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The Eastsea City was truly worthy of being called an international city. On the road, there were all kinds of cars that blocked the way, forming an endless line from high grade to high grade. Ye Cheng drove the Buick as fast as he could, and after nearly an hour, he arrived at Chen Luoxue's company. It was located at the bottom of the Winning Group, where every inch of dirt was more expensive than gold.

After stopping, Ye Cheng had the awareness of being the driver, and took the initiative to open the rear passenger door. "Miss Chen, please get off."

High heels, black socks, slender legs, one-step skirt, and professional attire were revealed one after the other. Chen Luoxue got off the car and glared fiercely at Ye Cheng. I'm warning you again, and for the last time, call me sister! Call me miss again and let you sleep on the street. "

Ye Cheng suddenly remembered that he did not need the key to his home, and could only obey: "Yes, my lord! "Elder sister!"

Chen Luoxue was more satisfied with Ye Cheng's attitude, and laughed: "A barely qualified driver, drive anywhere you want, and remember to pick me up after work."

Ye Cheng laughed with ill intentions: "Aren't you afraid that I'll flee with my carriage?"

Chen Luoxue said indifferently: "Just flee, as long as you're not afraid to spend the rest of your life in the police station."

"Then, I will first go and familiarize myself with the road situation of the Yanjing and prepare to escape in the future."

Looking at the beautiful and alluring back view as they disappeared from the building, Ye Cheng got back into the car. He muttered to himself in confusion, "Could it be that Beauty Chen has really taken a fancy to me, and trusts me to such an extent? "An abnormal woman."

Although this Buick was only worth thirty to forty thousand yuan, no one would easily hand it over to someone who had known him for less than a day.

Ye Cheng's phone rang. An unfamiliar number sent a message. Sis has a thousand dollars in the back of her car, so I'll lend it to you for the time being.

It was obvious that it was from Chen Luoxue. Looking at the message, Ye Cheng's heart warmed, and turned around to find that there was indeed a dozen red notes on the back seat. What did it mean to pay for food, shelter, transportation, and money?

After pondering for a moment, he replied with a text message. What do you mean? You really want to raise me?

Very quickly, Chen Luoxue sent her a reply. Again, the sister had no interest in the brat.

Ye Cheng replied: Then I have to quickly find a job and start the big business of starting from scratch. Elder sister, do you know where there is a talent market?

In less than a minute, Chen Luoxue replied: You really want to find a job?

Yes, elder sister doesn't support me, so I can only rely on myself.

Our company is recruiting right now. Do you want me to ask around?

Ye Cheng did not pretend, and replied: Then I owe Big Sis a favor, I will not thank you for that. The address of the talent market was also sent over. I'll go take a look.

Very quickly, Chen Luoxue sent Ye Cheng the address and detailed route to the talent market closest to the trade area.

Ye Cheng drove confidently to the talent market, and after going through it once, he became dejected and left.

The current society was too scary. Any job requires one to be a junior college student or above, and even the job of digging for dung was taken by a bunch of university graduates, making Ye Cheng, a junior high school student who barely managed to graduate, unable to endure it.

Ye Cheng could only persevere on as he memorized the addresses of the several companies. He ate a bowl of ramen noodles casually at noon and went for an interview complacently in the afternoon. He went to the recruitment office to ask about his education and was directly sent away. After bumping into a wall four or five times, his face almost became bruised and bruised. He then gloomily returned home to rest.

Halfway there, passing by a market, Ye Cheng conveniently bought some food, and was about to show off his skills.

When he arrived at his doorstep, he realized that he didn't have a key, but it wouldn't be difficult for Ye Cheng. He took out the steel needle he brought with him, flipped around, and opened the door. Special forces talents were plentiful, and he learned to unlock this kind of child's play after learning it from his comrades for two or three days.

After a moment of rest, Ye Cheng was busy working in the kitchen, slicing all the vegetables, waiting for them to fry. She went out on time at 5 PM to pick Chen Luoxue up from work, just like a qualified housewife.

Ye Cheng arrived twenty minutes earlier than Chen Luoxue when he got off work. Bored out of boredom, he looked around and accidentally saw the recruitment notice pasted on the window of the guard room.

Two signboard security personnel, requiring a college degree or above, proper and proper, with work experience preferential recruitment.

Ye Cheng shouted, "Damn! If even the security guards are given a junior college degree, then wouldn't I have become a waste and wouldn't have let others live. "

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