The Rogue Luna And Her Alpha/C4 A Moonlit Rendezvous and Impending Nuptials-part 3
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The Rogue Luna And Her Alpha/C4 A Moonlit Rendezvous and Impending Nuptials-part 3
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C4 A Moonlit Rendezvous and Impending Nuptials-part 3

As the libidinous-crazed Alpha continually thrusts his engorged, pulsating memberdeep into the now equally as libidinous-crazed maid …. who tightens her pelvis in with every thrust, to insure the intensity of her pleasurable stimulation … the two valets are returning to put their plan into motion. Arriving outside the bedroom, realizing that the door is more than likely still unlocked, one of the valets gestures while saying …

“The Alpha’s been waiting. You can go in now.”

The door slowly opens; and, Snow hesitantly enters. She is shocked; and, appalled at the carnal sight. Unaware of her presence, Alpha Michael continues undulating his pelvis into the overstimulated, quivering maid … who appears to be ready to pass out from the heightened excitement. The conniving valets walk up behind an utterly repulsed Snow, once again wearing those devious smirks. One of them calls out …

“Excuse us; Alpha Michael?”

Not taking the time to turn around and look their way; he growls out to them in his Alpha tone, “Go away; damn it! Can’t you see I’m busy?”

“I apologize. I thought you wanted us to bring you your bride-to-be here.”

Still not turning around to face them; totally engrossed in ravaging the once again moaning maid. “I said bring her to me in an hour. … And, it hasn’t been an hour yet … has it; you fool?”

Snow has always made it a habit to show proper respect where warranted; but, she sees no respect required for this abhorrent, miscreant. With a disgusted inflection in her tone, she flippantly remarks …

“If that’s the case; then I suppose I should come back a little later. Or; maybe you’d like to violate some of the female kitchen staff while you’re at it. If that’s the case; why don’t we just meet up tomorrow at the ceremony.

A surprised, and infuriated, Alpha Michael rolls off the buxom maid; up into a sitting position.

Alpha Michael barks out in Alpha tone, “Silence; you insolent mutt!!”

He peers beyond Snow; and glares at the valets. Without warning, he disrespectfully tosses the buxom maid out of the bed, onto the floor.

“Get rid of this for now.”

Snow flippantly remarks, “What; bored of her already? … Still; that’s no way to treat a woman.”

The Alpha glares back over at the valets; this time, more intensely. The valets hurry over; and, each takes an arm, then drag the maid out of the room.

Alpha Michael strips out of his bodily fluid stained and tattered clothing; and, puts on a terrycloth robe that’s sitting on a chaise chair by the bed.

Snow quips, “Please; don’t feel like you have to change on my account.”

Alpha Michael barks out in hisAlpha tone,“I told you to be quiet; mutt!!”

A flippant Snow taunts the angered Alpha.“Actually; I believe it was ‘insolent mutt’.”

Alpha Michael momentarily stares at snow with a seething, rebuking expression etched upon his face; then remains silent, as he takes time to scrutinize over Snow. Then …

“So … standing before me is the best bride that Moonbeam Pack has to offer me for this alliance. Honestly; I never was really expecting much …”

He circles Snow a couple times; discerningly looking her over from head to toe.

“You certainly aren’t much; are you? I congratulate you then for living up to my expectations.”

“Pardon me … ‘Alpha’ … but, did you just want to see me so you can insult me? Because if that’s the case, I really don’t have the time for this.” Snow grins, while facetiously stating, “After all, I’m getting tomorrow: and, I should be preparing myself … being how I am ‘the best bride that Moonbeam Pack has to offer’.”

Alpha Michael haughtily chortles,“My, my, my … it’s true what they say … you really are nothing more than an illegitimate, mangy, rogue mongrel.”

Snow, wearing an impish grin, facetiously retorts …

“No wonder you’re so eager to marry me; so much, that you arrived the day before the wedding … seeing how you think so highly of me.”

Alpha Michael condescendingly chortles, “Think highly of you? … I’ve never even given you a single thought. You’re merely the means to the end.”

“‘The means to the end’?”

“That’s right. … I want more subjects to rule over … and, your Alpha Jacob wants so desperately to ally with us. So … simply put … you’re just the ‘sacrificial lamb’ offered to seal the deal.”

“I suppose that would make you ‘the big, bad wolf’?”

Alpha Michael arrogantly grins. “The biggest, and the baddest.”

Snow, saucily, “I don’t know … I’ve seen bigger … and badder. … But; you are, without a doubt, definitely the worst.”

An irate Alpha Michael clenches his jaw and grinds his teeth; as he growls …

“You need to mind your place, mutt! Trust me … if you don’t learn and accept what you are here tonight before we get married … I will destroy you!”

Snow sternly stares at the Alpha.

Alpha Michael huffs, “What … no smart aleck come back?”

Snow sternly stares at the Alpha.

“Good. Looks like you are teachable, after all.” Alpha Michael walks over and sits on the bed. “Now; come on.”

