The Rogue Luna And Her Alpha/C3 A Moonlit Rendezvous and Impending Nuptials-Part 2
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The Rogue Luna And Her Alpha/C3 A Moonlit Rendezvous and Impending Nuptials-Part 2
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C3 A Moonlit Rendezvous and Impending Nuptials-Part 2

The day before the wedding; Alpha Jacob and Beta Carlyle are in front of the grandiose manor, awaiting the arrival of the Lightning Bolt Pack’s Alpha Michael.

Alpha Jacob asks, “I take it you heard about the rogue attack over in Terra Pack Territory?”

Beta Carlyle replies, “Yes …these rogues are becoming way out of control these days.”

“Which is exactly why we need to make sure this alliance is solidified as soon as possible.”


Rachel exits the front door, and is about to pass by; when Alpha Jacob asks …

“Where are you going? Alpha Michael is on his way here for tomorrows wedding ceremony.”

She quips in a blasé manner, “So … I’m not the bride. What do I need to be here for?”

Sounding a little perturbed, “No; you’re not the bride … but; you are the Alpha’s daughter. This isn’t about a wedding, Rachel; this is about an alliance. There are certain ambassadorial duties you must fulfill.”

“I already made plans with Amanda to go into town to grab a bite to eat.”

“We’ll have plenty to eat here. A feast is being prepared in honor of Alpha Michael’s visit.”

“But; Amanda and …”

Alpha Jacob curtly responds, “… Enough with Amanda!”

An annoyed Alpha Jacob grasps onto Rachel’s elbow and pulls her closer into him; while speaking in a lowered voice …

“I know I’m partially to blame for allowing you to go on with this phase of yours for so long. And, I didn’t say anything when you turned down Alpha Michael for her.”

Rachel clarifies, “That had nothing to do with Amanda. I turned down Alpha Michael because everyone knows that he’s a womanizing pervert.”

“Regardless … this alliance is a necessity; but, I accepted the fact that you refused him.”

Rachel points out, “Beta Carlyle’s daughters also refused him … which is why poor Snow has to …”

“‘Poor Snow’ … Why; she’s nothing more than a pitiful, abandoned rogue that Amanda insisted on bringing into this pack. Sort of like a stray puppy; without the appeal.”

Irked by his harsh criticism. “That’s a terrible thing to say.”

“That’s the truth. And …”

Beta Carlyle interjects, “… Excuse me, Jacob; it looks like they’re here.”

“Right.” He sternly looks at Rachel. “We’ll finish this discussion later. Let’s go.”

Still holding onto her elbow; Alpha Jacob takes Rachel over with him and Beta Carlyle to welcome Alpha Michael.

An ostentatious, super-stretched limousine pulls up; and, once the chauffeur opens the rear passenger door, Alpha Michael and two valets exit the vehicle.

Rachel titters and says aloud, under her breath, “Talk about Machiavellian looking.”

Alpha Michael’s of average build and looks; though some facial features duly represent his less than desirable personality traits. Those features are: bushy, furrowing appearing eyebrows over shifty and wandering eyes; and, an almost permanent sneer etched upon his mouth.

However, being an Alpha, his aura does naturally emit a powerfully, charismatic persona … which definitely would be a plus; if it wasn’t for those unappealingly, overbearing traits of his. Alpha Michael carries himself with an air of pompousarrogance; acting as if he were descended from some sort of regal lineage. He has a tendency to exhibit a haughty demeanor; while being blatantly condescending to most around him.

Alpha Michael is also known to run his pack with an iron-fist approach of ruling; allowing no tolerance for any of his subordinates to question his authority. He’s quick-tempered and impulsive; always wants things his way; and, is constantly on a power trip – despite the fact that the Lightning Bolt Pack isn’t necessarily considered to be one of the most powerful packs in the nation; though they can be viewed as a formidable opponent … and, a legitimate threat under the right circumstances.

But his most detracting character trait would have to be how he views most she-wolves as nothing more than playthings, existing solely to appease his own carnal desires and self-gratification needs. Alpha Michael is renowned for being extremely libidinous, and prefers to partake in more perversely deviant acts; sometimes engaging in them with multiple partners at once.

Alpha Jacob walks up to the visiting Alpha. “Michael; welcome. How was the trip over here? I hope it wasn’t too bad for you?”

Alpha Michael looks back to the limousine; and, states in a pompously arrogant manner, “Jacob … when you travel around in of these babies; no trip is every bad.” Looks to Alpha Jacob. “But, I suppose you wouldn’t know that; would you?”

With a forced smile on his face, Alpha Jacob replies, “No … I suppose I wouldn’t.”

“I figured as much.” Alpha Michael scrutinizes the manor. “This is quite the quaint, little place you have here. What is it; one of your summer homes?”

Biting his tongue, Alpha Jacob replies, “No … this is the only home I have.”

Alpha Michael condescendingly grins. “I also figured as much.”

Suddenly, Alpha Michael’s attention is drawn towards Rachel; with his ogling eyes fixated on her chest. He haughtily struts up to her; and, while leering at her chest …

“And; who do we have here … hmm? Whoever you are; I’m certainly pleased to meet you.”

Rachel flippantly retorts, “That would be my chest. … And, it’s certainly not pleased to meet you.”

Alpha Jacob snaps at Rachel. “That will be enough!” Then turns to Alpha Michael. “My apologies; Michael. This impudent one here is my daughter; Rachel.”

“Ah … your daughter; Jacob … the one who refused to marry me.”

Rachel flippantly quips, “One of the three.”

