The Rogue Alpha Reverses the Time/C7 Chapter 6: Spoiled Brat
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The Rogue Alpha Reverses the Time/C7 Chapter 6: Spoiled Brat
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C7 Chapter 6: Spoiled Brat

Exhausted from spoiling myself, I arrived at the Cantavalle Estate, hearing some grunts from the training grounds.

"You can go ahead," I told Anita.

"Yes, my lady." She curtsied before me while the butlers took the stuff I purchased in the town.

I took my strides toward the training grounds and saw Ingram having some vigorous sword and agility training along with his henchmen arranged by Papa. It felt nostalgic that I got to see this again.

I regressed two years ago. I confirmed it when I woke up after Eric and Jude told me I had slaughtered Hudson Roly, the Alpha of the Dusk Moon pack. It meant that I was 24 right now and would be turning 25 soon. Ingram, however, the last time I knew, he was 15. He was probably 13 this time around.

"Impressive," I said and clapped my hands as soon as Ingram finished his training.

Ingram gasped and turned his head in my direction. "Domi!" he called happily.

I approached them while his henchmen bowed their heads before me. Ingram immediately dismissed them before he greeted me with his beaming smile.

"It has been a while, my adorable Ingram." I softened and gently tapped his back when he hugged my waist. "You missed me that much?"

He broke the hug and nodded, frowning. "I heard that you have arrived from your mission but you did not show yourself in the dining hall this morning... I am looking forward to seeing you again, sister. You have been gone for three months..." he said dejectedly.

That earned me a smile. Ingram has been really attached to me ever since. However, he was never attached to Caroline since she despised him. Ingram was more loved by their mother, Josephine, since he was a son who could bring Cantavalle, unlike Caroline.

Ah, yes. Caroline... Ingram's sister... Though they were siblings, since I helped Ingram, his loyalty was reserved only for me. I could assure that since whatever I said, Ingram had wanted to fulfill them even though it was not necessary.

"While I was away for my mission, I purchased something only for you. I thought you might like it, Ingram." I diverted the topic since it was really my choice this time that I wouldn't dine with them.

Not right now. I was not ready to face the people who tormented my life, especially Caroline. I was certain that other siblings of mine wanted to see my downfall but not today. I needed to prepare my mental capacity for this.

"Really? What is it?" Ingram looked thrilled that I had brought him something.

"Well, it is in my chamber. Would you mind having tea with me once you change your attire?"

Ingram beamed more. "Hmm! I shall do that, sister!"

I waved my hand at him before I turned to his henchmen. "How's Ingram and his skills?"

"He is improving a lot, Lady Dominixe. We are training Lord Ingram according to your instruction," Asil said.

"Micah, your assessment?" I turned at him.

Micah smiled and bowed his head. "Lord Ingram is a fast learner, my lady. We thank you for your guidance."

"Good." I nodded before I sighed in relief. That was a huge relief Ingram was improving since Papa belittled him the last time I remembered. He failed his first mission when he was 12 years old. He failed to kill the Alpha he was assigned to.

Lambert was with him to witness his first killing. But he was also ridiculed by our 3rd brother when Lambert was the one who finished Ingram's first assignment. I remembered that he had become a laughing stock, but I did not laugh there.

However, I remembered that Ingram managed to be in the top four seats as the heir candidates of the House of Cantavalle and became one of the most important heirs with my guidance. I was working him as a tough Alpha slayer in the shadows.

As promised, I bestowed what I brought something for my only student and youngest half-sibling.

"Jade stone tassel?" Ingram's hazel-green eyes sparkled when he held it.

"I thought you were missing something in your sword, so I have come to purchase that while I was away. The notorious craftsman makes that tassel, so that item is high-quality. I obtained that just for you. Did you like it?" I sipped on my tea, wanting to see his reaction.

Ingram sniffed, nodding. "I am, Domi. I like it... I really like it!" he beamed. "I am happy you remembered me while you were on your mission."

"I am glad you like it, Ingram. For our youngest sibling, of course, I would remember you..." You would help me begin my mission to bring this household where we lived and started learning to a crestfallen state. Also, how I wished that Caroline was as genuine as him. "Where's Caroline, by the way? Is she on a mission, too?"

The moment I asked about her, his smile briskly vanished. He averted his gaze but did not set aside the tassel I bestowed on him.

"No. She is out to participate in tea parties," he said nonchalantly.

I arched my eyebrow. "She is supposed to train, isn't she?" Now, that I remember. I used to be resilient when it came to her. I only thought that she wanted to enjoy her youth even though she was way past the age of participating with young noble ladies. But come to think of it, she might be doing this by gathering allies. "Is Papa furious?"

Ingram shook his head. "Papa sees her as a beautiful trophy since Caroline can use her features to gather more information about the target he wants to assign to one of us."

"As expected..." I muttered. With her gentle and kind personality, no one would suspect that she was a devil in disguise. She was not a saint nor an angel.

Caroline was a witch. A conniving bitch.

And I failed to see that since we grew up together, and she was always there for me.

I would make sure that she would suffer here. I would make her unable to trust Papa.