“Come on, what?”

He pats the mattress beside him. “Have a seat.”

Snow gets a repulsed look on her face, “No thanks; I don’t want to.”

Alpha Michael Becomes irritate again. “I didn’t ask if you wanted to … I don’t care if you do, or don’t. All I want right now is to take you for a test ride.”

Snow goads, “‘Test ride’? So … am I a ‘sacrificial lamb’, or a ‘new car’?”

“Someone’s beginning to forget their place. I’m growing really tired of having to repeat myself; so, you need to open up your ears and close your mouth.” He growls, “Now … bring that tight, little butt over here and sit down; mutt!”

Snow looks Alpha Michael dead in the eye and impishly grins; then, looks back over her shoulder down towards her butt. She sassily retorts …

“Tight, little butt; huh? … Yeah; I don’t know who you’re talking about … but, from what I’m looking at here … it isn’t me.”

Snow turns back around and faces Alpha Michael; still wearing her impish little grin.

Alpha Michael and Snow are locked in a ‘Mexican Standoff’; exchanging rebuking glares back and forth at each other. Alpha Michael finally asks her …

“Enough of this; you, mongrel mutt. Are you getting into this bed now; or, not?”


“Insolent mutt! … Being a found stray; surely someone must have warned you never to bite the hand that feeds you.”

“Sure they have. But, I don’t recall you ever feeding me; so, it should be okay bite your hand.”

Alpha Michael growls,“So … you want to bite my hand; do you?!”

Instantly, the Alpha is enraged … more than he’s been so far tonight … and, he leaps up from the bed and charges across the room; with his hand poised high above his head, ready to strike Snow.

Before she can even manage to defend herself against the impromptu attack, the Alpha’s wrist is clenched within an excruciatingly painful, iron-like grip … then, in an instant, his arm is being twisted with some incredibly, explosive torque-force; and, is viciously bent up behind and tightly pressed into his upper back.

Finally, he’s mercilessly slammed face first into the nearest wall; with the submissive hold still brutally applied. Snow can’t believe her eyes, as a huge smile expands across her face. Amanda has that insufferable miscreant pinned against the wall writhing in well-deserved pain.

As luck would have it for Snow, those two valets were yammering on and on about how the Alpha’s intended bride was talking back to him; and, how they figured she was really going to get it … when word got back to Gamma Darius; and, a within earshot Amanda. Amanda had charged over with the intent to intervene before things had escalated; but, apparently it was a little too late for that.

A furious Alpha Michael, with his face still pushed up against the wall and unable to see behind him, growls in his Alpha tone. “Who are you?! … And, what do you think you’re doing?!”

Amanda’s lips gnarl, as she angrily growls back, “I’m doing you a favor.”

The Alpha scoffs, “A favor?”

“That’s right … a favor.”

“And, what favor is it exactly that you’re doing that requires you to defiantly manhandle the Lightning Bolt Pack Alpha; you wretched wolf-she-devil?”

“The favor where I keep you from having to hobble down the aisle tomorrow in a full body cast. Because, if you ever lay a finger on Snow … I will break every worthless bone in your worthless body!”

Suddenly; Alpha Jacob, Beta Carlyle, and Gamma Darius come rushing in. Gamma Darius barks out …

“Amanda! Release Alpha Michael at once!”

Alpha Michael mutters under his breath, “Amanda?”

Amanda reluctantly lets go of the Alpha, and, goes over and stands beside Snow; asking her, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Snow nods and gives her sister a smile. Amanda smiles back, then, leans over and kisses Snow on the top of her head. “Good.”

Alpha Michael has been firmly rubbing and kneading his arm; trying to quell the pain inflicted upon it from the aggressive ‘Amazonian-like warrior’. He derisively sneers over at Amanda; and, snidely remarks…

“So; you’re the infamous ‘Amazon Amanda’ I’ve heard so much about from members of our Defensive Security Detail? I guess it’s right; what they say … you really are one ballsy, wolf-she-devil dyke.”

Hearing this instantly riles the ‘inner wolf’ in Snow back up again; and, she starts to step forward, intending to get in the face of Alpha Michael and demand for an apology to her sister …

Snow steps forward towards Alpha Michael, but is immediately stopped by Amanda; who quickly raises her arm up in front of Snow, and slowly shakes her head. Snow takes the step back; and, Amanda lowers her arm.

Amanda slowly saunters up to Alpha Michael; who is arrogantly smirking at her …

“What are you going to do … ‘Amazon Amanda’ … twist my arm behind my back again?Just so you know; you may have caught me off guard before … but, never again.”

He continues to arrogantly smirk in her face. Amanda grins.

Amanda turns around, appearing as if she’s going to walk away; but instead, whirls around and brutally smashes her fist into Alpha Michael’s groin. The Alpha immediately doubles over and drops to the floor; gasping and writhing in pain.

Amanda taunts, “‘Ballsy wolf-she-devil’; huh … is that enough ‘balls’ for you?”

