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C1 Prologue

A tumultuous blizzard mercilessly rips its way through the predominantly coniferous, densely laden terrain; creating a white out environment. The seemingly endless bombardment of snow and sleet that’s heavily falling from the sky blanketing the region, causes nearly zero visibility conditions; while, a fierce, howling wind whips through, and virtually drowns out any other surrounding sounds. Luckily for her … being a werewolf … her senses are heightened; and, she possesses inherent, highly intuitive, tracking instincts. These traits make trekking out in the storm a doable feat. Not that she has much of a choice in the matter.

Twelve-year-old, Amanda Tyler, daughter of Gamma Darius … the third ranking wolf in the Moonbeam Pack … is out on patrol in the woods. Gammas generally hold high-level, security positions in the pack; so, it was no wonder that Amanda would opt to partake in the Defensive Security Detail’s (DSD) pre-training classes – sort of like a military cadet school program.

She-wolves in the Defensive Security Detail are a rarity; and, are harshly scrutinized while undergoing extensively challenging and grueling pre-qualifying tests and obstacles to overcome in order to possibly be considered as a candidate into their training program. In essence; she-wolves must prove themselves capable and worthy enough of being DSD members before even having been allowed to train to do so in an official capacity.

Even despite the fact that her father is the pack’s Chief of Security; Amanda must face and triumph over these burdensome trials and tribulations inflicted upon her by the instructors. So, again; Amanda has no choice but to … as she would phrase it … “put up with this suck ass detail” and, carry out her orders.

As the storm rages on, Amanda arduously trudges her way through about three feet of already fallen snow; laboriously navigating through a bosky copse until finally exiting out from a stand … coming upon a small clearing; with an old, small, dilapidated cabin located in the center of the open area. The ferocity of the wind has already managed to chaff and make her nose raw … her nose now constantly runny … with ice crystals forming around her nostrils; yet, even in this state, Amanda picks up the feint smell of another wolf. Then, even as the howling wind reverberates in her ear canals; Amanda suddenly hears the low, barely audible cries of a whimpering young child emanating from the rundown structure.

As she approaches, the scent and the whimpers become intensified; thanks to her heightened senses kicking in. And, once inside; Amanda notices a small, shadowy figure huddled up in a corner incessantly shivering. She immediately rushes over and kneels down beside the freezing, four-year-old, she-wolf. Evidently abandoned … for there were no signs of anyone else around … the child is filthy and unkempt; wearing layers of foul smelling, dirty, tattered clothing. She is listless and, by the looks of her sunken in face, emaciated … more than likely on the verge of dying from starvation.

Amanda gently scoops up the frail, four-year-old in her arms, and then, immediately heads home; blowing off the rest of the patrol … which, because of the extenuating circumstances, she had no qualms about doing. And, after three days of constant imploring and hounding; Amanda had convinced her parents to agree to take in and adopt the abandoned youth … which Amanda had decided upon naming Snow; because of the weather conditions on the day she discovered her. Amanda was never known for being creative or original.

Fourteen years later, there’s a nationwide, growing insurgency amongst the werewolf … many rogues are aligning themselves into small cells – they are totally opposed to using the term ‘pack’; being against the whole ideology of the werewolves caste system and lifestyle … with an increasing number of raids and assaults on the packs. As a result of this; many packs … especially those that are fewer in numberthan, or not as powerful as, some of the larger ones … are opting to form alliances with other packs. And, one of the ways that they accomplish this is by establishing arranged marriages between the Alphas and she-wolves coming from higher rank wolves from other packs. Snow has been recently ‘bestowed with this honor’.

Within the week, the Moonbeam and Lightning Bolt packs will be officially aligned; once Snow is married off to an Alpha wolf ten years her senior … and, is infamously known for being an arrogant, impulsively brash and violent, ‘womanizing’ scoundrel. But, since the Moonbeam Pack isn’t that big … and, with an Alpha who he himself is always a bit power greedy … this alliance is considered to be a necessity that would only benefit the pack … so, any shortcomings of the Lightning Bolt Pack Alpha can certainly be overlooked. This union will be good for everyone … everyone except for Snow, and her sister, of course. Sadly; they don’t have a choice in the matter.

Well aware of his vulgar reputation; the daughters of both the pack’s Alpha and Beta had declined the proposition of marrying the Lightning Bolt Pack Alpha … using their higher standing within the pack to be allowed the right of refusal. This only left the third ranking, Gamma Darius, wolf’s daughters as potential mates.

Amanda … though the eldest; and, as such, would normally be chosen for such an arrangement … is one of the strongest members, among both the males and females, of the pack; and, in the best interest of the pack, would be needed to stay within the pack to protect it. Meanwhile, Snow is merely a pathetic, abandoned rogue found as a small child, who was graciously taken in by the Gamma’s family at the pleading request of Amanda.

Snow has always been viewed upon by most of the pack as ‘an outsider’. She would be the perfect candidate; and, this would not only solidify an alliance with another back, but, also get Snow out of their pack.

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