The Secret Of My Boss/C10 A New Intern
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The Secret Of My Boss/C10 A New Intern
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C10 A New Intern

Chapter-10: A New Intern

Aria Anastasia

I felt my heart melt seeing those documents. I was having a sleepless night after I returned home from work. I left a text to Zaiden saying, 'I was home' but I didn't get a reply yet. Maybe he was really busy with the important work.

Zaiden wasn't the cruel person I saw when he murdered someone. Rather, he was soft-hearted, just like Kael. How could I just see him as a murderer?

Even after he saw me seeing the murder, he didn't yell at me for going into his cabin, nor did he lock me in a room until I agreed on keeping the secret. In fact, he just told me to ask him the questions I had in my mind and that he would clear it out. He never even tried to hurt me for once and explained everything to me calmly.

He was helping these people under a pen name because he didn't want to get appreciated for the work he should get respect for. I wanted to let the world know that Zaiden was the 'Den' who indulged himself in charity. However, I had to respect his decision to keep his identity undisclosed.

I already knew a secret of his, keeping another secret wouldn't be trouble hopefully. After seeing those documents today, my respect for him increased a lot. He was a murderer who killed the rapists. He was doing good for the people, and he deserved all the respect in the world for it.

Even I wouldn't let him know that I learned about him being 'Den.' Let him do his work in peace. Already, he was spending a lot of time with me just because I knew about the Mafia Thunder. In short, he was keeping an eye over me so that I didn't reveal his secret. Now if he learned that I knew one more secret, either he would end up shooting me or himself because he hated appreciation.

I was laying down on my bed wearing my comfy short pants and a cotton shirt. It was a customized nightdress. I was scrolling through my social accounts, which I preferred to keep private. Only my selected friends were in my profile, including Zaiden, Kael, and Mrs. Storm.

Suddenly, I received a video call from Zaiden, making me jump from the bed. The phone was about to fall from my hand, but I managed to hold it tight.

Zaiden never gave me a video call before. We would mostly talk over call only when necessary. So it was surprising to get a video call, which was unexpected.

Somehow I managed to tie my messy hair into a bun after sitting properly on the bed and received the call. "Hey, Boss," I greeted with a smile. When he narrowed his eyes, I suppressed a chuckle and corrected, "Hey, Zaiden."

"You just love irritating me, don't you?" he asked, and from the background of his screen, it seemed like he was in the place where he handled the mafia works. "This is my cabin of the base, by the way. We are very organized here. It's just an underworld office." He turned on the back camera and showed me his clean cabin.

"This is so beautiful," I commented. "So basically you are working all the time. When will you take a rest?"

"I have just finished dealing with the problem and conducted an emergency meeting a few minutes ago," he informed me.

"This is your resting time then, right?" When he nodded, I further asked, "Will you sleep there?"

"Yes, I have a place here for me so I can sleep." He looked at me for a few seconds and spoke up, "You know, I was planning on changing an office rule."

I arched an eyebrow and questioned him, "Which one? Will the rule be like, we have to wear the same uniforms? That will be a nightmare."

His lips curved into a smile. "That's a nice idea, but that is not what I am planning to do."

"Then what is it?"

"About the hair being tied, I think women should have the freedom to do whatever they want to do with their hair," he said to me with hesitation, "Some women look more beautiful without tying their hair, just like you."

As soon as he had said that, my hands went to my hair, which was tied. It was a habit to tie my hair before seeing Zaiden, since he was the one who implemented the rule. But did he just compliment me, or was I overthinking?

"What do you think of it, Aria?" he asked, snapping me out of my trance.

"Yeah, that's a nice idea because most of the women take a shower just before coming to the office and they don't like to blow dry their hair, like me. Also, there are some women who apply oil most of the time for making their hair smooth like Yana. We do need that rule to be changed," I said to Zaiden, after pointing it out from the perspective of other women.

"Okay, I will inform the team to make the changes and let others know. The new rule can start from the day after tomorrow," he informed me.

"Great then," I mumbled and looked at the Rubix cube on the nightstand. When I couldn't fall asleep, I would play with the Rubix cube until I fell asleep, but I could never match it properly. "Zaiden, do you know how to play with Rubix cube and match all the colors?"

I took the Rubix cube and showed it to him. All the colors were unorganized and messed up.

He chortled, seeing it. "Oh, my God, you tortured this poor thing so much," he scoffed.

"Stop mocking and tell me," I requested him.

He laughed at my expression. "You look so cute," he uttered and continued laughing.

I wanted to get angry, but I was seeing him laugh like this for the first time. Usually, he would smile, but that was less too. Now, I was seeing a new side of Zaiden, who was a pretty smile with dimples. His laugh was more handsome and contagious.

I couldn't suppress my smile, and ended up laughing with him. "I can't believe I am laughing with you just because I cannot solve it properly."

"Well, I do know how to solve this. Keep the camera on and I will teach you," he said with pure confidence, which made me assure that he knew how to solve it.

"Okay," I said and laid on the bed, keeping the phone on the nightstand. Before he could ask what I was doing, I told him, "I have a habit of solving it until I fall asleep. So I will listen to your words and solve it till I sleep. Don't forget to cut the call if you see I am sleeping."

"You are weird, but alright," Zaiden said to me. "I am calling you after I go to my room here. I will sleep once you fall asleep." With that, he had cut the call.

Later that night, he called me and taught me how to solve the cube. I could finally solve the entire Rubix cube, and I didn't realize when I fell asleep with the cube in my hand.

When I woke up due to the alarm, I saw that as I said, Zaiden had cut the call. I freshened up and drove to the office, not believing I slept when my boss was watching me, more like he was teaching me something. Did knowing his secret brought me closer to him?

As I was walking in the building, I bumped into someone due to my lack of attention.

"Sorry," I mumbled and looked at the person. He was a brunette, his brown eyes looking at me with a bright smile. From his look, I knew he wasn't working in the Storm Fashion Industry before, so I asked, "Who are you?"

He replied to me politely, "I am Liam Oliver, a new intern who was supposed to work from today."


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