The Secret Of My Boss/C16 Zero Denial Offer
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The Secret Of My Boss/C16 Zero Denial Offer
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C16 Zero Denial Offer

Chapter-16: Zero Denial Offer

Aria Anastasia

“Okay, I will mail the documents to you within the next five days, Mr. Raymond,” I said, assuring Mr. Raymond. He was one of our business partners and I have been doing business with him ever since I have joined the company. He was Kael’s close friend.

Currently, I was sitting in the conference room along with Zaiden, Mr. Raymond, and his assistant who tagged along with him.

Mr. Raymond gave us a bright smile, saying, “I have always counted on the two of you. You never disappointed me and that’s why we are still doing business. I feel like you both are my family now.”

“Thank you,” I mumbled and Zaiden gave a small smile to Mr. Raymond.

“Also,” Mr. Raymond started and looked at his assistant, who handed him two cards. Mr. Raymond handed us the cards, “The day after tomorrow, there is a celebration party for my new clothing brand launch. These are the invitation cards, I wanted to invite you two personally. I hope you can come.”

I looked at the card and then at Zaiden, who gave me a curt nod. I turned to Mr. Raymond and said, “Of course, we will come. It is so sweet of you to invite us in person, Mr. Raymond.”

“My pleasure,” he mumbled and arched an eyebrow, asking as if something struck in his mind, “Ms. Anastasia, are you single?”

I was taken aback at the sudden question. It was fully unexpected to get asked by a business partner whether I was single or not, even though I was single.

“Yes, Mr. Raymond,” I replied politely, and I could feel Zaiden’s eyes over me because I could see it with the corner of my eyes.

“Even Zaiden is single since he has always been focused on work,” Mr. Raymond stated, and I was confused on why he was telling this. This was not business talk. “Well, both of you, must definitely bring a plus one in the party.”

“Bu—” I was cut off by Mr. Raymond.

“No ifs and buts, Ms. Anastasia. You and Zaiden will bring someone at the party with you. Come on, Zaiden is the CEO and you are the MD of the famous Storm Fashion Industry, people will have their eyes over you.”

Mr. Raymond did have a point.

“Fine, we will bring a plus one,” I simply agreed which made him smile. “See you at the party then.” I shook my hand with Mr. Raymond after he shook it with Zaiden before walking out of the conference room.

I heaved a sigh and put my head on the table in tiredness. My hair was open because I was having a headache, and if I tied it, the headache would worsen. Besides, Zaiden really removed the rule of female employees keeping their hair tied all the time.

“Working overtime must be becoming a habit of yours, right?” Zaiden snarled, making me glare at him.

“And whose fault was that?” I retorted. Last night I again had to work overtime for some outlandish reason that Zaiden came up with. I was only helping Liam, the new intern, with his work.

“Aria, you were the one wanting to save the employees,” he pointed out and leaned his head against the chair. “It's not my fault that you wanted to be a wonder woman.”

“Still you should’ve shown some mercy to this innocent girl,” I mumbled politely as if I was the most innocent person in the entire world.

He rolled his eyes. “Yeah, right. Blame the boss since I am already the cruelest of all.” When I chuckled, he asked, “Hey, by the way, who will be your plus one? Will you take that intern?” I could feel a bit of anger in his tone when he mentioned the word ‘intern’.

I shook my head in denial. “No, silly. Why will I take an intern in such a big event? I will meet more important people there with whom we can do business, so of course, I will take my assistant, Yana.”

He sighed as if a gush of relief was splashed over him. Why was he feeling relieved?

“Whom will you take with you?” I decided to ask since he asked me first. It was being equal, right? He asked me, and I asked him the same question in return, not that I really wanted to know whether he was taking a woman with him. It was his life.

He twitched his lips. “I haven’t decided anything yet. I still have time so let’s see what I can do.”

Whoever he takes, I hope it isn’t a woman, please, God.

Why was I praying this? Why didn’t I like the thought of Zaiden being with another woman? I was going crazy staying with Zaiden.

I stood up from my seat. “I am going to my cabin now. I will complete some work.” With that, I excused myself and headed to my floor.

Once I reached my floor, I saw Yana talking to Zaiden’s assistant, Daniel. Yana had a genuine smile on her face, a tint of reddish shade was visible on her cheeks. Did they like each other? I never knew that they were dating, or were they?

Deciding not to interrupt their moment, I walked past them as if I never noticed them and went to my cabin.

Whom would Zaiden take with him? I wondered, sitting on my chair comfortably. Why was it bothering me?

Shrugging the thoughts off, I pressed the bell which I use to call Yana into my cabin. Immediately, she came and said, “Yes, Ma’am?”

I looked at her happy face and said, “Come and have a seat, Yana.” When she obeyed me, I started speaking, “When I was in the conference room with Mr. Raymond, he invited us to his celebration party. He told me to bring a plus one, so will you come with me?”

A gasp escaped her lips. “Ma’am, that’s a big party. Are you sure you want me to go with you?”

“Of course,” I uttered. “Every party I went to, I took you with me, so why not now? Besides, you know I don’t usually attend parties but Mr. Raymond invited me personally. How could I decline his invitation?”

She nodded her head. “I understand,” she mumbled and got up from her seat. “Sure, I will come with you.”

“Thank you,” I said to her and smiled. As she was about to go away, an idea popped into my head. “Wait, Yana.”

She turned to me. “Yes?”

“If you want, Daniel can be at the party too. In that way, you will feel more confident at the party,” I suggested, and when she opened her mouth to say something, I added, “I saw you and Daniel talking outside, so I do know you both are dating. There’s nothing to hide though, it’s okay.”

She averted her gaze in embarrassment. “If you can do so, Ma’am, that will be awesome…”

I grinned at her response. “You may go then. Leave it to me. I will make sure you attend the party with Daniel, I promise.”

“Thank you so much,” she mumbled and walked out of the room.

If I could convince Zaiden to take Daniel as his plus one, he wouldn’t take other women with him. Also, Yana and Daniel would be able to enjoy the party together.

I knew it wasn’t right for me to do so, but I just followed my heart. I didn’t want Zaiden to take other women with him who would cling to him all the time.

I took my phone and dialed Zaiden’s number. He picked it up in the first ring.

“Aria, is everything alright?” His voice was filled with concern.

“Yes, everything is alright, Zaiden,” I assured him. “Are you busy?”

“Not much. Just going through the new contracts we signed.”

“Have you decided whom you will take to the party?” I asked curiously.

“No, still wondering,” he replied curtly.

“Well, I have a request to make.”

“I am listening,” he said through the phone.

“Yana and Daniel, our assistants, are dating each other,” I informed him. “Since I am taking Yana with me, and I promised her that Daniel would be at the party too so that she doesn’t feel lonely…” I trailed off.

“You want me to take Daniel with me?” he asked to be sure.

“Yes,” I told him. “Please don’t disagree.”

He went silent for a while. I knew he was thinking of it, so I waited for him to speak, secretly hoping he would agree.

“Fine, I will tell Daniel.” As soon as he said that, I was about to rejoice in victory, until he added, “But I have a condition.”

“What is it?” I asked, keeping the phone closer to my ear.

“You have to be with me at the party all the time, and you will wear the dress I will send to you,” he spoke up, making me want to rethink whether I made the right choice by telling him to take Daniel.

Why would I stay with him all the time at the party? On top of that, why would I wear the dress of his choice? What if I don’t like the kind of dress he will give me?

I couldn’t back off anymore because I already promised Yana.

Sucking in a deep breath, I let out, “Fine, I agree with your conditions.”

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