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Although the old man's voice was soft, the distance between the three of them was extremely close, so Chen Luoxue could hear him clearly. Her beautiful face immediately flushed red all the way to her ears. She was as charming as a ripe red apple, and it made people want to take a bite out of her.

"What's going on?" A young man who was leaning on the aisle suddenly saw his colleague Chen Luoxue walking out of the toilet with an unfamiliar man in tow. He immediately stood up in anger and rushed over.

Ye Cheng stood back at the junction of the carriage and turned around to find that the Exquisite Goddess was still following him.

Chen Luoxue's face turned slightly red, he stopped in his tracks and took the opportunity to stand in front of Ye Cheng.

"You f * cking hooligan!" At this time, the young man rushed to Ye Cheng's front and cursed at him, before slapping his palm towards Ye Cheng's face.

Ye Cheng was baffled, he quickly raised his left hand and grabbed the young man's wrist with an eagle claw.

You are unlucky to dare to take the initiative to cause trouble! He flipped his right hand and slapped the young man's face without hesitation.

"Pah!" The slap was so loud that most of the passengers in the coach could hear it clearly. Face-smacking was an explanation of techniques, it did not mean that the stronger one was, the louder the slap would be.

The young man screamed, his eyes shining and his face was covered in red marks from Ye Cheng's slaps.

The passengers who did not know what was going on cast curious glances at them. However, no one came up to stop them. All of them were determined to watch the show.

Chen Luoxue anxiously pulled the two people away, and reprimanded: "Wang Zhongqiang, what are you trying to do? Why did you beat him up for no reason? "

Take a good look, it's me who got hit, alright? Wang Zhongqiang's face was full of grievance and anger, he covered his cheeks and said: "Snowfall, I want to help you. "Did this guy play a hooligan on you in the washroom?"

Ye Cheng immediately understood. So the reason the two of them knew each other was because they misunderstood when they saw him walking out of the toilet with Chen Luoxue. Anyway, this guy made the first move, so it was in self-defense to slap him.

Chen Luoxue said with a straight face: "I don't know what you're talking about, did you see him playing hooligan on me?"

Wang Zhongqiang tried to defend himself: "When I saw you walking out of the toilet with him, I thought he was playing a hooligan with you. That's why I helped you teach him a lesson."

Ye Cheng sneered, "Brat, you must be mistaken. I was the one who gave you a slap. "You still want to teach me a lesson with such a small body? What a face-smacking pig's head.

Wang Zhongqiang's face turned red and then white, the flames of anger rose up and he still wanted to attack, to regain his face. Ye Cheng's face darkened, she glared at him, a look as sharp as knives, causing Wang Zhongqiang to tremble uncontrollably as he subconsciously took a step back.

Chen Luoxue said coldly: "Wang Zhongqiang, this has nothing to do with you, go back!"

Wang Zhongqiang's heart was extremely unbalanced. Originally, he wanted to be a hero and save the beauty, maybe he could win the heart of this beautiful lady Chen. He gritted his teeth, forcefully suppressing his anger as he said, "Snowfall, come back with me. Don't come into contact with strange strangers."

Chen Luoxue said with slight anger: "Being with someone is my freedom, you are too kind."

Wang Zhongqiang's face was full of awkwardness, he asked for an explanation: "Since the CEO entrusted you to me, I will be responsible for your safety on the train."

Chen Luoxue immediately became as cold as ice, and said with an unyielding tone: "Wang Zhongqiang, please pay attention to your words. I will take responsibility for my safety, so you don't have to worry about it. "

"It's my fault." Before he left, he did not forget to use a malicious gaze to glare at Ye Cheng a few times, and bravely said: "Kid, I'll remember you. We'll see from now on!"

Ye Cheng raised his arm, and said teasingly: "Don't do it in the future, if you want to make a move now, you should."

Wang Zhongqiang retracted his neck, and got away from the crowd. He was not stupid, his sneak attack did not even hit Ye Cheng, and was even scared away by the look in her eyes. If he were to attack again, it would not just be a slap in front of everyone. After escaping from the crowd, he gritted his teeth and said angrily, "Since young, no one has ever dared to slap my face. If Stinky kid dares to slap me, if I were to meet you in Eastsea City, I'll definitely kill you."

Ye Cheng leaned on the carriage, narrowed his eyes and muttered: "Coward, you only dare to say that."

Chen Luoxue looked at Ye Cheng and said: "That person was my colleague just now, don't lower yourself to the same level as him."

"He's not worthy." Ye Cheng secretly admired Chen Luoxue's beauty and could not help but ask: "Big sister, why aren't you going back with him?"

Chen Luoxue blurted out, "It's all because of you."

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