The Rogue Luna And Her Alpha/C5 A Moonlit Rendezvous and Impending Nuptials—Part 4
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The Rogue Luna And Her Alpha/C5 A Moonlit Rendezvous and Impending Nuptials—Part 4
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C5 A Moonlit Rendezvous and Impending Nuptials—Part 4

“This is inexcusable!” Alpha Michael boomingly bellows in his Alpha tone; consumed in a festering rage.

At a total loss for what he should say … or, even could say under the circumstances … all Alpha Jacob manages to do is respond with, “I apologize; Michael.”

The infuriated Alpha spins around; intensely glaring at the embarrassed Alpha. “That’s Alpha Michael to you. Any so-called pack leader who can’t even control his own pack members … especially a loathsomely wretched, little, rogue mongrel … doesn’t deserve the honor to address me without using my proper title.”

“Of course. I apologize; Alpha Michael.”

“I don’t want your apologies. … What I want is my mutt bride!”

“Be rest assured, Alpha Michael; we’ll find her.”

“You better!”

Gamma Darius and Amanda enter Alpha Jacob’s chamber; quickly drawing the attention of the seething Alpha … who immediately snaps out at Amanda …

“You … where is she?!”

Amanda takes the opportunity to ‘poke the bear’. “Who?”

Gamma Darius quickly chastises her. “Amanda! Now’s not the time for your smart mouth! Apologize to Alpha Michael immediately; and, answer him!”

Not waiting for Amanda to follow her father’s orders, the enraged Alpha yells out, “Where’s that mutt sister of yours?!”

Instantly, a deluge of intense, unbridled rage surges through Amanda; and, as her body rigidly tenses up, she tightly clenches her fists … causing her arms to tremble … and, grits her teeth. Her normally light-charcoal hued eyes turn pitch black … with no distinction evident to tell the pupils and irises apart … and, the formerly whites of her eyes are now flaming red. She’s about to lose it and allow her ‘inner wolf’ to lash out.

Before anyone present has any idea of what’s happening … or, has time to react … Amanda lunges at Alpha Michael, and in a split second, uses that iron-grip of hers once again to clamp down on his wrist and take control of his arm.

She manhandles Alpha Michael’s appendage into an excruciatingly painful arm-bar hold this time; and, savagely pulls him over to the Alpha’s large, mahogany desk … nearly lifting him up into the air during the process … and, barbarically drives the subdued Alpha onto it with such force, that the desk breaks in half. Amanda maintains the hold, while forcefully wrenching down on his arm; mercilessly pushing him down in the debris. She demonically growls …

“Call my sister ‘mutt’ one more time … I dare you!”

Gamma Darius bellows out, “Amanda … release!”

The frenzied she-wolf is oblivious to her surroundings; laser-focused on inflicting pain to this deplorable being.

He bellows out again, “I said release!”

No response. The Gamma rushes up behind, firmly balls his hands into fists, and uses all his strength to box her ears. This draws her attention; but, isn’t enough to get her to release her hold. She snaps …


“I said release!”


He boxes her ears again. “Release!”


Again; he viciously pounds on her ears. “Release; damn it!”

Three of Alpha Jacob’s bodyguards - summoned by Beta Carlyle; who was also in the Alpha’s chamber when this started and ran out to get assistance - come rushing into the room; and, immediately grab hold of Amanda and vigorously try to pry her off of Alpha Michael.

About five minutes later; the bodyguards, with the assistance of Gamma Darius, manage to separate them. The bodyguards keep restraining Amanda; while, the two valets rush over to Alpha Michael to check up on his condition.

“Are you alright; Alpha Michael?”

With his right arm overwrought with intense, debilitating pain; the highly enraged Alpha is unable to move it for the time being … so, he vehemently wavers them off with his left arm; snapping …

“Get away from me; you two, useless pieces of shit! … Where were you when that wolf-she-devil was attacking me; huh?! … Why didn’t you try to get her off of me sooner?! … Just get out of my sight!”

There wasn’t anything they would have been able to do; they’re no match for ‘Amazon Amanda’ … even Gamma Darius – the former Chief of Security of the Moonbeam Pack – and, three of Alpha Jacob’s bodyguards had a difficult time removing her from their Alpha. And, truth be told, they are just as scared by her, as they are of Alpha Michael. So, they back away from their leader, and huddle in the corner of the room; trying not to get in Alpha Michael’s way.