Alpha Jacob shoots her a quick, rebuking look; then …

“About that, Michael; again, I must apologize. It’s just … well; let’s just say that you aren’t exactly the kind of man my daughter’s looking for …” quickly adds, “… But, believe me; you’re much better than any man she would ever end up with.”

Cockily; while still leering at her chest, “Well, obviously that goes without saying. Still; I’m curious though … what type of man are you looking for?”

A small grin emerges on her face. “The ‘wo’ type.”

Still leering at her chest. “The ‘wo’ type?” He looks to her face for the first time. “Oh … I see … ‘wo’-man.” He derisively sneers. “I suppose that’s where that phrase comes from … ‘To each their own’.”

He lustfully eyeballs her from head to toe a couple of times; ending up focusing on her chest. “Well, if that’s the only reason why you refused to marry me; there was no need for that. I wouldn’t mind at all.”

Rachel quips, “I’m sure you wouldn’t; but, I would.”

“Please; allow me to finish. I wouldn’t mind … because, I have plenty of ‘toys’ at my disposal; and, I’d have no problem with sharing them with wife. … And, I suppose, it can be a nice change of pace just to sit and watch; once in a while.

With a roll of her eyes. “Wow; that’s awfully magnanimous of you … but, who am I to deprive a child of playing with any of his toys. And, just for the record; my gender preference wasn’t the reason for my refusing to marry you. So, once again; I believe that me … and my chest … are going to pass.

Alpha Michael derisively sneers. “And, that’s the final choice you picked to go with?”

With an impish grin on her face. “Final? That was the only choice as far as I saw it. … Oh; and FWI …” she waves her hand in front of her chest,“these don’t have a mouth. So, I suggest in the future, when you’re talking with a woman: you look at her in the face.”

Rachel starts to leave …

“If you’ll excuse me, now; I have anywhere else to be but here.”

Alpha Michael lustfully ogles over Rachel’s body in motion as she walks away. Once out of his view, he turns to Alpha Jacob, while displaying a devilishly mischievous smirk; and unabashedly remarks …

“I guess I owe you an apology, Jacob. Here it was I thought your daughter’s best quality was her chest … but; it turns out she has a smoking hot backside, too.”

Alpha Jacob looks like it’s taking all of his restraint to keep from decking the crude Alpha.

“Such a waste of a prime piece of meat; am I right?” Alpha Michael finishes, “It’s too bad your daughter had to leave so soon; I was really enjoying her … well, anyway … Jacob, can you have someone show me to my room, now; I’d like to freshen up a bit before dinner.”

Alpha Jacob’s still biting his tongue. “Of course. Right this way.”

After dinner;instead of remaining in the company of Alpha Jacob and Beta Carlyle … which the idea of having to partake in some inane, droll conversation bores him to death without even doing so … Alpha Michael opts to reside to his room for the evening. He requests that his bride-to-be be brought upstairs to him in about an hour.

When he and his valets enter his room, there’s a rather tempting-looking, early-twenties something, buxom maid making final preparations to the room. The libidinous trio instantaneously get a rise in their pants; while the maid, with her back still to them, can smell the influx of testosterone-laden, pheromones swirling about in the air. She warily turns around and apprehensively asks; with her eyes lowered …

“Is there anything I can do for you; Alpha Michael?”

The Alpha leeringly sneers, and with a terse nod of his head, gestures for his valets to leave. After they shut the door, one of the valets quips …

“Damn it. Oh well; guess it’s gonna be another cold shower night for us.”

The other valet mischievously smirks, “Not necessarily.”

“By the look on your face, I’m guessing you have a plan.”

“Oh yeah; come on, let’s go.”

Alpha Michael ominously saunters up to the trembling maid; who still hasn’t left from her subservient stance, with her head lowered and eyes focused on the floor. When the Alpha reaches the seemingly stone-petrified maid, he menacingly circles her – like a shark would circle its prey – lecherously eye-balling her up and down from head to toe; and, on his third encirclement, stops behind her and sinisterly leans in over her shoulder … and, dominantly mutters in a low, growling fashion …

“So you want to know if there’s anything else you can do for me; do you?”

The maid starts trembling in fear; but at the same time, finding herself becoming aroused and stimulated throughout all of her erogenous zones, as she becomes overwrought by the scent of pungently, aphrodisiacal pheromones wafting in the air about her.

“Yes.” She takes in a quick gulp, then asks again, “Is there … anything else … I can do for you; Alpha Michael?”

With his right hand, the Alpha slowly twirls about the maid’s hair between his fingers, as he teasingly strokes her right cheek; while he loosely wraps his left arm around her waist … as he dominantly mutters in her ear …

“Let me see …” He takes in an elongated whiff to take in the scent of her rapidly emitting pheromones. “Oh, yes.”

In an instant, he forcefully draws her waist in towards him, pressing her buttocks against the growing bulge in his pants; as he yanks on her hair to pull her head back, and rapidly licks her exposed neck back and forth. She begins to whimper and moan while excitedly pushing her buttocks tighter against the now throbbing bulge.

Alpha Michael aggressively shoves both his hands down her blouse … causing the first few top bottoms to pop off … and, firmly takes hold of her undulating chest and vigorously fondles them. She yelps out an uncontrollable, booming howl which reverberates throughout at least half the mansion.

Unable to wait any longer, the impatient Alpha forces his arms down lower into her blouse … pooping off the rest of the buttons in the process … and tightly grasps hold of her waist; then, without warning, in one abrupt move lifts the maid off the floor and throws her several feet across the room onto the bed. He walks over to the foot of the bed, and takes a few moments to leeringly focus on the maids exposed, heaving chest; then, starts to undress, while odiously forewarning her …

“I’m going to violate and defile your body so hard, that for the next month, you’re still going to feel me lingering inside of you.”

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