The Ruthless Wolf/C2 Chapter 2
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The Ruthless Wolf/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

His Prison

The war against the Nevetha Demon kingdom was over as they conquered it's King and Queen, some of the demon clans escaped and went into hiding and the rest who were not so lucky were captured. All the warriors and palace guards to King Haule were captured and imprisoned.

Galore made his way to his throne room and went to sit down on his throne. At the middle was a round table made of pure gold and ten golden seats surrounded the round golden table, ten minutes later, the two Lord's entered and they went to sit. Few minutes later, the Three Lord's walked in and went to sit down, King Galore stood up from his throne seat and went to sit at the head chair.

They didn't have to wait for long before the supernatural king's, five of them, made their way into the throne room and sat down respectively.

"The gods will soon be here." No sooner had King Galore said those words, Zeus, Ares, Poseidon and Athena appeared before them. The two Lord's and the supernatural king's, except Galore, stood up and bowed before the gods before straightening up.

"What did Haule do?" Athena asked.

"Goddess of wisdom, you should have known by now of Haule treason. He was a traitor who because of the brotherly bond he shared with the devil went behind our back and planned to free him, but we didn't give him that opportunity." Galore replied.

"I see, bring Haule for questioning." Zeus said.

Galore nodded his head and closed his eyes, connecting his mind to Lord Daniel who hasn't come yet.

'Bring the statue of Haule with you now, the gods are here. Don't keep us waiting for long.'

Galore ordered and reopened his eyes and sent a tiny smile towards Zeus's direction.

"Lord Daniel will be here with Haule." He announced.

"He shouldn't waste my time." Zeus said as at the same time a portal opened and Daniel walked out of it, behind him floating in the air was Haule statue. The portal closed behind him. He bowed before the gods as Zeus walked up to him.

"Free him Galore." Zeus ordered and with a snap of his fingers, Haule and his wife Elfey were no longer statues.

"I am innocent." Was the first thing Haule said, holding Elfey closer to his body. "I don't know what is going on."

"You wanted to free Lucifer, do you know the damages you would have caused have you succeed in your plans." Zeus bellowed in anger and slapped Haule hard on his left cheek, leaving imprints of his five big fingers on it.

Haule closed his eyes and breathed in, ignoring the pain, he opened his eyes and stared at Zeus. "There is no point in pleading for my innocence because none of you would have believe me anyway, so I am already for your punishment but please allow my mate to go." He told them, accepting his fate.

He had judge criminals in the past and even when some try to tell him they are innocent, he had given them a deaf ear and had them execute them. Now in their shoes, he now knows how they had felt, you won't know how much you hurt someone unless you are in their shoes, now he had understand better. If he survives this, he won't judge so quickly again.

"You are in no position to tell us what to do you traitor." The King of Fairy, Sundew, said in anger.

Haule stared at the Fairy King who on a normal ground wouldn't dare talk to him in such manner, he was a King and the second Lord unlike some unfortunate King's.

"Daniel check if you will see anything Haule is hiding before we decide his punishment." Zeus told the third Lord who moved closer to Haule and placed his hand on Haule's forehead, closing his eyes.

They were on top of a mountain.

"Please Daniel, help me I am innocent."

"I know you are being framed up, but who could that be? Who could go through all this stress just to frame you up?" Daniel said, his face was filled with thought.

"Help me please, I know you can."

"Is that why you brought me here?"

"Yes, don't make them kill me."

"I will help you on one condition, Haule."

"If it is within my capacity I will do it."

"Your daughter."

"My wife is pregnant and we are having a child, but we do not yet know what gender it is, so why say daughter?"

"You've forgotten I have the power to see the future Haule. And I have seen your future, you will be saved by your daughter if I am going to do what I am going to do but in return, your daughter shall be my bride. She is my destined mate." He lied about the mate thing.

"If she is your destined mate then she will recognize you as hers as well. Mates recognize each other."

"Not your child, you will not understand Haule, but as her father she will listen to you because the day you will be free, is when I will be free too, so deal?"


"Let seal it with a blood oath then." Daniel said and used his sharp nails to tear his left palm open and Haule did the same, they clasped their bloody hands together.

"I promise to give you my daughter once I am free and failure to do so, my life in exchange." Haule said.

"It is done." Daniel said and he opened his eyes.

