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After panicking for a bit, Chen Luoxue forced himself to calm down. His eyes that were filled with anger immediately became bewitching, and his face had changed into the look of someone who wanted to seduce a man. She kept shooting at Ye Cheng, as if she was encouraging him to quickly take her down.

A great beauty that was as beautiful as a flower took the initiative to seduce. Even men would find it hard to resist her, Ye Cheng immediately felt his body soften. Even if he did not want to be a pervert, the impulse to take her on the spot surged into his mind. Fortunately, Ye Cheng's willpower was abnormally strong, this thought flashed past his mind.

Little pervert, you dare to rob big sis, I'll cripple you! Chen Luoxue suddenly raised her right leg, which had been dyed white, and used her small knee to smash into Ye Cheng's groin.

If it were anyone else, they would have been caught off guard by the beauty trap and would have been knocked off their feet by this knee. However, Ye Cheng's identity as an ace player was not just for show. If he was really let down by a woman, it would be extremely embarrassing.

He quickly stretched out his right hand and pressed onto Chen Luoxue's thigh with lightning speed. With a slight force, he pushed her back onto the carriage.

The toilet space on the train was very small, and it was crowded with two adults. With Ye Cheng's push, his entire body seemed to be sticking on top of Chen Luoxue's body. With one hand covering Chen Luoxue's mouth and the other pressing down Chen Luoxue's thigh, his actions were extremely ambiguous. If a third party saw this, they would definitely think that these two people were there!

Ye Cheng could clearly feel that the beautiful oneesan's bouncy thighs were extremely good. He tried his best to maintain his composure as he hurriedly moved backwards and explained, "I say, big sister, please don't move about too much, okay? I definitely do not have any ill intentions, and I am not a lawless pervert. You misunderstand! "

Seeing that her trick had failed, Chen Luoxue wanted to raise his right hand and slap the rogue. When she saw Ye Cheng's face clearly, she secretly lowered her hand, and even her struggling body quieted down.

The face of a man who often appeared in dreams appeared in her mind, and the anger within her turned into excitement. Was it him? It's been three years, and I finally met my savior again. "

Seeing the beautiful oneesan in front of him remaining motionlessly, Ye Cheng thought that she would be frightened to death. His heart softened as he unwillingly let go of Chen Luoxue's right hand that was pressing down on her thigh. This big sis, I really am not a bad person, please listen to my explanation. "Don't shout, I'll let you go immediately. If you agree, then nod."

"Woo woo!" Chen Luoxue nodded continuously like a chick eating rice.

Ye Cheng released his left hand once more, and Chen Luoxue's face was completely revealed before his eyes, as if he was twenty-six or twenty-seven years old. Her thin red lips, coupled with her exquisite face and impeccable figure, made her look extremely sexy and alluring. She was definitely a top-notch beauty, which was far beyond Ye Cheng's imagination.

He raised his hands above his head in a gesture of surrender, letting the beautiful sister know that he wouldn't act rashly again. He then apologetically said, "I hope you didn't scare me?"

Chen Luoxue panted a few times, a peculiar glint flashed past her beautiful eyes, and then said with a smile that was not a smile: "Speak, what intentions do you have towards this sister?"

"No, I'm not a pervert." Ye Cheng explained with utmost sincerity: "It's because my train ticket was accidentally taken by my friend. There are currently tickets being checked outside, and I was forced to barge in!"

"Knock, knock, knock ?" He had just finished explaining when someone knocked on the door. "Check the tickets. I'll have to trouble the people inside to pass the tickets over."

Ye Cheng was secretly impressed with the flight attendant's dedication, not even sparing the toilet as he said to the beautiful woman in front of him, "Big sister, you brought a ticket, right? "Help me!"

"For now, I believe you." Chen Luoxue reached out and pulled open the exquisite shoulder bag like an onion, took out a train ticket, opened the toilet door a small crack and handed the train ticket out.

Soon, the ticket was handed back to them. The sound of footsteps could be heard outside the door as the flight attendant walked to the other carriage and continued to check the ticket.

Ye Cheng gratefully said: "Thank you so much, I wonder what my elder sister's name is?"

"Chen Luoxue!" Chen Luoxue gave Ye Cheng a coquettish look, "Do you want me to give you my phone too?"

Ye Cheng's face reddened, "No ? "You don't need to give me a phone number. I really don't have any ideas when I give it to you."

Chen Luoxue stuck out her chest, charmingly licked her lips, and spoke with a breath as thick as orchids: "You have the heart of a thief but the guts!"

"I still have things to do about that!" Ye Cheng opened the door and fled. If he continued to stay, he really wouldn't be able to take the initiative to seduce the beautiful oneesan. This character had changed too quickly. Why did it feel like this woman was more like a hungry female pervert?

Chen Luoxue looked at Ye Cheng's flustered figure of his back, bent down and laughed, causing the flowers to flutter. She also hurried out of the bathroom, almost bumping into an old man who was waiting for her to use the toilet.

The old man looked at Chen Luoxue strangely, and then stole a glance at her chest. He could not help but shake his head and mutter: "Young couples these days are really open-minded.

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