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Niu Guanghu's face sank, gritted his teeth, and said: "All of you go together, capture this kid's brother and reward him 10,000 gold."

There would definitely be brave men under the heavy reward. The fellows who were just suppressed by Ye Cheng once again became restless, and five or six of them pounced over at the same time.

"Follow me closely and protect yourself." Ye Cheng's left hand held onto Chen Luoxue tightly as he charged into the crowd like a ferocious tiger.

He continuously turned his body, taking care of Chen Luoxue, while striking out with his fists and feet. In less than two minutes, the five or six people that rushed up were all knocked to the ground. If it wasn't for the iron fist hitting his fatal points, he would have been kicked in the knees.

The crowd was in an uproar. From the looks of it, this brother wasn't that tall, but he was actually quite ferocious. No wonder he was so arrogant. He turned out to be a practitioner.

Chen Luoxue followed Ye Cheng and moved back and forth. It was as if he was once again looking at the young man who ruthlessly beat up the perverted man who tried to take advantage of him, and he secretly rejoiced in his heart.

Since the nightmare, she had practiced Taekwondo. Although it wasn't that powerful, it was still able to deal with the previous grown man. In this situation, she didn't even need to make a move as she could easily dodge all of Ye Cheng's attacks.

More than ten security guards and two to three Niu Guanghu's subordinates rushed forward. These guys also knew how to treat women with mercy, none of them attacked Chen Luoxue, instead, they randomly attacked Ye Cheng, causing the situation to become extremely chaotic. Miserable screams, clanging sounds, and the sound of fighting were all being heard. It was even more lively than a market.

Wang Zhongqiang quietly hid in the crowd and made a call. Someone is causing trouble at the Yelai Bar.

Ah!" In the chaos, it was unknown which brat punched Chen Fusu. Fortunately, it was only his back that was hit, so it wasn't too bad. Chen Fangxue threw himself forward, and the two elastic peaks pressed tightly against Ye Cheng's body, causing him to instantly deform.

Under such a situation, Ye Cheng was not in the mood to enjoy the warm fragrance of the water, he used one hand to wrap around Chen Luoxue's slender waist and stabilised her body.

"You dare to hit my sister!" Ye Cheng looked around with a cold face, his fists clenching noisily. "He did not take the previous fight seriously, but now he is truly angry." "Who beat up my sister just now? Come out on your own accord."

One of the shifty-eyed guys in the crowd subconsciously took half a step back.

A grin appeared on Ye Cheng's face as he leapt out like a wolf pouncing towards its prey. He strode forward and used his shoulder to knock aside a small fry that was blocking his path, and grabbed the Thief's neck with one hand while lifting him up like a chick.

"Big brother, I didn't mean to." This fellow stomped his hands and feet furiously, begging for forgiveness.

Ye Cheng's other hand grabbed onto the man's shoulder, and like a big club, he swung the guy, smashing a group of people down and returning back to Chen Luoxue's side. Elder sister, tell me, how should we deal with this brat? "

The shifty-eyed fella had a sullen face as he begged, "My lady, please spare me!"

"I told you to hit me." "Chen Luoxue waved her fair fist and used a small hook to hit this guy's small belly." I'll let you know just how amazing I am. "

The shifty guy let out a miserable scream as if he was putting on an act, it was extremely exaggerated. He even rolled his eyes, making Ye Cheng happy.

Chen Luoxue clapped his hands, and said satisfied: "I'm angry too, spare him!"

"Go!" Ye Cheng grabbed the fellow's neck with one hand and his belt with the other, throwing him into the crowd.

The crowd dispersed like a tidal wave, but no one came up to support them. The shifty-eyed fellow fell onto the ground in a large figure as he cried out in pain.

"Why do you still want to play?" Ye Cheng's lightning fast eyes shot out two cold beams of light, as he coldly stared at Niu Guanghu.

No one dared to take another step forward after seeing Ye Cheng's violent mess.

Niu Guanghu felt his scalp go numb, as if he was being watched by a hungry wolf. This was his place, and he had lost a lot of face by nodding his head. He looked at the crowd with a reserved gaze. When he saw a thirty year old middle-aged man with a small mustache, he suppressed the raging anger in his heart and said, "Shen San, I'll leave this brat to you, cripple him.

Little Beard Shen San was of medium stature and was slightly skinny. He parted the crowd and stood three meters away from Ye Cheng, cupped his fists and said: "Little brother is powerful, I admit that I am not your match. I am Shen San, what is your name, brother? "

"Ye Cheng!"

Shen San said, "Brother Ye, today's matter is a misunderstanding. Both sides will take a step back and pass. I'll buy my brother a drink and make a friend. How about that?

Ye Cheng did not want to blow the matter, so he said, "This matter is settled. Let's drink again next time, we need to hurry back."

"Welcome, Brother Ye, to the bar to play, I'll treat you to a drink." Shen San dodged, and opened up a path.

Even Niu Guanghu's strongest subordinate, Shen San had given in, and no one dared to stop Ye Cheng anymore, allowing him to make way for them.

"Open the door!" There was a slam on the door, and security guards hurriedly opened it. Four policemen in uniform and big hats came in.

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