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Under the gazes of a group of male colleagues, Chen Luoxue, who was dressed in seductive professional attire and had a slim figure, arrived in front of Buick. Driver, little brother, you're quite punctual, you deserve praise. "

Ye Cheng eagerly got off the car and opened the door. "Big Sis, please get in the car."

Seeing a boy with average looks who was dressed in too ordinary clothes drive Chen Luoxue away, those male colleagues of his started to discuss among themselves.

"I've never seen a man pick up Beauty Chen before. Could it be that brat is her boyfriend?"

"Impossible, how many rich and powerful talented people are unable to take down Chen Luoxue, that poor little punk toad actually wants to eat swan meat?"

Amongst the crowd, Wang Zhongqiang's face was gloomy. He recognized that the brat who brought Chen Luoxue away was the guy who gave him a slap on the face on the train. You brat actually dared to show your face in the East Sea, watch how I'll deal with you. "

He got into his car, took out his phone and dialed a number. He said, "Brother Hu, I'll go to your bar tonight. I have something to do."

After returning home, Ye Cheng went into the kitchen to busy himself with his apron, making him look like a housewife. It didn't take long before an alluring fragrance wafted out.

Chen Luoxue changed into casual attire, small suspenders, and denim shorts. He sat on the sofa, swinging his shiny feet as he watched the brainless Korean dramas.

The white lotus like jade wall, long and beautiful legs, and full and perfectly round twin peaks were all unintentionally exposed. It was an absolutely tempting sight to behold.

Every time Ye Cheng finished stir-frying a dish, he would immediately run out of the kitchen and walk slowly towards the dining table.

With four plates of food and two bowls of rice on the table, Chen Luoxue stepped forward and dragged the food, coming up to the table with her slim waist. After sniffing them one by one, he praised, "Not bad, brother. You've cooked quite a good dish. You have the potential to be a housewife."

Ye Cheng laughed, "If you want to raise me, hurry up. After this village, I won't have this shop anymore. If I am chosen by a great beauty, you won't even be able to cry in time. "

Chen Luoxue sat down and impatiently picked up a mushroom. Don't be pretentious, it's not a blow to you. Only Big Sister dares to take you in. The other beauties don't even want to look at you. "

Ye Cheng said: "Then Big Sis, you are the pearl of Insight!"

Chen Luoxue chewed on his food and nodded his head heavily. "He recognized a pig!"

Ye Cheng glared at Chen Luoxue furiously, and under the table, a leg lightly kicked Chen Luoxue's calf. It is said that similar objects gather in groups, so it is true. "

"A pig can still learn how to culture, it really is scary." Chen Luoxue did not show any weakness and kicked back. But the strength she used was much stronger than Ye Cheng, so she kicked him until he gritted his teeth.

After a meal, the bickering ended happily with their feet on the ground. The two of them ate the four dishes to their heart's content.

Ye Cheng pushed the empty plate in front of Chen Luoxue, "I've worked hard to cook, Big Sis also indicated that she cleaned the pots and pans!"

Contrary to Ye Cheng's expectations, he did not refuse at all. After packing up the tableware, he smiled mischievously: "Then from now on, when you cook, I'll wash the dishes and become my part-time chef and driver. Rent and food free, how about that? Elder sister is really generous, isn't she? "

Ye Cheng rolled his eyes, "Done! Is this considered to be supporting me in disguise? "

"Supporting your head!" Chen Luoxue took out a pair of chopsticks and knocked it on Ye Cheng's head with his fastest speed possible. After that, he gestured to victory and walked into the kitchen with the bowl and chopsticks in hand.

Ye Cheng pretended to be enlightened, and said: "This is not for nothing, this is clearly just a couple living together!"

Chen Luoxue laughed and said sarcastically, "He really is a pig with poor intelligence!"

Ye Cheng did not bother about her, a man who cared about beauties was too disgraceful.

As night fell, Chen Luoxue suggested: "Do you want me to bring you to a bar or KTV to broaden your horizons? There are many pretty girls in there! "

Ye Cheng flattered her without batting an eyelid: "Besides big sis, all other beautiful women are nothing in front of me."

No matter what a woman's looks were, it was always right to praise her as beautiful. Even though Chen Luoxue knew that Ye Cheng was flattering him, he was still happy in his heart, and did not forget to give Ye Cheng a coquettish glance. "As expected of my brother, he knows how to talk. Later, when he goes to HAPPY, he will make an exception and treat me to a meal."

"Sis, you're really generous." Ye Cheng continued to flatter her, "KTV doesn't need to go, I'm afraid that my words will scare you away."

"Then let's go to the bar today!" Chen Luoxue beamed with joy and laughed: "Tomorrow, I will have a few more sisters to go to KTV to see you make a fool of yourself."

Ye Cheng's face was filled with black lines.

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