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Inside the bar, Wang Zhongqiang was leaning on the corner of the table, leaning on the sofa happily, crossing his legs. He raised his wine cup and said to the baldy sitting across him, "Brother Hu, I'll leave what I just said to you."

"This bald brute is over thirty years old and weighs over a hundred and eighty pounds. He has a thick gold chain wrapped around his neck as if he's a nouveau riche." It's just a small matter. I'll find a few people to kidnap that brat here and you can do whatever you want with him. After that, put it in a sack and throw it into the sea. This person will completely disappear from the face of the earth. "

Wang Zhongqiang revealed a sinister smile, "Brother Hu is still the best. It's settled then, I'll find someone to lower the taxes in your bar to the lowest."

The baldy's name was Niu Guanghu, and he was one of the owners of the Emotions Bar. He knew Wang Zhongqiang's family background, Wang Zhongqiang's father was a Deputy Director of the Inland Revenue Department, if he wanted to give his family a tax break, it was just a matter of time.

Niu Guanghu's eyes lit up. The bar was not his own, so he used some methods to reduce the tax but still went to his own pocket. The bar had a lot of taxes. Every month, he would be able to easily save twenty to thirty thousand dollars. After a year, his income would only be around twenty to thirty thousand. He grinned widely and said, "Thank you, Qiangzi. If there's such a good thing happening in the future, I'll have to think about my brother a lot."

"Do it beautifully for me, you will definitely benefit." Wang Zhongqiang got up and said: "I'm going to look for prey, so I won't disturb Brother Hu."

Wang Zhongqiang strolled around the bar, and suddenly saw a familiar face, and exclaimed: "Chen Luoxue!" "When he saw that the one seated beside Chen Luoxue was Ye Cheng, his eyes shot out flames of fury, and he gnashed his teeth in hatred. I was still thinking of finding someone to deal with you, but you actually delivered yourself to my doorstep. "

He immediately turned around to look for Niu Guanghu.

Niu Guanghu was thinking about beautiful matters, and raising his head to see that Wang Zhongqiang was back, he asked with a smile, "Qiang Zi, you found a beautiful woman so quickly? Do you need me to provide you with a room? "

Wang Zhongqiang's face was filled with anger, his expression unfriendly: "The person I told you to clean up is in the bar, hurry up and call for someone."

"Is that so?" Niu Guanghu stood up and rubbed his round bald head. It's not easy to kill him in a bar, so I'll go over and teach him a lesson first to vent my anger for you. "

Wang Zhongqiang pointed to the laughing Ye Cheng at the counter and said, "It's that brat who found a fault and started the fight."

"Just watch!" Niu Guanghu picked up a bottle of wine and walked in Ye Cheng's direction.

Ye Cheng was talking nonsense with Chen Luoxue, and had no idea that he was being watched.

Initially, Niu Guanghu wanted to find trouble with Ye Cheng, but after seeing Chen Luoxue's appearance, he fiercely swallowed his saliva. His eyes shone as he sat on the other side of Chen Luoxue and asked casually: "Miss, can I buy you a drink?"

Ye Cheng thought: As expected, a great sister like Chen Luoxue would definitely have someone take the initiative to talk to her in the bar.

Just as he wanted to stop her, Chen Luoxue refused softly, "I don't drink with strangers."

"First come and second serve. Aren't we strangers now?" Niu Guanghu ordered the waiter to bring a bottle of red wine and two goblets, then poured a cup for himself and pushed it in front of Chen Luoxue.

Chen Luoxue said coldly: "I've seen too many men who couldn't wait to push beautiful women onto their beds. Don't waste my time talking to my little boyfriend, piss off!"

Ye Cheng looked at the ice-cold side of Chen Luoxue's face.

Niu Guanghu laughed out loud, and said with contempt: "Very good, brother likes to put you, this pretentious woman, to bed the most, what if I have enough sleep time?"

"10,000 yuan isn't that much?" Chen Luoxue raised his wine cup.

"Still pretending? If you were going to be a virgin, this big bro will spend hundreds of thousands to help you open the bud, it's a pity ?"

Without waiting for Niu Guanghu to finish speaking, Chen Luoxue quickly shook his hand and threw the entire cup and alcohol on his face.

The more Ye Cheng heard, the more he found it outrageous. He suddenly stood up, swung the bottle of wine, and smashed it onto Niu Guanghu's head.

"Pah!" The bottle shattered, and red wine splattered everywhere. Ye Cheng scoffed, "My sister is someone you can flirt with."

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