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A train heading towards the Eastsea City brought a cool breeze along the way as it sped through the sky. It was not the Spring Festival, nor was it the peak season for passengers. There were not many passengers in the coach. However, all the seats were filled. Only a few passengers were left standing in the aisle.

Unfortunately, Ye Cheng was one of the few customers. He was dressed in a normal white t-shirt and old jeans that had been washed to the point of turning white. He had a rucksack on his back and was leaning against the intersection between the two carriages. His body swayed rhythmically with the shaking of the train. He felt very satisfied as he looked out the window at the scenery flying past.

He joined the army at the age of 18, and after half a year as a new recruit, because of all the excellent conditions, he was selected by the Wolf Fang Special Forces and became a real special forces soldier. Because of some unexpected and crazy behavior, the army gave him the nickname "Mad Wolf".

Through his six years of life and death training in the special forces, he had become the most courageous and warlike ace soldier, a sharp blade for the Wolf Fang squad. If he continued to stay in the Special Forces, his future would definitely be limitless. Unfortunately, his life was unpredictable. During a mission three months ago, Ye Cheng made a huge mistake.

Abruptly leaving the Special Forces army that had lived for six years and treated them as family, leaving those good brothers that had lived and died together countless of times, and even being forced to retire, was something Ye Cheng found hard to accept. After resting for three months in his hometown, his mood had completely changed. He decided to head to the international metropolis of the East China Sea to start a new life.

Ye Cheng had already informed one of the old group leaders who had been doing well in Eastsea City and was preparing to go to him. Therefore, he only brought a hundred yuan with him as a token when he went out.

"Please cooperate with us and show us your tickets." The two stewards stepped into the carriage and checked the tickets one by one.

Ye Cheng glanced at the flight attendant and snappily muttered: "What bad luck, you finally got away with your ticket, and wanted to save some money, and now you even met someone who checks the tickets."

He rolled his eyes and counted his thoughts. He walked to the washroom that was not far away and hurriedly knocked on the door. He pretended to be depressed and said, "Brother, please hurry up. My stomach is hurting."

"Wait!" The sweet and melodious voice of a woman came from the toilet. Just from the sound alone, it was definitely capable of giving ten plus numbers.

"It's a woman, that's better!" Ye Cheng smiled sinisterly as he pushed the toilet with one hand, preparing to charge in at any time.

There was a rustling sound, and the bathroom door opened a crack. Ye Cheng pushed open the door with all his might, and his body slid into the bathroom like a loach. He then casually locked the toilet door. He moved quickly and skillfully. Those who didn't know what he was doing would think that he was an habitual fugitive.

A young woman was standing in the bathroom. Just as she was about to pack up and leave, she suddenly saw an unfamiliar man barge in. Before she could scream out, her vision blurred and a big hand covered her cherry lips.

Ye Cheng's hand came into contact with the girl's delicate face. It felt like he was pinching water.

Feeling the temperature of the woman on his fingertips and feeling her soft and smooth touch, he couldn't help but size up the girl in front of him. Smiling, he said, "Don't be afraid, I'm not a bad person!"

This woman was around 1.68 meters tall, and her skin was tender and tender. A pair of phoenix eyes that were as bright as stars glared furiously at Ye Cheng. Although she could not see her mouth, she was still able to imagine that she was a great beauty.

Looking further down, Ye Cheng almost puked a nosebleed. A small, tight, pink, sleeveless T-shirt with a relatively low collar revealed a large area of fair skin and a pair of enchanting cleavage wedged between two towering peaks. A pair of denim shorts exposed her fair, slender, and slender legs.

Bee waist, breast augmentation, perky buttocks, amazing curves, coupled with mature charm, make people think of sweet and alluring peach.

Ye Cheng moaned in his heart: I wonder which man has the luck to capture her heart!

"Woo woo!" Chen Luoxue started to struggle in panic. She looked at the smiling face of the unfamiliar man in front of her with her beautiful, angry eyes.

Her heart skipped a beat and she became nervous. In broad daylight, there really was no one who was afraid of death who dared to commit murder on the train.

It was fine to rob money, but Chen Luoxue was afraid that this strange man was a crazy big pervert that was looking at her beauty and would do something to her in the toilet.

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