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The Yanjing's night was even more lively than day. The road was filled with long streams of water and bright neon lights. The people on both sides of the walkway were bustling with activity. Countless men and women dressed in fashionable clothes formed groups of three to five. They began a gorgeous nightlife.

Under Chen Luoxue's guidance, Ye Cheng drove to a place called "Yelai Bar".

After getting off the car, Chen Luoxue very generously grabbed Ye Cheng's arm, and like a pair of passionate lovers, walked towards the bar. Smelling the perfume that mixed with the faint fragrance of her body beside her, Ye Cheng's heart blossomed with joy.

The elegance and elegance of the interior decoration of the Yelai Bar, yet not lacking in romance, completely catered to the taste of the white-collar elite. The music blended together with loud shouts and the hormones that stirred up the commotion of young men and women.

On the third side of the hall, there were tables and bars for customers to drink and get drunk. In the center, there was a lively dance floor. The neon lights hanging from the ceiling swirled in all directions with a dreamy radiance, casting a hazy beauty over the dark hall.

On the dance floor, crazy men and women were swaying about freely. Their hungry and comforted hearts were immersed in this drunken world, temporarily forgetting the grandeur and worries of the world and indulging themselves in pursuit of the excitement and joy of the moment. The snow-white skin of the young girl in revealing clothes was even more alluring when compared to the flickering lights.

Chen Luoxue brought Ye Cheng to the long bar and sat down, "Do you want a white, red or beer? Elder sister is treating, so don't worry, I'll take it. "

In the past, Ye Cheng did not have many opportunities to come to the bar, so he calmly replied: "Anything!"

Chen Luoxue snapped his fingers, "A bottle is up to you!"

It was obvious that this kind of teasing was common in bars. The waiter maintained his usual smile, but after seeing the beautiful concubine type beauty, his smile became even more radiant.

Before he left, Chen Luoxue changed into a white t-shirt and exposed his navel. A simple ponytail on her head made her look even more charming with her pure temperament and mature charm. In the entire bar, she was definitely one of the best beauties.

Ye Cheng sighed with emotion: "Sure enough, great beauties are capable of killing others wherever they go. I wonder if the waiter will give you a discount if you want some wine or not?"

Chen Luoxue smiled merrily and said: "A discount is nothing, do you believe that I can let him give us wine for free?"

"Absolutely!" There would always be men for men to choose, and Ye Cheng didn't want to see the great beauty sitting beside him charge towards other men either. As expected, she had restrained Chen Luoxue's eagerness to try.

Chen Luoxue asked for a bottle of red wine first, "Red wine is most flirtatious, don't think that you can get drunk."

Ye Cheng had an evil smile on his face: "Thank you for your reminder, since you said it, I really want to give it a try."

"You don't know what you do for a sister, right?" Chen Luoxue provoked: "Sister is the assistant of the CEO, drinking has never been afraid of anyone. At most one time, Big Sis would drink seven stinking men all by herself. Big Sis would still be clear-headed and wouldn't even shake when walking. "

Ye Cheng seriously doubted the quality of the wine and laughed: "Then let's see how drunk Big Sis is today."

Chen Luoxue smiled slyly, "Don't provoke me, if you are drunk, who is going to send me home? If I meet another pervert, who will save me? "

Ye Cheng said heroically: "Don't worry, this sister. Even if I get drunk, I won't let a bastard take advantage of you."

"You better not be a flattering Flower Protector!" Chen Luoxue took the initiative to pour Ye Cheng a glass of red wine that did not have any blending with him.

Ye Cheng's alcohol tolerance was not bad, at least he drank a jin of wine, his face did not change at all as though nothing had happened.

"After drinking a bottle of red wine, Chen Luoxue's beautiful face had an intoxicating blush on it, which was even more enchanting. "Waiter, another bottle of red wine."

Ye Cheng took the initiative and poured for Chen Luoxue, but only poured a quarter of the wine in his wine cup. Sis, let's drink more slowly and flirt along the way! "

Chen Luoxue intimately wrapped a jade arm around Ye Cheng's neck, "This sister will hand it over to you as soon as I can, in the future, I'll definitely be able to use it to seduce little girls. But once you seduce a little girl, don't forget about the benefits this big sis has received. "

Ye Cheng asked honestly: "Sis, what if I seduce you?"

Chen Luoxue slapped Ye Cheng, "You little brat, this sister doesn't have any interest in you, so you can only be teased by this sister."

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