Alpha Jacob orders his bodyguards, “Take this wild thing out of here, and bring her to the detention building; then, throw her in a cage where she belongs. Keep her there until we figure out what a suitable punishment will be.” He turns to the Gamma. “I take it you don’t have a problem with this; Darius?”

Gamma Darius disappointingly looks at Amanda, shaking his head in shame; then, turns to Alpha Jacob. “No. I don’t have a problem at all with that.”

“Well; I do.” Alpha Michael finally gets up off the floor … where he’s been sitting this entire time; trying to ease the pain and restore some mobility back in his arm … and, walks over towards, but, keepsenough distance from Amanda; and, he scornfully leers at her, uttering in a low, growl, “Wolf-she-devil.”

Alpha Michael cups his hands in the small of his back, and starts pacing about the room; getting ready to tell them what he has in mind to be carried out. A nefarious smirk emerges on his face.

“Jacob … correct me if I’m wrong … but; it’s my understanding that Amanda was the one who first found and brought that little, ungrateful rogue into your pack in the first place?”

“That’s right.”

“Interesting.” He continues pacing about. “Well, then; I’ll tell you what. Here’s what we’re going to do.” He glances back over at the still restrained Amanda, and shoots her a malevolent sneer. “Since she seems to have the ability to find that troublesome rogue … I want her to be the one responsible for finding her again this time; and, bring her back here.”

Alpha Jacob readily accepts these terms. “Of course. We’ll put her in charge of this task; just like you wish.” Then, he offers to make further concessions. “And, if you like, to make it more convenient for you; we can have Amanda bring her directly to you at your place. This way, you wouldn’t have to trouble yourself with another trip out here.”

“No, no, no … I’m afraid that won’t do. … You see; I want her brought back here. … And … once she’s brought back here … she’ll have a choice to make.” He looks over to Amada and sinisterly sneers. “She’ll either marry me … like it was arranged for … or; she’ll be executed for treason.”

Amanda lashes out, “You, bastard! I’ll …”

Alpha Michael curtly cuts her off; using his Alpha tone, “…You’ll shut your mouth; wolf-she-devil!” He walks in towards her, still keeping a safe distance though; and again, sinisterly sneers at her. “Because … if you don’t shut up … I’ll add the stipulation that if she doesn’t marry me; you’ll also be the one who has to execute her.”

He turns away from a suddenly speechless Amanda; and, walks up to Alpha Jacob. “I’ll take it these terms are agreeable with you?”

Alpha Jacob quickly looks to the Gamma. “Darius?”

The Gamma looks to his daughter; who is beseechingly looking at him to put an end to this madness. He averts his eyes down to floor, keeping momentarily silent; then, looks back to Alpha Jacob. “They’re agreeable.”

Amanda cries out, “Father; no!”

His response being, “Can the three of you get her out of here, now? Take her away.” He stoically watches the bodyguards remove a despondent Amanda from the room; then, looks to Alpha Jacob. “Sorry about that, Jacob. Please; continue.”

Alpha Jacob nods; then, turns back to Alpha Michael. “Yes; the terms are agreeable.”

“Very well, then; I’ll be off.” He starts to leave; but, stops at the door. “Oh; by the way … in the meantime; until that mutt is brought back … I’ll be taking that maid of yours with me.”

The maid happens to be one of Beta Carlyle’s nieces. He inquires, “As … collateral?”

With a deadpan expression etched upon his countenance; he caddishly replies, “No … as a plaything.”

The valets mischievously snicker; but, are quickly silenced by their Alpha’s sudden growling. “She’s only for me. … And; don’t think I forgot about last night, either. You two will still be paying dearly for that.”

They quickly draw their heads down into their shoulders … like a turtle retracts into a shell … and, keep their mouths shut while they silently cower.

“Pardon me; Alpha Michael?”

“What is it; Jacob?”

“What about the alliance?”

“Oh, yes; the alliance. … Tell you what; what do you say we put that on the back burner until we get this matter settled.”

“Of course. … And; if we’re unable to locate Snow and bring her back here … I take it the alliance would be called off; then?”

“Called off?” He nefariously sneers. “Jacob … if that mutt doesn’t marry me … the Lightning Bolt Pack will have no choice but to officially declare war on the Moonbeam Pack.”

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