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"For me?" Ye Cheng was startled, he did not understand what Chen Luoxue meant.

Chen Luoxue uttered in a sweet and pleasant voice, and it reached deep into Ye Cheng's bones. "Sis means that you haven't even thanked me!"

This woman was truly a monster! I wonder how many men will be mesmerized! Ye Cheng feigned calmness and said seriously: "I once again thank you elder sister for helping me out. I am extremely grateful!"

Chen Luoxue revealed a mischievous smile, "You escaped, and I saved your life just now. You want to thank me and send me away?"

Needless to say, if a woman was beautiful, even a frown or a smile would be charming. Chen Luoxue's smile was like the gentle caress of a spring breeze, causing Ye Cheng's heart to waver. He was helpless in front of such a woman, so he directly surrendered and said, "Then how do you want me to thank you?

Chen Luoxue asked: "Where are you going?"

Ye Cheng answered: "Eastsea City!"

Joy flashed across Chen Luoxue's eyes, "I happen to be working in Eastsea City, after getting off the car, treat treating me as you treating me to a meal to express your thanks."

If it was before, when he treated the great beauty to a meal, Ye Cheng would not even care or even wish for it. However, all of his belongings were only worth a hundred yuan, and treating someone to a meal was not too shabby, so a hundred dollars was definitely not enough. Rather than losing face, it was better not to invite him. He smiled bitterly and said, "It's really unfortunate. I don't have any money right now, so I can't afford to pay you!"

Chen Luoxue was startled, what kind of person was this! Sister put down her modesty and took the initiative to ask you to treat me to a meal, but this guy actually said frankly that he didn't have any money. Did he not dare to treat other girls to a meal because he had a girlfriend? Or was this fellow an iron rooster? Or was I not attractive enough to attract him?

In that instant, countless thoughts flooded his mind. Chen Luoxue made up his mind. It was with great difficulty that he met a man who had searched for three years, how could he allow him to slip away so easily? She was somewhat unreasonable as she said, "I don't care. Even if you don't have money, you still have to treat me to a meal. Otherwise, I will go to the flight attendant and expose your evasion ticket."

Ye Cheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. This woman was like a porcelain vase, sticking to him without letting go. I really don't have any money right now, so why don't we just leave a phone number and when we next meet, I'll definitely treat you to a big meal. "

They bumped into an unfamiliar beauty on the train, and even had the chance to eat dinner with her. It seemed like she was taking the initiative to throw herself into her arms, as if no man wanted to miss out on her, and Ye Cheng was no exception. However, he was short on money and could only shirk his responsibilities.

Chen Luoxue did not want to miss the chance to learn more about his savior. He firmly shook his head. "Maybe the next time we'll meet, after we get out of the car, we'll have to invite him in immediately." Her heart was at a loss, not because Ye Cheng had repeatedly declined to treat her to a meal, but because even after such a long time had passed, he still hadn't thought of her.

Ye Cheng thought for a while. If that was the case, he would invite her in, or at worst, find an excuse to go to the bathroom. Thus, he said, "Okay, I promise to treat you to a meal, but I really don't have any money."

Anyway, if I give you the precaution, don't blame me when the time comes and pay for it yourself.

Chen Luoxue laughed: "Little brother, you have to keep your word!"

As dusk approached, the train arrived at the Eastern Sea Station, and the passengers began to get off the train carrying large bags and small bags. As if afraid that Ye Cheng would run away, Chen Luoxue followed closely behind him without leaving a single step, and even did not greet his colleague Wang Zhongqiang when he got off the car.

With a top quality beauty as his follower, Ye Cheng received all sorts of envious and hateful stares along the way, feeling extremely comfortable in his heart. However, he still could not understand what this supreme beauty was singing about. Was it really that important for him to treat her to a meal?

If he were to be surrounded by a dinosaur like woman who had let down the audience, Ye Cheng felt that it was natural. However, he felt that it was abnormal to be entangled by such a beautiful lady.

Is it because I'm handsome and have my eyes on me? How is this possible? He understood his appearance quite well. It was definitely the kind of face that would be thrown into a crowd of people and not be found for a short period of time. It was completely different from being handsome.

"You took the initiative to throw yourself into my arms. I was afraid that you would fail." Thinking of this, Ye Cheng revealed an expression of facing death unwaveringly.

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