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A good friend of Chen Luoxue's was the supervisor of this restaurant. Every time she wanted to take the train to go somewhere else, she would park her car in the restaurant's parking lot. After settling the bill and greeting her friends, she excitedly drove.

Ye Cheng arrived outside the restaurant and waited for less than three minutes before he stopped in front of him in a red Buick.

Finally finding his savior, Chen Luoxue was in a great mood. She moved to the front passenger seat, stuck her head out the window, and said with a smile, "Bro driver, hurry and drive."

Ye Cheng thought that a beauty like Chen Luoxue should be driving a luxury car, not a red Ferrari sports car. Seeing her drive a Chery was indeed out of Ye Cheng's expectations.

Opening the door, Ye Cheng sat in the driver's seat and disguised himself as he asked Chen Luoxue: "Big sister, you really have a car?"

"Of course, I saved up enough money to buy it myself." Chen Luoxue's words were filled with pride.

To support himself instead of relying on his proud appearance to walk the common path of carrying money and becoming a mistress, Ye Cheng immediately looked up to him. He purposely teased, "How do you think we should get to your house if we don't?"

Chen Luoxue lovingly rolled her eyes at Ye Cheng, and gently said: "Walk along the road, and I'll tell you in advance when we reach the turn. We'll be there shortly."

Ye Cheng immediately retreated, it was better to not tease this woman.

There was a beautiful woman sitting in the front passenger seat. Ye Cheng wanted to focus on driving, but unconsciously, he would secretly admire Chen Luoxue's beauty. Fortunately, he had mastered his driving skills while he was in the special forces and successfully arrived at Chen Luoxue's rented apartment.

This was a rather old residential area. All of the buildings here were of the sixth floor and looked rather old. Chen Luoxue lived in one of the rooms on the sixth floor, with two rooms and a hall.

Entering the house, Ye Cheng's eyes immediately lit up. The house was cleaned without a speck of dust, the decorations were exquisite and warm, it seemed like Chen Luoxue had a high goal for living quality.

On the snow-white wall, there were many photos of Chen Luoxue. One of them was even prettier than the previous one, and one of them was even an extremely realistic picture. Chen Luoxue assumed an extremely seductive pose, his hands clutching onto the half-naked, full, snow-white breasts. His lower body was only wearing a pair of pure black colored breasts, his perfect figure unintentionally exposed.

Chen Luoxue knocked the Ye Cheng who was staring straight at the picture, "Is it pretty?"

Ye Cheng nodded mechanically and swallowed down a mouthful of saliva. He accidentally spoke the truth and immediately regretted it. He lowered his head in embarrassment like a child who had done something wrong and was waiting for his parents to reprimand him.

"Little pervert!" Chen Luoxue raised his leg and gave Ye Cheng a kick, twisting his waist like a water snake, he rolled up that realistic leg and turned around, not forgetting to tease Ye Cheng, "Do you want me to give this to you?"

Ye Cheng shook his head in panic, then nodded his head again, and shook it again.

"Chen Luoxue laughed tenderly, her twin peaks also shaking chaotically. "Don't forget about it, Big Sis has hidden it away and hung it up in her bedroom to admire it."

Ye Cheng felt regret, and wanted to cry, but no tears came out. Such a good portrait, but unfortunately he won't be able to see it in the future.

After laughing, Chen Luoxue gave Ye Cheng a look that was as charming as it could get. Like a bitter young married woman, he said: "Little brother, go wash up and sleep!"

Ye Cheng immediately crumbled as he scratched his head and wailed, "Which room do I sleep in?"

Chen Luoxue could not hold back his laughter anymore and pointed to the room opposite them. Yang side is my boudoir, you can only feel wronged living in Yin side, remember not to go through the wrong door. "

The two bedrooms were facing north and south, with the door facing the door and a bathroom between them.

Ye Cheng ran straight to the dark bedroom, afraid that he would lose control of himself if he stayed with Chen Luoxue any longer.

When he reached the bedroom, he casually threw his backpack on the floor and lay down on the double bed. He lit a cigarette and took a long drag. He was not addicted to cigarettes and would only light one when he felt that he needed to enjoy it. This woman is truly bewitching. If she seduces me again, I will make you submit. She truly doesn't treat good people like men.

As he exhaled the smoke, Ye Cheng took out a worn-out phone. Don't see through it, but it's definitely practical. Even if it breaks down, it can still be used to assemble it. "Pressing the button with no letters in it, he sent a message to his old comrade, who was originally going to seek refuge." Old Class Rep, I was accidentally taken care of by a beauty, so I temporarily won't harm you. "

Very soon, the old class monitor's reply came back with a short message: I wish you good luck with your life!

Ye Cheng laughed without restraint, the wolf who was pleased with itself roared: "Good luck with your life, here I come!"

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