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Although the scene around him was extremely chaotic, Ye Cheng could still hear the eight winds clearly. He had already noticed that there were two sneaky guys in the crowd hiding something in their hands, and their eyes were staring straight at him.

He intentionally revealed an opening, wanting to see what these two fellows were up to.

Seeing that Ye Cheng was being hugged by three people, Da Li knew that this was the chance, and excitedly rushed up, using a sharp chopstick as a dagger, he fiercely thrust it towards Ye Cheng's right eye.

"So vicious!" Ye Cheng had no enmity with the criminals in the prison. Even if these people wanted to teach the newbies a lesson, there was no need to kill them.

Seeing that Da Li was about to rush over, Ye Cheng's right hand grabbed the belt of the person hugging his right arm and flung him out like a chick as he picked up the hundred and thirty kilograms of man.

The man flew out like a sandbag, knocking Da Li onto the ground. In his confusion, Da Li's chopsticks pierced into the man's shoulder.

Although Ye Cheng was only around 1.75 meters tall, and not considered strong or tall, he had well-proportioned muscles and muscles. When he was in the special forces, his devilish training combined with his years of practice had made his strength as great as an ox. He could easily lift a heavy object weighing more than 200 jins with one arm.

He took advantage of the situation and clenched his right fist, throwing out a fierce blast punch. The explosive force hit the chest of the person who was hugging his left arm. The man screamed and fell to his knees, clutching his chest.

After getting rid of the two people around him, Ye Cheng turned around and used his right elbow to hit the fatty who was hugging his waist from behind.

"Plop!" The two of them fell to the ground at the same time. Ye Cheng pressed on the fatty's body, then gave him another two kicks.

One-Eyed Da Li took out his chopsticks and fiercely stabbed at Ye Cheng's stomach. Ye Cheng who had just steadied his footing lifted his right leg and with a speed as fast as a meteor, kicked his wrist. The chopsticks left his hand.

Ye Cheng stepped forward quickly and reached out to grab the chopsticks that were falling down. Without any delay, he stabbed it forward, piercing through Da Li's ribs in one go. A series of actions was done in one go, not giving Da Li any chance to react at all.

Da Li screamed in pain, endured the pain and retreated. The corner of Ye Cheng's mouth curled up in a cold smile. With two large strides, he caught up, swung his left arm fiercely to lock Da Li's neck, and hugged him tightly. His right hand held onto the blood dripping chopsticks, and stabbed at Da Li's chest consecutively.

At this time, Ye Cheng had regained the brutal side of him that he used to be when the special forces were fighting with the thugs. In two or three seconds, Da Li's body had already suffered from seven to eight small holes.

Da Li wailed again and again. He was in so much pain that he broke out in cold sweat.

Ye Cheng flipped his hand, and the chopsticks quickly flew towards Da Li's right eye. It scared him so much that he hurriedly closed his eyes. His face became as pale as paper. He shouted with a trembling voice: "Don't stab me!"

The chopsticks that was stained red with blood was just about to pierce into Da Li's eyes when it suddenly stopped. Ye Cheng said angrily, "If you don't want to become blind in your next life, then hurry up and tell me who ordered you to deal with me."

Da Li trembled with fear and quickly replied: "It's Dao Ba, he asked me to do it."

Ye Cheng snorted as he struck the back of Da Li's head with his palm, causing him to faint. He then turned around to look for Dao Ba.

They saw Dao Ba and Biao Zi rolling on the ground, both of them were pulling on each other and fighting with each other. Dao Ba somersaulted, mounted on top of Biao Zi's body, his two large hands tightly grabbed onto Biao Zi's neck, and ferociously shouted: "Die!"

Ye Cheng swung his hand, and the sharp chopsticks flew out like a spear, in the blink of an eye stabbing straight into the scarless face of Dao Ba. In an instant, the chopsticks had pierced through his face like bullets and nailed into his gums.

Dao Ba howled in grief as he raised his two vulture eyes and looked in front of him. He only saw a black shadow flash past, then he felt a powerful kick on his face. His nose was in great pain, his nose was broken, and he fell on his back on the ground.

This ruthless kick was none other than from Ye Cheng. He jumped forward, bent his legs, and descended as he heavily smashed his knees onto Dao Ba's chest. Crack * Dao Ba did not know how many of his ribs were forcefully broken.

Dao Ba screamed miserably, like a pig being butchered. He spat out a mouthful of blood and rolled his eyes in pain.

Ye Cheng's face was cold as he pulled out the chopsticks that was stuck in Dao Ba's face, and placed it right on top of his throat. He exerted a little more strength, and the chopsticks pierced into the skin outside Dao Ba's throat. "Tell me, did the fat police who stopped you buy you out to deal with me while you were out on a rampage?"

"Buzz buzz!" A long, ear-piercing screech sounded. The police officers in the prison quickly rushed out of their respective resting areas to gather up. They rushed towards the direction of the cell.

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