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"The leader, a fat and handsome policeman, coldly looked around the bar." Someone called the police and said there was a fight here. Who's in charge of the bar? "Come out and explain the situation."

Niu Guanghu walked out of the crowd, and said with a face full of a smile: "I'm the Little Boss here!" He pointed at Ye Cheng and said: "Police Comrade, the one who is purposely causing trouble is this brat, he injured more than ten staff members of the bar, including me, I want to sue him."

"Fatty Officer looked at Ye Cheng with contempt, and when he saw Chen Luoxue beside him, his eyes immediately lit up. Put him in handcuffs and take all the people involved back to the police station for investigation. "

A young police officer took off the handcuffs on his waist and walked in front of Ye Cheng. Ye Cheng glared at the policeman fiercely, scaring his hands into trembling.

The fat policeman said arrogantly, "He still wants to resist and add on the crime of trying to attack a police officer."

Chen Luoxue regretted it in his heart, he should not have allowed Ye Cheng to cause trouble in the bar. She lightly tugged at Ye Cheng's clothes, "Brother, don't resist, assaulting a police officer is not a joke."

Ye Cheng stretched out both his hands, and very cooperatively, they were cuffed.

The three policemen escorted Ye Cheng and Chen Luoxue to the police car that was parked outside the bar.

At this time, Wang Zhongqiang appeared and walked over to the fat police officer. Liu Guanghui, the brat who caused trouble offended me before, come to the police station and teach him a lesson. "

Liu Guanghui took the initiative to pass him a cigarette, and fawningly replied: "Please rest assured Big Brother Qiang, once we reach the police station, I will have plenty of methods to take care of those who did not commit crimes."

Not long after, a police car and a Golden Cup carriage arrived at the police station, two police officers dragged Ye Cheng out of the car like a criminal. Looking at Chen Luoxue's treatment, it was obviously higher than Ye Cheng's by two grades. He did not carry handcuffs, nor was he held hostage.

More than ten people walked out of the golden cup carriage, and were all injured by Ye Cheng in the bar.

As the group walked into the police station, Ye Cheng was brought to an interrogation room by himself. His hands were cuffed to the chair. He did not resist, but wanted to see what these policemen could do.

Two police officers sat down opposite of Ye Cheng. One of them took out a pen and paper, looked at Ye Cheng, and asked: "Name?"

"Ye Cheng!"




"24 years old!"


"Unemployed wanderers!"

From the beginning to end, Ye Cheng had unusually cooperated and tried to find an excuse to teach Ye Cheng a lesson. The police simply could not find any excuse.

The policeman walked out of the interrogation room with his statement and investigated Ye Cheng's household registration information from the computer. It was exactly the same as what Ye Cheng told him, without any criminal records. The household register indicated that Ye Cheng was an orphan. He had been a common infantry soldier for six years and had already retired from the army for more than three months. Very quickly, the policeman told the entire information that he had gathered to Liu Guanghui.

There were many big and small officials in Eastsea City. Liu Guanghui was very careful with his work, he would investigate the background of the perpetrator to prevent himself from provoking someone he could not afford to offend. Seeing that Ye Cheng did not have any background, he was completely at ease, and ordered for Ye Cheng to be brought directly to the prison.

"Let's go in!" A police officer opened Ye Cheng's handcuffs and pushed him into the cell. Biao Zi, take good care of this fellow. "

One of the prisoners, who weighed more than 200 pounds and was covered in fat, looked extremely ferocious, replied in a strange tone, "Sure!"

The police officer closed the cell door and left in satisfaction. In any case, it was common for prisoners to fight. As long as they were not crippled or killed, the higher-ups would not pay too much attention.

Ye Cheng casually swept his eyes over the four beds in the cell. There were seven of them in total, and it seemed like the empty beds were reserved for him.

Biao Zi sat on the bed that was next to the window. The other six criminals that were originally lying on the bed all sat up, looking at Ye Cheng as if he was a monkey.

Seeing that these prisoners were all as fierce as a demon, Ye Cheng immediately understood that Niu Guanghu must have given some benefits to the police officers in charge, so he could use these prisoners to take revenge on himself. I'm really not afraid of you playing tricks. I'm only afraid that you won't play. This time, none of the police and Niu Guanghu can escape from each other, I will play with you all to see who will fall first. "

Biao Zi glared at Ye Cheng, and scolded him: "Come the f * ck over here, I'll tell you the rules of the prison."

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