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Ye Cheng was completely calm as he strolled leisurely to's front, and disdainfully said: "What rules? Tell me."

Biao Zi could not help but be taken aback. As the boss of this cell, he had seen a lot of criminals, but he had never seen such a reckless young man who thought he was at home. His two large eyes revealed a vicious gaze, and he assumed a posture as if he was the king of the heavens. He shouted, "Kneel!"

Ye Cheng could not help but sneer, and said while feigning ignorance: "Only a grandson would kneel to grandfather, if you want to kneel to me, I cannot afford it."

The group of criminals looked at Ye Cheng as if he was a fool and started laughing. The people on the lower bunk bed stood up, and the people on the upper bunk jumped down one after another. With just a single command from Biao Zi, they were ready to gang up on Ye Cheng.

"F * ck!" Biao Zi's face trembled violently. "Brothers, slap my face and don't let this bastard know what's good for him."

"So slapping you is the rule of the cell!" I did it for the others. " Suddenly, Ye Cheng swung his hand and gave Biao Zi a big slap. His voice was so straightforward that even the prison guards who were far away could hear it loud and clear ?

Biao Zi's eyes flashed with stars, his cheeks swelled so much that his teeth almost fell out, and he stood up in anger.

Without waiting for him to do anything, Ye Cheng quickly reached out and wrapped his arms around his neck like lightning, then ferociously hit his knee on Biao Zi's stomach. Biao Zi was dizzy from being hit by this iron knee and threw up all over his dinner. Ye Cheng did not plan to stop there. Both of his hands grabbed Biao Zi by the back of his collar and he suddenly threw him down to the ground.

Ye Cheng stepped on Biao Zi's big head, and jokingly asked: "What other rules do you have, tell me?"

Ye Cheng's few movements in one go shocked the other six prisoners. Even the boss of the prison, Biao Zi, was like paper in front of this man. The few criminals were all stunned on the spot, no one daring to step forward to help Biao Zi.

The prisoners in the cell were never lacking in murderers, the gangsters were hitmen, and fiendish demons. The prisoners were all muttering in their hearts, could it be that this fellow was an expert in the underworld?! In front of him, three or five people were nothing.

A quick-witted criminal turned around and ran to the door of the cell. He pounded on the iron window and shouted, "The people have been beaten, the police are coming."

After shouting for a long time, there was no sound from outside the cell. Liu Guanghui had already informed the police officer guarding the prison that no matter what happened tonight, they did not need to be bothered by it. When the policemen outside heard the shout, they acted as if they didn't hear it, and continued doing whatever they had to do, not paying attention at all.

Biao Zi clenched his teeth, "Sun Ol 'Four, stop shouting, I admit defeat!" He mentally asked the eighteen generations of police ancestors to take good care of this fellow. He clearly wanted this brat to beat me up.

"At least you're sensible!" Ye Cheng hated Wang Ba Hu and intentionally made the police hate him, so he didn't hate Biao Zi at all. He slowly lifted his leg and leisurely sat on Biao Zi's bed.

Biao Zi was completely convinced that the man who admired the most about strength was actually a complete mess. He carefully spat out a mouthful of blood and crawled back up. He spoke with a tone that was not overly arrogant and unyielding, "Brother, I, Biao Zi, admire you. From now on, you are the boss of this prison.

He turned around and shouted to the prisoners, "All of you are blind. Hurry up and greet the boss."

"Boss, good!" The six prisoners shouted at the same time, and then, as if trying to curry favor with Ye Cheng, they bowed and bowed, before Ye Cheng one by one to introduce themselves. Someone offered a cigarette to Ye Cheng, afraid that he would neglect the new boss of the prison and cause trouble for him in the future.

Ye Cheng didn't want to waste his youth by staying in jail for a few years. He took a drag from his cigarette and blew out a cool ring of smoke. " Actually, Big Bro hasn't been the boss for many years. "

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