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This shout scared Chen Luoxue, who had just opened the door to his room and put on his silk pajamas, preparing to take a bath. "Scream loudly in the middle of the night, be careful not to call the wolves over!" Of course, she did not know that Ye Cheng was speaking of sexual happiness, not happiness.

Ye Cheng immediately shut his mouth and wrapped his clothes tightly around himself. He was really afraid that he would attract the female pervert here, causing him to be unable to maintain his integrity at night.

"Hualala!" The sound of water flowing could be heard, even if Ye Cheng's ears were not good enough, he could still hear it clearly.

When Ye Cheng moved his toes, he could also guess that it was Chen Luoxue taking a bath. He sighed at the house's poor soundproofing. He got up quietly and opened the door wide, muttering to himself, Look at your poor soundproofing.

Ye Cheng sat back on the bed and stared at the bathroom door, waiting for the moment the beauty came out of her bath. He smirked. "Renting with a beauty is full of benefits. Aren't you an idiot? I have risked everything to lose my body. Do you think I am really afraid of a female pervert like you? "

The waiting always felt long, Ye Cheng leisurely smoked his cigarette, waiting for the moment when he would enjoy his first benefits.

"Creak!" The door opened, and Chen Luoxue walked out, wrapped in a pink bath towel and holding a silk pajamas in one hand.

Her long, wet, watery hair was draped over her bare shoulders. Her slim body was concave where it should be, protruding where it should be, and she definitely wouldn't be mixed with any moisture. Two pure, white, lotus-like arms, long, straight, beautiful legs, small, fair feet, and a pair of black, cold lashes. They made people drool.

What a beautiful and delicious beauty!

Chen Luoxue seemed to feel two burning gazes land on him. He turned around to find that Ye Cheng's room door had opened, and was looking at her with a smile that was not a smile.

Little fellow, your courage has increased. You dare to openly peep at big sis! She twisted her small waist and took small steps toward her room.

"Zi!" He walked too fast, and as his feet slipped, Chen Luoxue felt as if he had stepped on slippery soap as he fell towards the ground in an extremely indecent position.

She was only five steps away from Ye Cheng's room. Seeing Chen Luoxue slip, Ye Cheng who was sitting on the bed jumped out like an arrow that had left the bowstring and knelt on the floor. Using the force of the sprint, he glided towards Chen Luoxue who was on the ground.

All these years of training the special forces that were almost abnormal, had trained Ye Cheng's extraordinary reaction speed and explosive strength. Just as Chen Luoxue's body was about to come into contact with the floor, Ye Cheng who was kneeling down suddenly appeared below her and hugged her tightly.

Hugging her soft, jade-like body in his arms, the light, virgin's fragrance wafted into his nostrils. Ye Cheng was a little distracted, but on the surface, he seemed to be calm and concerned: "Are you alright?"

Right at the moment when Ye Cheng lowered his head, a scene that he shouldn't have seen entered his eyes. Unknowingly, a part of Chen Luoxue's bath towel had fallen off, revealing half of the white and plump, big, fierce weapon that was like a lamb fat jade. Under the light's reflection, it was especially tempting, causing Ye Cheng to be directly struck dumb.

Chen Luoxue's first reaction was not to express his thanks, but to tightly wrap the bath towel, afraid that the spring sun would appear so suddenly. "To be seen by a certain man as not grand, yet standing abnormally upright and perfectly round on a single peak." I'm fine! "

Don't look at how Chen Luoxue seemed to be flirting on the surface, but he had really never been hugged like this by a man before. Her left hand was wrapped in a towel. Her right hand pressed against the ground as she slowly stood up. Not daring to look at Ye Cheng, she lowered her head and walked towards her bedroom. His ankle was sore and he was limping.

Don't move!" Ye Cheng said in a commanding tone. Then, he stood up in a rather calm manner and walked to Chen Luoxue's side. Without saying anything, he wrapped his arm around her. "You have a sprained ankle, and if you don't quickly correct the treatment, there is a high risk of sequelae.

Chen Luoxue seriously doubted Ye Cheng's intentions, "It can't be that serious right?"

"Very likely." Ye Cheng said in all seriousness. Of course, he was the one bluffing, as a slight injury would last for a night, he braced himself and said. I've learned massage in the army, do you want me to help you massage? "

"I'll count it as your heartache, Sis!" Chen Luoxue saw through Ye Cheng's little trick, but he still allowed Ye Cheng to carry her and walk into the bedroom.

Letting Chen Luoxue sit on the side of the bed, Ye Cheng bent down and took off the cold pull for her, then held her smooth and small feet in her hands that were slightly trembling. Even if Ye Cheng wasn't pedophile, looking at Chen Luoxue's perfectly curved little foot, he couldn't help but have a thought of hugging it in his arms and carefully caressing it.

No man had ever touched her feet before. The little girl on Chen Luoxue's pretty face was even more bashful as her legs were tightly pressed together. Beneath the bath towel was a vacuum, and with Ye Cheng half kneeling beneath him, his private parts were easily exposed.

To prevent himself from feeling embarrassed, Chen Luoxue did not dare move an inch. After waiting for a while and seeing that Ye Cheng did not make a move, he asked softly: "Is it done? You aren't trying to take advantage of me, right? "

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