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"You're taking it easy!" Around ten o'clock in the morning, a group of police officers opened the cell door one by one with electric batons in their hands, allowing the criminals to move about freely.

One by one, the criminals walked out of the cell and headed outside. A fat police officer knocked on the cell door and shouted, "Dao Ba, wait a moment."

"Why are you looking for laozi?" A long haired man walked out of a cell, his messy hair covering half of his face. As he walked, his long hair fluttered back and forth. A hideous scar could be vaguely seen on half of his face that was covered by that long hair.

Biao Zi quickly explained to Ye Cheng in a low voice: "elder brother Ye, that brat is nicknamed Dao Ba. I heard that he was sentenced to a suspended death sentence for killing someone outside. "This guy is ruthless. There are quite a few forces in the prison that don't get along with me."

Ye Cheng casually glanced at the fatty and recognized him as the guy who led his team to bring him to the police station last night. He continued to follow the crowd and came to an open space outside the cell. It was separated from the surroundings by a three-meter-tall barbed-wire fence. There were also fitness equipment placed in a corner of the open space.

Biao Zi brought his fellow prisoners and surrounded Ye Cheng, as though he was his boss.

After all the criminals had left, Liu Guanghui muttered to Dao Ba for a while and then quietly stuffed a sharp bamboo chopstick into Dao Ba's mouth. Dao Ba hid the chopsticks inside his sleeves, nodded at Liu Guanghui, and then walked out.

"Brother Dao!" Seeing Dao Ba coming out of the cell, a group of people immediately surrounded him.

Dao Ba did not bother with them, holding onto a man who had one eye blind, he went to a corner of the empty space, and said softly: "Da Li, I have a task for you."

Da Li acted as if he was following Dao Ba's lead, "Brother Dao, if there's anything, please speak."

Dao Ba quietly took out her chopsticks and gave it to him, "Later on, I will create a conflict, so you have to take the chance to give some blood to the newcomer in Biao Zi's cell, it's fine even if he becomes disabled.

Da Li patted his chest and said: "No problem, leave it to me."

After discussing the details, Dao Ba walked back into the crowd and shouted coldly: "Assemble!" Immediately more than thirty criminals gathered around him. " There's a new person in the prison who came with me to meet him, and while we're at it, to teach Biao Zi and the rest a lesson. "

The criminals who knew Dao Ba well knew that they were looking for trouble with a new person.

Seeing that Dao Ba had walked over, Biao Zi immediately became alert, and scolded: "Damn it, looks like Dao Ba is looking for trouble."

The other criminals kept their distance from Dao Ba, as they did not want to get involved in any trouble.

Dao Ba acted like a gangster boss as he walked past Biao Zi and stood in front of him. He looked at Ye Cheng with his vulture eyes, and asked with full force: "Kid, are you new here?"

Ye Cheng finally understood in his heart, it must be because the police stopped Dao Ba and told him to find fault with himself, does that mean I'm that easily bullied?

Without waiting for Ye Cheng's reply, Biao Zi stepped forward and stood in between the two of them. Dao Ba, what are you trying to do? elder brother Ye is the new boss of our cell, so you better show some respect. "

"The new boss?" Dao Ba laughed coldly, "You want to be the boss, did you ask my permission?"

These people were all extremely vicious criminals. Fighting was a common occurrence and they had a lot of experience. Once Dao Ba said that, the crowd immediately scattered, surrounding Ye Cheng's group of eight. Da Li and Xiao Li hid in the crowd and stared at Ye Cheng.

Dao Ba laughed sinisterly: "Brothers, let me see what the new boss is capable of!"

The crowd swarmed over, punching, kicking, and waving at the few people who were being surrounded. The scene immediately became extremely chaotic.

"Dao Ba, since you dare to touch elder brother Ye, I will fight it out with you." Biao Zi did not hesitate, he suddenly threw himself at Dao Ba and the two fought.

"I don't want to cause trouble, what can I do about it!" Ye Cheng raised his leg and kicked the man who was rushing over. Bang!

With lightning speed, Ye Cheng reached out both of his hands and firmly grabbed onto the wrists of the two people who were attacking him. Suddenly, the evil wind behind his head began to blow. It was as if he had grown a pair of eyes behind him. Without even turning his head back, his body leaned forward, and with a beautiful kick, he stomped on the stomach of the person behind him.

In the next second, both his arms pushed forward, and the two people he was grabbing collided together.

Ye Cheng quickly moved to the left, and his elbow fiercely smashed into a fellow's chest. Puchi!

"Bam!" A fat criminal pounced out like a dog, and tightly hugged Ye Cheng's waist from behind. Ye Cheng shook him twice, but before he could throw the fatty out, the other two people pounced on him and hugged his arms.

Seeing the opportunity, Da Li who was hiding in the crowd grabbed onto his sharp chopsticks and fiercely pierced towards Ye Cheng's eyes.

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