The Secret Of My Boss/C20 Blurry Moment
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The Secret Of My Boss/C20 Blurry Moment
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C20 Blurry Moment

Chapter-20: Blurry Moment

Aria Anastasia

I was brave enough to agree to my feelings. I mean, I wasn’t sure about whether I was in love or not, but I knew I liked Zaiden Storm. I wanted to decline it, but when emotions were strong, it was hard to resist it.

“Well, since you told me such an important thing, and I was quite interested to know what was going on between you and Zaiden, I will reconsider my decision on the deal cancelation,” said Mr. Raymond, with a genuine smile playing on his lips. “Zaiden deserves an awesome woman like you in his life.”

I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks as I said, “About the mistake I made…”

“It’s okay. When one starts to fall in love, they stay distracted most of the time,” he uttered.

“But I am not in love,” I pointed out.

Mr. Raymond chuckled. “Liking is the first stage of love, don’t worry.”

I shook my head and took a sip of my juice. “I hope you won’t cancel the deal, otherwise, I will live in guilt forever that because of me, the Storm Fashion Industry suffered such a huge loss,” I informed him.

He gave a curt nod. “I will make the right decision, Ms. Anastasia.”


The lunch with Mr. Raymond went better than I had expected. He seemed okay with everything I was saying and it felt like all would be okay.

I was currently in my cabin, completing a few tasks of mine and sent the right documents to Mr. Raymond. Every time I thought of Zaiden, it made my heart flutter. I liked him, it was something new to me. I never thought I would ever see him in a romantic way. But now, even thinking of him made an automatic smile evolve on my face.

My chain of thoughts broke when I felt a sudden cold rush over my all of a sudden. I was shivering in the cold, so I changed the temperature of the air conditioner to a warm one. I think it was due to the iced juice I drank during lunch. I was thirsty after confessing to Mr. Raymond about me liking Zaiden, so I drank plenty of orange juice. Maybe a few glasses or so, and it was all iced as if I thought it would help cool my cheeks down.

I should complete my work as soon as possible and take a leave from Zaiden. If I was about to fall sick, it would be a disaster. The last time I fell sick, I ended up being in the hospital. I was the type of person who would get sick barely but when I would get sick, it would be severe.

As I was not feeling well, I had to take a leave before it got worse.

I completed some of my tasks more until Yana informed me that Zaiden ordered me to go to his cabin. So now I was on my way to his cabin.

“May I come in, Boss?” I asked, knocking on the door which was open as his assistant left the room just now.

Zaiden looked at me and narrowed his eyes. “If you intend to call me Boss today, then I would advise you to not come in.”

I rolled my eyes and stepped into his cabin, after closing the door. “Did Mr. Raymond call you?”

He glanced at his wristwatch and arched an eyebrow at me. “It has only been an hour or two after you met with Mr. Raymond. Besides, you didn’t tell me how your meeting went with him.”

“It went good,” I said to Zaiden and took a seat in front of him after pulling a chair for myself. I was feeling cold due to the air conditioner, so I rubbed my arms, trying to keep myself warm. “He didn’t get angry, rather he listened to me calmly.”

“What excuse did you give to him for the mistake?” he asked curiously.

I was about to reply but stopped, realizing I couldn’t tell him the reason, not until I was sure that he liked me. If he didn’t like me, then why did he kiss me? If he didn’t like me, why did he think we were dating? Well, if he liked me, he had to say it with his mouth. Till then, I should stay quiet on this matter.

“I apologized to him saying it was my recklessness, and he seemed to be in a nice mood so he forgave me,” I uttered and added, “But I will be fully forgiven once I learn that he didn’t cancel the deal.”

“I hope it all went well and we don’t face the loss,” he muttered under his breath and that was when his phone rang. I tried to look at the caller ID, wanting to know whether it was Mr. Raymond or not, but Zaiden picked up the call at that instant. So I couldn’t look at the caller ID.

“Yes, okay,” Zaiden spoke up through the phone.

I rubbed my arms again and patiently waited for him to finish talking over the phone. My head was feeling heavy all of a sudden.

“Okay, I will do that. See you.” With that, Zaiden had cut the call. Then he looked at me and said with a smile, “Mr. Raymond called and said that he wouldn’t cancel the deal.”

A grin appeared on my lips as soon as he said that. “Oh, my God, that’s great,” I chirped in happiness.

“I wonder what exactly you told him,” he muttered.

“You don’t need to know that,” I retorted.

He raised his brows. “That makes me more curious.” When I shot him a glare, he sighed and said, “We have a lot of work to do. Daniel will give you the list of your tasks.”

“Can you tell him to hand it to Yana?” I inquired.

“Why? So that they can flirt during work hours?” He crossed his arms against his chest.

I shook my head in denial. “That’s not the case. I will start working from tomorrow.”

“But we have a lot to complete,” he pointed out.

“I know, but I need the next few hours of leave. I am feeling unwell,” I told him the truth.

Zaiden studied me for a minute before concern flashed on his face. “You seem kinda pale. What’s wrong?”

“I am shivering due to the cold,” I answered.

“Do you want me to turn down the temperature?” he offered and I shook my head in denial at that instant.

“I need to go home and rest. I will be okay then,” I told him.

He got up from his chair and was about to place his hand over my forehead to check whether I was burning or not. But I slightly pushed his hand away and got up from my seat. I didn’t want his touch to affect me as I was already shivering. It would make my body temperature rise even more.

“You are sure you are okay, right?” he asked me again.

“It’s okay if you don’t give me the leave. I will complete my work as much as I can today,” I announced and started to walk away.

“Aria, wait,” he called me from behind but I didn’t turn, rather I kept walking, making my way towards the normal elevator instead of the private one because I knew Zaiden would follow me.

That was when my vision started to get blurry. The elevator door opened and soon, I fell into someone’s arms. The last thing I remembered was, seeing the familiar brown-eyed brunette who caught me and Zaiden calling out my name.

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