Ingram and I enjoyed spending time together before he asked me to take a stroll. However, when we were in the garden, Maria arrived to destroy my favorite flower, hyacinth.

"Ingram..." I halted him when he was about to growl and barked at Maria.

"But..." I shook my head and watched Maria ruin them while we were in a distance where she couldn't see us in a blind spot.

"Let her. She thinks that we are not here," I said calmly, but on the inside, I was boiling already. I wanted to tackle her down.

That stupid little brat... I was kind enough back then not to say anything about her nasty behavior since most of my siblings were spoiling her. I was even coerced to like whatever she was doing, but all she did was be a pester in my life.

But since I returned from the past, I was not going to stay here and remained blind. I must discipline this spoiled brat.

I decided to watch silently until my garden was ruined completely. "Stay here and watch me, Ingram." I winced his hair and stepped forward when Maria happily stepped on them. I even crossed my arms over my chest, masking a deadpan expression.

"Ha! Let's see if Dominixe will be able to mad about this!" She was smiling from ear to ear. Her eyes were even glowing from the lust of ruining everything. The Dominixe she knew would learn to condone her, but not on this second timeline. "The maidservants shall be suffered after this. Dominixe will never know that it was—" Maria gasped when her eyes met mine as soon as she felt my presence. "D-Dominixe...!"

"Are you done playing, Maria?" I asked as I stretched out a brilliant smile.

Maria was rendered speechless. Her eyes were wandering around as if she wanted to avoid me. "T-The maidservants destroy this. I... I just happened to pass by, 1st sister."

I halted in front of her. She averted her gaze while I was looking down at her.

Ah... Maria was 16 years old on this timeline. She did not get much attention from Papa, so she kept creating some ruckus here and there. She was messy to be with, to be honest.

"Oh?" I lowered my head so we would be on the same level. Maria stiffened. I could even hear the loud pounding of her heart, knowing that I had caught her. "I was wondering. You must suppose to summon some servants to tend this if they really destroyed my favorite flower so you can punish them. But instead, you did not do anything. Am I right, Maria Ruth Cantavalle?"

Maria flinched when I uttered her full name. It was the habit of Papa that whenever he was furious with any of us, he would deliberately say our full name.

It was why I wanted to do the same thing to this 5th sister of mine, who was also the second to the youngest. I wanted to apply what I had learned from Papa to see if this half-sibling of mine would dare to listen.

Maria's eyes twitched as she stepped backward. "I-I shall summon them at the moment, s-sister." She smiled wryly and bitterly before she turned her back to leave.

However, in a split second, Maria fished out her dagger, hiding in her boots and began to assault me. A sly smile appeared on my lips when I was quick enough to point a dagger under her chin before she could even move.

"Tsk!" Maria glared at me while her dagger did not even hit or scratch me since I caught her off guard.

I slightly forward the tip of the dagger, enough to graze her chin which she hissed. "Maria, it seems you are underestimating your oldest sister. Such a petty trick..." I smirked to annoy her more and triumphed, seeing how her face darkened. I revolved the dagger in my hand and briskly sliced her cheek.

"Damn you!" Maria stepped backward and held her cheek, which was bleeding slightly. I almost forgot that my dagger was coated with wolfsbane, so it would really affect and hurt her flesh. Ah... Being a werewolf was a wonderful thing. "Why did you do that?!" She was on the verge of crying.

I kept the bright smile before I became earnest and looked at her frigidly. "I wouldn't hesitate to kill you, Maria. Do that again to my hyacinth flowers, and you shall realize that messing up with me is a wrong choice." I stepped forward and stretched out a menacing smile. "If you die, Papa shall not mind you. After all, he doesn't care about you, remember?"

What I said was below the belt, but Maria needed to learn her lessons, not dishevel what was related to me. I had had enough of her brattish attitude.

Maria bit her lower lip, glaring at me. I knew it hurt her since Papa never paid attention to her anymore since she became a failure in his eyes. "I am going to tell this to Mother!" With that, she skedaddled.

When she was gone, I had this gushing feeling wash over me. There was this sense of... relief. It made me teary-eyed.

"If I only knew that this is easy to frighten Maria, I should have done this back then..." I muttered as I placed my hand on my left chest.

My heart was hammering, enthralling that in this second life, I was granted not to tolerate things I had endured in my first life.

"Wow, Domi... I cannot believe you did that!"

I almost jumped to my feet when I realized that Ingram was watching. I turned at him, who was looking at me with so much admiration.

"I wish to be like you, sister..." he said dreamily.

That made me glad but still... "If possible, you shall make your way to abscond from being oppressed, Ingram." I held his chin to coerce him to look at me. "You can do it. You can be stronger than me. Who knows... You might be the next patriarch of the House of Cantavalle."

Ingram shook my head. "It would be better if you were the next head of the Cantavalle family, Domi. Please remember that I shall always be here for you since you took care of me."

His words made me happy. I was certain now that Ingram would put his trust in his first sister. He wouldn't betray me so easily as he always looked up to me.

Right... My dear youngest brother, you would be one of my pawns to bring down this legacy Papa built from scratch.

And I would make our father pay for his sins.

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