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Chen Luoxue was very familiar with the train station, after a few turns, he brought Ye Cheng to a large scale restaurant, and found a seat close to the window.

Without even looking at the menu, Ye Cheng knew that the dishes here would definitely be expensive. He laughed to himself. At that time, who would be the one to blame?

Taking the menu, Ye Cheng handed it over to Chen Luoxue in a gentlemanly manner, and pretended to be generous: "You don't have to be courteous about anything that you want to eat."

Chen Luoxue was really rude, he ordered six dishes consecutively. They were all the signature dishes in this restaurant, which also meant that almost all of them were the most expensive dishes. Finally, he asked for a bottle of cold beer from Ye Cheng after asking him about it.

According to international practice, for a meal with a beauty, it was the men who started the conversation, bragging about their glorious feats and gaining the beauty's favor. However, after ordering the dishes, Chen Xuanxue waited for three minutes. Ye Cheng did not say anything as if he had nothing in common with her. He was staring at the traffic outside the window with great interest.

She was the first to lose her cool, and asked casually: "Ye Cheng, what do you do?"

In order to find out what this beautiful lady was trying to do, Ye Cheng decided to stop her in silence. If she had ulterior motives, she would definitely not be able to hold it in. He replied flatly, "A jobless nomad!"

Chen Luoxue asked, unwilling to part: "Then have you ever been a soldier before?"

Ye Cheng was startled, "Of course, how did you know?"

Chen Luoxue smiled mysteriously: "I know how to calculate, with one look I can tell that you were a soldier."

Who the hell would believe you, Ye Cheng wouldn't lose reason in front of a beauty like you.

I adore soldiers!" Chen Luoxue betrayed herself against her will. She used one hand to support her face on the dining table as she looked at Ye Cheng with a face full of admiration. Her long hair slipped down her shoulders, covering up half of her pretty face. Her long eyelashes fluttered as she asked, "Can you tell me if there was anything special or heroic when you were a soldier?

Secretly appreciating Chen Luoxue's mesmerizing beauty, Ye Cheng labeled her a lovestruck person in his heart.

Ye Cheng didn't dare to speak carelessly about being a member of the special forces. He smiled blandly, "I am just an ordinary infantry soldier. What special things could I possibly have? Everyday, I have to train, practice, and then train. I'm as tired as a dead pig."

Chen Luoxue was very depressed in his heart. Could it be that he really couldn't remember saving me before? She couldn't help but ask, "Then where did you become a soldier three years ago?"

Three years ago, Ye Cheng and his teammates had always been running around the entire country in order to attack a group of vicious and extremely cunning underworld forces. He casually replied, "In Xinjiang!"

Chen Luoxue's heart was filled with unwillingness, "Then three years ago, did you ever go to Hangzhou?"

Why was this beauty so interested in him, especially after what happened three years ago? He recalled that he had indeed been to Hangzhou during the winter and had stayed there for three months, so he replied, "Yes, I did. The military was on family leave. They specifically went to Hangzhou to play during the upcoming new year."

Actually, Ye Cheng's reason was too crappy, how could he go to Hangzhou in the middle of the winter to play?

Chen Luoxue did not care about this at all, because the time Ye Cheng saved her was exactly the same as Ye Cheng's answer. "So, when you were in Hangzhou, you didn't encounter any mishaps?"

"Ye Cheng recalled for a long time that he could only search everywhere in Hangzhou to find the whereabouts of the criminal. He really could not remember where he saved those people." "No!"

Chen Luoxue was somewhat relieved, she had already confirmed that Ye Cheng was the person who had saved her all those years ago. If I can't remember, then so be it. Why should I insist on asking him to remember? As long as I keep remembering him, that's fine.

Out of professional habit, Ye Cheng became vigilant and asked directly, "Why are you so interested in what happened three years ago?"

Chen Luoxue laughed: "Nothing, I just feel that you are very similar to a friend that I met three years ago in Hangzhou, but unfortunately, that's not the case."

Hearing this, Ye Cheng relaxed her guard. Her answer could completely explain why she was so cooperative in the toilet on the train, and even repeatedly asked him to treat her to a meal afterwards. It turned out to be a beautiful misunderstanding. China has 1.3 billion people, and they look a lot like each other. You must have recognized the wrong person. "

Chen Luoxue said casually: "That's right, that friend had saved my life before. I didn't even have the time to thank him personally, he had just left like Lei Feng who did good deeds without leaving a name. I've been looking for him for three years, but I haven't been able to find him. When I met you on the train, I thought you were him! "

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