"What did you see Daniel?" Zeus demanded.

"He is hiding nothing, but for him being a traitor, I know the kind of punishment we should give to a traitor." He responded.

"What punishment?" King Galore asked and Daniel told them. "I like that." He added after Lord Daniel had told Haule's punishment.

"It's sad you are sacrificing yourself to cage this traitor Daniel." Ares said.

"Protecting everyone is my obligation." Lord Daniel said.

"Athena, go get the chains." Zeus ordered and the goddess disappeared.

"Please Zeus, my husband is innocent." Queen Elfey spoke and that's when they remember her. She had heal herself.

Going to meet her, a golden loop appeared in King Galore's hand and he magically made it go around Elfey's neck. The loop suppressed her Powers.

King Galore stopped to look at the Dragon King who waved his hands dismissively at her.

"Take her away, she is no daughter of mine anymore." The Dragon King bellowed in anger. She had disobeyed him when he asked her not to seal the mate bond with the Demon, it was as if he had seen her future with the Demon King. She brought her downfall by herself.

Clapping just once, two of his guards walked into the throne room.

"Take her to the dungeon, there she will live until her last breath." King Galore ordered and they took Elfey away ignoring her cries for mercy.

King Haule didn't do anything as he watched helplessly. One day, he is going to make Galore pay and whoever it is that spread out the fake rumor of him wanting to betray them, better get ready for him in the nearest future.

Athena appeared with the chains and gave it to Zeus who magically made it very long and thick in size.

"Let's go to the river of Abss." Zeus said and King Galore made a portal appear, one by one, the gods and Haule, the five king's, the two Lord's and King Galore entered the Portal, the portal didn't close as usual, rather it remained there.

And soon, they all return except for Daniel and Haule. The portal closed.

"Clean up the mess Galore, find the rest of the demons and put them in prison or to death if they resist." Zeus ordered and was gone together with Ares, Poseidon and Athena.

"You heard Zeus, go back to your kingdoms and search everywhere for demons, they might be hiding somewhere."

The king's left one after the other and two the Lord's left also.

The Lord's were the strongest after the gods and the five king's will have to seek their permission first. They are five Lord's, Galore was the first Lord and also the ruler of the entire supernatural even though some oppose his rulership like the elves, he couldn't get them to do as he says yet. Haule was the second Lord, Daniel was the third Lord, Ralph was the fourth Lord and Jaffa was the fifth Lord.

When Galore was left alone he smiled to himself. His plan has worked. Haule was a strong Demon and with an elf wife, he will become the first Lord and the ruler of the supernatural should he challenge him for the throne. That was why he did what he did to get Haule out of the way.

Who do you think had started the rumor?


The Land of Elves: (Elves Palace)

The Jaguar few them and landed at the palace of Elves and two beautiful elves came out of the palace.

They were both adorned with beautiful ornaments and shiny gowns. On each head were flowers.

"Who are you and what are you doing with my niece's spirit beast?" They both asked together.

"My name is Pula my Queens, your niece sent me here." Pula said as soon as she got down from the Jaguar. "Her kingdom was attacked and she sent me here with her child." She added showing them the Dragon egg and the Sword.

"Bring it to me." One of the Queen, Alfy; who was the oldest, said and Pula brought the large egg to her and the sword. When she gave the egg to Alfy, Alfy removed her hand purposely and the egg fell down to the ground and cracked, but it didn't open.

Pula gasped aloud and bent down to pick the cracked egg and the sword.

"You did that on purpose my Queen, the princess will now be disfigured, that is unkind of you, my Queen," Pula said almost in tears. All her efforts to escape death has gone down the drain.

"Are you accusing me?" Queen Alfy asked collecting the cracked egg and the Sword from Pula.

"You are a servant girl accusing one of the Queen of Elves, do you know the consequences of what you've done? You throw the egg on purpose to the ground when we were not looking." Calfy, the second Queen said. "Guards!" She yelled and the guards came rushing to meet them.

"Seize her." Alfy said and the guards with their magical weapons were able to grab Pula. "Take her away and cut off her tongue and her limbs." She ordered and the guards who were holding Pula dragged her away.

"Sister believes she is better than us just because she got married and bore Elfey before her death. It's a pity her grandchild is with us. Now this child will suffer and who is to blame for her ugliness?" Queen Alfy asked.


They started laughing.

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