She starts to walk away; but, turns back around and tells the incapacitated Alpha …

“Oh; right … I already told you that I would break all of your bones if you try lay a finger on Snow again. Well; you can also keep this is mind … if you ever stare at my lover’s chest again; I’ll gouge your wandering eyes out.”

Gamma Darius goes over and raps Amanda on the top of her head; then rebukes her …

“Have you lost your mind?! No one should ever dare to lay a hand on an Alpha … and, as a DSD member; you should know this better than anyone! Now; apologize to Alpha Michael.”

Amanda vehemently snaps, “The hell I will!”

Gamma Darius glares at Amanda. “What did you say?”

“I said … the hell I will. … I’ll only apologize to Alpha Michael when he deserves an apology. And right now; he doesn’t deserve one.

Gamma Darius takes it upon himself to offer an apology to the visiting Alpha, “Alpha Michael; I humbly apologize on behalf of my daughters’ ill-manners.”

“Darius, please; just call me Michael. We’re all high ranking members in our packs, so, there’s no need for formalities between us. And, there’s no need for you to apologize for your daughters.

Amanda is a true, bona fide warrior; and, we all know that they can be bit a hot-tempered. But, seeing how she’s an indispensable member to any pack lucky enough to have her serve them; her occasional indiscretions can surely be overlooked.”

He looks towards Snow and sneers. “Now … as far as the other one is concerned … I suppose she’s just too much of an unruly mutt to know any better.”

Amanda lips quickly contort into a gnarling posturing; and, she threateningly growls at Alpha Michael. Gamma Darius immediately growls back using a highly authoritative tone at Amanda to reprimand her. Satisfied that he at least has the blind loyalty of their father … who has no hesitation to apologize for, and, readily rebuke his apparently out of control daughters … Alpha Michael speaks up …

“Now; if you all would be so kind as to leave my room … it’s getting rather late, and I’d like to go to bed.” He leers at Snow; while tauntingly saying, “I have an early day tomorrow … after all, I am getting married.”

Snow shoots him a repulsed grimace in response; as Amanda takes hold of her hand and gives it a light squeeze to remind her sister that she was there for her.

Alpha Jacob adds, “That’s right; of course. We should all get going and allow Alpha Michael to rest up.” He turns to the Gamma. “Darius; it’s probably best that you take your daughter’s home now, too.” He delivers an admonishing glance over at Snow. “I’m sure the bride herself also needs some rest.”

“You’re absolutely right; Jacob.” Gamma Darius sternly looks at his daughters. “Girls; get going. … Amanda; make sure you put your sister to bed … I want her well rested. I want everything to go smoothly tomorrow.” He reproachfully glares at Snow. “I hope I’m making myself clear.”

Amanda replies, “Yes; Father … crystal clear.” She wraps her arm under Snow’s, and flippantly quips, “Come on, Snow, let’s go; Alpha Michael needs his beauty rest. Hopefully, if we leave now, it will be enough time before the ceremony tomorrow … which, I seriously doubt.”

Gamma Darius snaps, “That’s enough, Amanda!” He turns to the fuming Alpha. “I apologize, Alpha Michael.” He fiercely glares back at Amanda. “Now … get out of here! And, see to it that your sister is properly prepared for the ceremony.”

Amanda grins, and obscurely comments under her breath. “Don’t worry; Father … I’ve already taken care of everything that needs to be done.”

Snow looks at Amanda with a puzzled expression etched on her face.

They leave under the scrutinizing eye of a sneering Alpha Michael. He thinks to himself, “After the ceremony tomorrow … you’re mine; mutt! And, there’s nothing that wolf-she-devil sister of yours will be able to do about it.”

Once off the manor’s grounds; Amanda stops and takes hold off Snow’s hand. Amanda tenderly leans her forehead against Snow’s, and starts to lovingly nuzzle noses with her. As they do this; Amanda mind-links with Snow …

“Listen to me, Snow … I already prepared a backpack with some clothes and necessary supplies to get you started … and, of course, some cash and a credit. I want you to get out of here tonight. Get as far away as possible; and don’t come back.”

“But …”

“… There are no ‘buts’ … it’s too dangerous for you to stay here … and, way more dangerous if you get married to that bastard. You have to leave, Snow… leave … and, don’t look back.”

“I don’t want to leave you, Sis … but; I know you’re right.”

“Well, of course I’m right; I am the older sister, after all.”

They continue nuzzling noses; as tears stream out their eyes and run down their cheeks.

“I’m going to miss you so much, Sis. … I love you.”

“I love you, too … more than any else … I always will, Snow. And, I’m going to miss you, too … more than you’ll ever know.”

Amanda wipes away the tears off her face; and, regains some composure...

“But, after this once blows and things settle down; I promise that I’ll get in touch with you somehow … and, we’ll always keep in touch after that. Okay; Snow?”


“Good. Now; let’s go home. … We’ll make our move in, say about, two or three hours.”

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