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"Immediately!" Ye Cheng was so engrossed in admiring Chen Luoxue's clean and smooth bare feet that he almost forgot to treat her. He held onto Chen Luoxue's ankle with one hand and began to gently knead Chen Luoxue's foot with his other hand that was covered in hot sweat. The strength was just right, and after Chen Luoxue's pain gradually lessened, he still felt very comfortable.

"No, thank you." After being kneaded by Ye Cheng for two minutes, a strange feeling came from Chen Luoxue's feet. The feeling of being comfortable was mixed with the pleasure of being electrocuted, and even his body was trembling. She hurriedly withdrew her foot and said with a flushed face, "It's getting late, let's rest early!"

A beauty wrapped in a towel said, "Rest early." It was very easy to let one's imagination wander!

Fortunately, Ye Cheng had some self-control, and wouldn't push Beauty Chen onto the bed just because of his head getting hot.

"Then rest early. The ankle injury is not too serious. It will be fine tomorrow." Ye Cheng walked out of Chen Luoxue's bedroom and closed the door on the way there. Pressing her feet for a beauty, her hands left behind some fragrance!

After spending the night in a beautiful dream, Ye Cheng was woken up by Chen Luoxue's knocking on the door early in the morning of the second day.

"Driver, younger brother, it's time to get up and send young mistress to work." After washing up and preparing breakfast, Chen Luoxue, who had changed into a set of black professional attire, knocked on Ye Cheng's door. "Lazy pig, wake up, the sun is shining on your buttocks."

"He's here!" Ye Cheng rubbed Meng Song's sleepy eyes, stretched, quickly put on his clothes and walked out of the bedroom.

Two groups of Yufeng s could be seen in front of his chest, and the extremely alluring beauty of Chen, Ye Cheng, was immediately stunned at the door, and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Chen Luoxue's long hair was coiled behind her head and in addition to her professional attire, she was mature and dignified, revealing a little charm. Her buttocks and breasts stuck out just the right way, making her look like the goddess of the man in charge of the house.

"I love the temptation of uniforms!" Ye Cheng groaned in his heart. However, in front of the uniformed beauty, he had to maintain his manly demeanor. Both eyes admired Chen Luoxue, but they did not carry any aggressive lustful look. He stood at the door for three minutes without moving.

Due to the company's rules, Chen Luoxue did not want to wear professional clothes. He did not know how many men had treated him as a target of their fantasies.

Chen Luoxue secretly noted Ye Cheng's reaction, and he was somewhat satisfied. At least she didn't look like most men would look at her with hungry eyes, as if they wanted to use their gazes to tear off her uniform and put her on the spot.

She still stared at the foolish Ye Cheng, and said angrily: "If you don't eat, you will be starved to death."

Ye Cheng regained his senses, and rushed into the bathroom as fast as he could. After washing up, he quickly sat at the dining table. He did not expect Chen Luoxue to prepare breakfast, bread, fried eggs and a glass of milk for him.

The great beauty personally prepared breakfast. How was this sharing the rent? This was simply heaven!

While eating the delicious fried eggs with bread, Ye Cheng became excited. Delicious, beautiful enough to eat. I'll leave the breakfast to you from now on. "

Chen Luoxue hatefully took a bite of the bread, and her nose wrinkled slightly. If you wish for it to be beautiful, then there is no such thing as a free breakfast. "

Ye Cheng immediately said: "I'll pay!"

Chen Luoxue said complacently: "My breakfast cannot be bought even with money."

"Yes, talking about money is vulgar and hurtful." Ye Cheng shamelessly replied, "I know you're kind. From now on, prepare all of your breakfast for me free!"

"In your daydreams, many men queue up to eat the breakfast that Sis cooks. Sis is too lazy to cook it!" Chen Luoxue looked at Ye Cheng, and said cunningly: "However, it's not impossible for Little Brother Tian Tian to eat it."

Ye Cheng said playfully: "Speak, I can agree to any condition other than giving my life to you."

"Pfft, who cares about your promises with your body?" Chen Luoxue laughed tenderly: "From now on, if you eat a meal of mine, drive for one more day."

Ye Cheng looked at Chen Luoxue with an extremely provocative gaze, and said solemnly: "No problem, as long as you are willing to control food, I will give you a lifetime's worth of driving."

Chen Luoxue asked bluntly: "Why do you want Big Sis to support you?"

Last night, when he was kneading Chen Luoxue's feet, Ye Cheng accidentally discovered that Chen Luoxue also had a bashful side to him, he had a rough understanding of Chen Luoxue's temper. She belonged to the kind of woman who would appear to be flirting with you on the surface, but would definitely not allow you to take advantage of her. He said seriously, "If you really want to support me, I'll really consider it."

Chen Luoxue rolled her eyes at Ye Cheng in an extremely flirtatious manner, "Brat, Sis is not a casual person, I'm not interested in raising you."

Ye Cheng's eyelids jumped, she was truly afraid that if Chen Luoxue were to say it, she would not be a person.

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