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The two of them continued to chat merrily, Ye Cheng's humorous side caused Chen Luoxue to laugh continuously.

After eating his fill, Ye Cheng said honestly: "Miss Chen, I am truly broke right now, and will need you to treat me to this meal. I will treat you twice as much in the future."

"In the future, when you call me sister, calling me miss is like doing that!" Chen Luoxue laughed: "I do not plan to let you treat me to dinner. You have no money, where do you plan to go?"

"Just find a park and let's have a night!" Ye Cheng's bland tone revealed that he was destitute, that he could only sleep on the streets in sorrow, and that his acting skills were close to that of a professional actor.

Chen Luoxue said seductively: "If you really don't have anywhere to stay, you can come to my place. Elder sister resides in the two rooms and one hall. Coincidentally, I plan to rent a room together with a discount. "

The great beauty took the initiative to ask Ye Cheng to rent with her, it was no different from the beautiful matter of a pie falling from the sky and adding on Sister Lin.

Could it be that leaving the army is a good thing? Should I start getting lucky? This happiness came too suddenly. Ye Cheng was elated, a crafty smile appearing on his face, "Aren't you afraid of luring the wolf into the house?"

Chen Luoxue shook her head and said in a threatening tone: "I forgot to tell you, I have trained hard for three years. If I meet a pervert, I'll kick him out of shape, so I'm not afraid. "

She would never forget that night three years ago, when she was almost humiliated by a perverted sex demon. Tian Tian didn't respond, and just when she cried out weakly, a man came down from the sky like a god and saved her life.

At that time, the man wore camouflage uniform. His skin was bronze in color and he appeared to be in his twenties. His heroic face carried a vengeful and resentful expression. When Chen Luoxue finally shook himself off from his fear, the young man had already dragged the pervert onto a military jeep and left. She did not even have the time to thank the man, nor did she know the name of her savior. However, this person's appearance was deeply engraved in her heart.

For the past three years, Chen Luoxue had been searching for his savior, but unfortunately, the vast sea of people were like an ocean looking for a needle in a haystack. He didn't think that he would run into his savior in the toilet on the train, and almost think of him as a big pervert.

Ever since that terrifying experience, Chen Luoxue had a deep hatred towards men that greatly changed his personality. He began to learn Taekwondo and took a sexy route, so that those stinking men could only look at his beauty from afar and never eat it. Perhaps it was because Ye Cheng had once saved her before, allowing her to escape the clutches of the pervert.

The reason why Chen Luoxue took the initiative to invite Ye Cheng was only to repay the favor. She hated sharing rent with other people, especially men, but the man who had appeared in her dreams so many times was different.

Ye Cheng sighed from the bottom of his heart: "Then I have to thank you again for kindly taking me in, so that I won't have to live on the streets." Before he came to the Yanjing, he had already greeted a comrade who had retired from the army and was preparing to go to him. However, he immediately gave up on this idea as he had the luck to share a room with a beautiful woman.

Chen Luoxue's eyes flashed with a shrewd look, and jokingly said: "I'm not a reception desk, you'll have to pay rent to live in there." Since the other party could no longer recognize him, he would treat him as an ordinary friend and slowly repay the favor of saving his life.

"That's a must." However, Ye Cheng changed the subject and shamelessly said, "However, the rent will be owing first. I will pay it back to you at the end of the month."

Chen Luoxue revealed a playful smile: "Elder sister is not such a petty person, I do not need to pay, but you have to compensate me."

Ye Cheng suddenly had the feeling that a sheep had entered a wolf's mouth, and it was even a female pervert. How do you want me to compensate you? " It couldn't be a debt of gratitude that was to be repaid through the body, right? However, he only thought about the latter part and didn't dare to say it out loud.

Chen Luoxue thought for a while and said: "How about this, you be the driver for this Big Sis, so consider it your compensation."

"Then it's a deal!" Ye Cheng didn't want to owe women any favors, especially pretty ones. Instead, he hoped that the great beauty would owe him a favor, and the more the better.

Chen Luoxue laughed cheerfully: "Then I'll settle the bill, and go drive. Wait for me at the door."

Ye Cheng once again felt that all of this was planned by Chen Falling Snow and was only waiting for him to take the bait." The car is ready. It's a conspiracy. A naked conspiracy. " However, being a driver for a great beauty was something many people yearned for even in their dreams. Thinking of this, he calmly accepted his new identity as a driver. "Even if the sheep fall into the wolf's jaws and lose their footing, I will take it.

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