of slaying Alphas and instilling fear around the kingdom. We became a family of Alpha slayers.

With his 11 children, we were bound to take the top four seats to become heir candidates. However, only one could be chosen to become the next ruler of the House of Cantavalle.

Papa told us that we were born to kill each other and we must do anything to take the top four spots, which meant that he favored us. That was the rule he imprinted in our minds: we could never get along.

We were here to follow his orders. Whether we like it or not, Papa's orders were absolute.

We should not dare to defy them.

Or if we do, he would certainly punish us and make our lives in hell even if we were his flesh and blood.

Of course... I had experienced that in the past. And I must avoid that at all costs.

"That suits you, Lady Cantavalle."

I turned at the notorious seamstress here at the Elmbow named Madam Morina, who owned the tailor shop, Silk Apparel, and glanced at the full-body vanity mirror. I fitted the gown I ordered from her and I had come to like it.

"Then, I shall take this since I am satisfied with your work of art, Madam Morina." There was satisfaction written on my face, which brightened Madam Morina more. I changed my dress and glanced at Anita. "Anita, reward Madam Morina for the gown."

"Yes, my lady." Anita smiled and curtsied before me.

I left Anita in that shop as I started strolling alone. I had decided to come to this town if I was certain the timeline was correct.

This should be the day I would be able to meet Valerian.

Anticipating our meeting would undoubtedly make me terrified but at the same time, I would be happy. I did not know how I would react at that time if we met.

But I would certainly correct everything.

I had decided the moment I woke up to avoid the miserable death of Valerian, the people I trusted, and myself, who my sister poisoned.

This time... In this timeline... I would protect those people who cared for me. I had decided that the House of Cantavalle would be in a crestfallen state, and I would make sure that Papa would witness that.

That was for certain.

"Do forgive me, Papa... I shall sell you out soon..." There was this abomination smeared in my heart. Papa was the reason how I became miserable.

I vividly remember he told me in the past that I did not deserve to have an Alpha as a mate.

I would prove him wrong this time.

I would make them pay for those people who tormented me on my first life!

I swear my name to my mother!

Since my mind was out of reality, I collided with a man with a well-toned body. I felt familiar shivers when our skin touched, making my wolf feel giddy.

"Damn it..." I muttered in annoyance as I ignored my wolf when she whispered something.

I frowned at that time and smelled an alluring spring flower that sent chills down my spine. His scent. He had this scent of floral green with vegetal aquatic accents and sweet and spicy notes.

It was the same scent as my favorite flower, hyacinth.

I could have sworn I held my breath upon seeing how familiar the scent was. Hold on... Was this the day, right? This was really the day that I would be meeting him? I gulped.

When our eyes met, I looked up to see a man who had a pair of familiar cognac-colored eyes.

At that moment, I had confirmed that I was really regressed to the time when I met him. Seeing that handsome face who had taken my breath made me want to cry.


At the same time, my wolf whispered the word I wanted to hear.


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