The Ruthless Wolf/C6 Chapter 6
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The Ruthless Wolf/C6 Chapter 6
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C6 Chapter 6

The Task:

Vala POV:

"I will try my best and make sure we emerge first before others." I said.

"Not just your best Vala, but your very best, don't make us fail." Queen Calfy spoke and stared at her sister before facing me.

Then here comes the blackmail.

"Without us you would not be alive today, without us, you won't survive this harsh world a day, without us, you won't be accepted anywhere. But we look after you, clothed and fed you since you came out of your egg and don't forget we patch up your egg when that evil Pula throws it against the wall, you own us Vala, you own us victory. Don't forget your place." Queen Calft told me.

Going down on my knees and I bowed before them, allowing my face to touch the ground.

"Thank you for looking after me all these years, I am very grateful for that. I am making you a promise that I won't fail in the task tomorrow and I also know my place."

"Good, go and rest, you have a long day tomorrow." Queen Alfy said and I stood up to my feet and left their presence.

I heaved out a sigh and went back to meet Pula. The guard was still there and was feeding her like I had instructed, a cup of water was besides him.

"Thank you." He didn't even wait for me to complete my statement when he nodded his head and bolted out as fast as lighting.

I chuckled and focused on Pula and try to feed her more apples which she rejected. "Are you full?" I asked and she nodded her head. "I have to rest for tomorrow." I told her and she tried to make some words. "Are you asking why?" She nodded her head again. "Tomorrow we are going to the arena and whoever wins will be accepted in supernatural school, so I have to rest my muscles to help my fellow lazy elves to win. See you soon." I told her and left her with the remaining apples in my basket.

I met Dew on my way to my room, she is the palace cook and the last person who isn't scared about my appearance.

"I heard you are going with the other elves to the arena Tomorrow, is it true?" She asked me as we started walking towards my room. She was holding a covered plate and from the aroma I know it is roasted chicken.


"You always help them to win Vala but what I find strange and surprising is that you won't follow them to the supernatural school or are you not interested in seeing other supernatural creatures than elves?"

"Dew, I have no reason to leave the land of Elves and besides I am forced to do this. Have got to win tomorrow so that you won't get punished by my two aunties." I replied to her.

"Why don't you just give it a try, I know you are going to be the first amongst the rest but at least give the supernatural school a try, don't dwell in the land of Elves forever."

"Why do you always persist that I should leave for supernatural school?" I asked her.

Dew is something else, she was the first person to tell me not to hold any grudge on Pula in her words:

"I see a lot of things Vala but I can't say it for fear of my life, but I can tell you this, Pula is the opposite of what the two queens had told you and if possible, find a place in your heart to forgive her and I pray that one day the truth will come out."

I had always pondered on what she meant by the truth but didn't push further.

"Just give me one reason why I should go to the supernatural school?" I asked, stopping to face her, which prompted her to stop and face me.

"Because you participated in the task and you won, you don't have to forfeit because you think they own your life Vala, wake up and face the reality." Dew tried to convince me but I wasn't.

"Dew, just save the strength and go and give the owner of the door his or her food, I have no interest in going to the supernatural school, not today or tomorrow, in fact forever." I told Dew.

"Actually the food is for you, when I heard you will be going to the arena tomorrow I had to quickly prepare you, this roasted t." She told me and gave me the plate of roasted chicken.

"Thank you Dew."

"Vala, just know that life doesn't stop for anybody, probably you might find the truth which I fear to speak." Dew told me, turn back and left me staring at her retreating back.

To be sincere with myself, I am much okay with not finding out this truth she always spoke of.

I shrug my shoulders and continue my way to my room to eat.


The following day, I had already taken my bath and changed into one of my clothes.

I left my room and I saw my two aunties and those who had graduated from our Elves school, they were four of them.

Four of the best and brilliant students are always picked to compete in the task.

"Good morning aunties." I greeted them.

"I was about to send someone to call you." Queen Calfy said as she held her little daughter in her arms.

Princess Haera came to meet us, next year she will graduate from the elves school and I know for certain she would be pick even when she's dull.

"Let's go." Queen Elfy said and rubbed her hands together. A large flying mat flew to us and we stepped in and it flew us to the arena.

When we arrived, there were other supernatural creatures there, the Vampires, Wolves, Witches, Dragons and so many supernatural creatures.

My two aunties with Princess Haera went to sit with the rest of the king's, in that way, all the king's and the Lord's will be watching us.

I and the four elves went to stand in a line, me in front as their leader. The rest of the supernatural stood in their own lines with their teams and leaders in front.

"Thanks for coming, so let's get down to what brought all of us here. We caught a wild demon and put him inside that cave." The announcer said pointing at the cave in front of us, obviously it was magic they use in bringing the cave down to the arena. "Now behind the demon is the sword of King Galore which the demon guides. The task is simple, retrieve the sword from the demon and whoever team that brings the sword will be declared the winner plus the other two teams that followed will be accepted in the supernatural school."

I have no interest in going to the supernatural school. And I will do all it takes to retrieve King Galore's sword from the demon.

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