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Niu Guanghu's head was turned around by the bottle of wine, and his bald head was covered with blood. Never in his dreams did he expect that he, who originally wanted to teach Ye Cheng a lesson, would instead receive a beating from Ye Cheng.

"F * ck!" He stood up, swung his palm, and struck towards Ye Cheng savagely.

Just as his fist was halfway done, Ye Cheng reached out and grabbed onto Niu Guanghu's wrist like an eagle's claw, and said coldly: "Your mouth must have eaten sh * t, the stench is overflowing!"

Immediately after, with a crisp sound, his right hand slapped firmly onto Niu Guanghu's face, leaving behind five clear finger prints.

Niu Guanghu gritted his teeth in pain, his eyes staring straight at Ye Cheng, he waved his other arm and punched him.

Ye Cheng dodged the incoming fist easily, raised his leg and kicked fiercely at Niu Guanghu's stomach, causing him to fall down.

Not far away, Wang Zhongqiang who was holding onto Niu Guanghu and watching the show saw that he had suffered, and shouted: "Where are the security guards, where the f * * k are they?

Ye Cheng looked towards the direction of the shout and immediately recognized the fellow who was slapped in the face by him on the train. He could not help but sneer: "So it was you who picked this up."

"Huala!" Seven or eight young men stood up from the surrounding tables, then gathered around the table with wine bottles and stools. The guests around saw that the situation was not looking good, so they all hid far away in fear of setting fire to their bodies.

The music in the bar suddenly stopped, and the previously hazy and dark hall instantly lit up. Many men and women who didn't know what was going on were blinded by the bright light, and cursed incessantly as they looked in the direction of the accident.

A middle-aged man on the second floor spoke into a walkie-talkie as a group of patrolling black clothed guards surrounded him.

Seeing that there were so many people, Chen Luoxue rushed up to them and said guiltily: "Ye Cheng, I have implicated you."

"I called you elder sister because I truly treated you as my elder sister. There is no such thing as not being a burden." Ye Cheng held Chen Luoxue's hand, and laughed: "Follow closely behind me, don't be taken advantage of by others."

Chen Luoxue held Ye Cheng's hand tightly. "You can still laugh, don't be beaten into a pig's head."

Niu Guanghu rolled and crawled in the crowd, angrily shouting: "Close the door, don't let this dog couple escape."

There was a commotion in the bar, and then the bar's door was closed. There were also three to four black-clothed security guards standing guard outside the door.

A yellow haired brat looked at Ye Cheng's head and threw the beer bottle in his hand. Ye Cheng took a step forward, casually extended his hand, and steadily caught the wine bottle that was roaring towards him.

Ye Cheng stared at Niu Guanghu with a smile, "Let us go, I won't bother with you guys about this matter."

Loud laughter came from the crowd surrounding them, as if they had heard the coldest joke in the world and were looking at Ye Cheng like he was an idiot. " "He's really not afraid of the wind blowing his tongue, making him sound like a trumpet flower."

Niu Guanghu angrily roared: "Hit me!"

Ye Cheng shook his head helplessly. If the tiger did not show his might, he would really think of me as a soft persimmon.

Niu Guanghu gave the order, and two people who were in a hurry to perform immediately picked up their stools and rushed forward, smashing their faces at Ye Cheng without any explanation.

"Bam!" Ye Cheng flung his hands, the wine bottle was like a dart with eyes, hitting one of the man's knees. The bottle exploded and the fellow fell to the ground with a miserable scream.

Seeing the other guy's chair smashing down in front of him, Ye Cheng suddenly raised his arm. With a "ka" sound, Ye Cheng's arm was fine, but the chair was broken into two.

The chair was made of solid wood, so it would definitely be able to bear three hundred kilograms. After it was smashed by Ye Cheng's arm, it immediately stunned the rest of the people who were eager to give it a try.

Whistling and screaming and cheering could be heard from the crowd. They were a bunch of troublemakers.

The man who was swinging the chair looked at it, then looked at Ye Cheng, and the corners of his mouth started twitching. He turned around and wanted to run, but in the end he was kicked away by Ye Cheng.

Chen Luoxue gently rubbed Ye Cheng's arm, and asked painfully: "Little brother, are you alright?"

Ye Cheng shook his head, patted his chest and said: "It's fine, I have practiced the Golden Bell Cover and Iron Cloth Art before, I am so strong, a broken stool is not enough to hurt me."

Chen Luoxue charmingly rolled her eyes at Ye Cheng, and charmingly laughed: "Keep boasting, you better be careful or your boast will break."

Ye Cheng knew that this was not the time to be flirting and scolded, his cold eyes swept across the crowd and he said majestically: "Make way, now, I can still pretend that nothing happened." If it was him, he would definitely not waste his words and first kill these people who thought that they had the advantage in numbers. But with Chen Luoxue by his side, he had to fulfill his duties as the 'Flower Protector', as he did not want the beauty to be harmed in the slightest.

As the saying goes, eat other people's mouth short, take others' soft hand. What Ye Cheng was currently eating was all Chen Luoxue's. If he did not protect her safety now, then the heavens would not allow it!

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