The Secret Of My Boss/C5 Vision Dark
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The Secret Of My Boss/C5 Vision Dark
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C5 Vision Dark

Chapter-5: Vision Dark

Aria Anastasia

Yesterday was Sunday, so the office was closed and I couldn't submit my resignation letter. I could've submitted it the day I wrote, but I was scared of Zaiden's reaction. However, today, I would give the resignation letter to Zaiden, come what may.

With full determination, I entered the office. As soon as I saw the private elevator was about to close, I ran towards it. Soon I could get into the elevator.

After pressing the button on my floor, I was panting hard because of the morning run I had to catch the elevator. I didn't notice anyone being in the elevator until a voice spoke, "You shouldn't run like that with those heels."

I rolled my eyes and looked at Zaiden, who was standing at the other corner of the elevator, his hands in his pocket.

"Then you should allow us to wear sneakers at work," I retorted.

He twitched his lips, preventing a smile, and said after looking at my hand, "How is your hand now?"

"Better than before," I replied curtly, trying not to look at him that much.

"Good to know," he said to me. "How did you spend your weekend?"

"I slept the entire day," I answered and glanced at him. "What about you?"

"I had some business to attend to. My twin, Lance came here to Cali from Las Vegas yesterday," he informed me.

"Oh, great." I tried to pay heed to what he said, but my mind was focused on how I would hand my resignation letter to him.

Would he accept it or would he tear it in front of me? Or worse, he could just kill me. But killing someone because she wanted to resign, wouldn't that be harsh? Who was I kidding with? He was a murderer.

Soon the elevator reached my floor and the door opened. While getting out, I heard Zaiden say, "Don't forget to send me the report for the new company which approached us."

I shook my head with a sigh and went straight to my cabin.

Even though I wasn't his assistant, he would make me work like one. I could've easily sent the report through someone else, but no, he would scold that person and make me take the file to him, just because I was the one he asked to bring the report.

I wonder how he would survive without me if I left the company.

I took out the sealed envelope from my bag, looking at it with sadness because I didn't want to leave this job. I loved everything here. I had the respect I wished to have, everyone adored me. I did my work with full dedication for the past two years. But one mistake—it ruined everything for me. I wished I hadn't opened the door that day without knocking on it.

Would resigning from my post, solve my problem?

Even if it didn't, at least I wouldn't have to see Zaiden's face every day.

Shaking off all the thoughts, I took the reports I had to submit to Zaiden. I wanted to take the resignation letter with me as well, but I have decided to submit it at the end of the day. I would submit the letter, explain myself, and run from his cabin once the office-hours come to an end. It sounded like a nice plan.

I got up from my seat and made my way to Zaiden's cabin. I knocked on the door, and when he told me to come in, I went inside. I expected him to sit on his chair, but he was standing near the coffee machine—two mugs of coffee were in his hand.

"I brought the report," I said to him, standing in the middle of his cabin.

"Keep it on the table," he told me and took a seat on the couch. I kept it on the table and turned to leave, but Zaiden stopped me. "Aria, are you free now?"

I arched an eyebrow and responded, "Depends on what you will say next."

He cleared his throat and started speaking, "Your coffee machine wasn't fixed by Yana, because she extended her vacation. So I ordered a new machine and it would come after three days."

I crossed my arms against my chest. "So...?"

"I have made two cups of espresso. You can have it if you want," he offered me.

"Oh, my God, are you really offering me the espresso you made, Boss?" I feigned a gasp in amusement. "Did you make extra by mistake or you wanted to make it for me on your own?" Before Zaiden could respond, I added, "I don't have a headache though since I had a nice sleep, thanks to the weekend. Yet, I want to have the espresso." With that, I sat on the couch next to him and took a mug that was on the coffee table.

"You don't have to drink here if your schedule is pac—" Zaiden was interrupted by me.

"I am free till eleven. Yana kept my schedule easy until she returned," I informed him. "Thank you for this though," I mumbled and took a sip of the espresso he made.

I didn't know whether he made extra by mistake or on purpose, but all I knew was, I was going to miss this. Why was he making me feel bad already before I even handed him my resignation letter? Who would want to leave this heaven-like place where there was a boss like Zaiden?

He is a murderer, Aria, my subconscious reminded me.

"Aria, your best friend called my assistant, Daniel yesterday," Zaiden spoke up, making my head snap in his direction.

"Why did Freja call your assistant and for what reason? Is my mom okay?" I asked, feeling worried now. "How did Freja get Daniel's number in the first place?"

Freja was my long-distant cousin, but she was my best friend at first. Since I had to move to California from New York, Freja decided to live with my mom and take care of her. She was really a loyal friend.

"Daniel's number is on the internet since people have to reach him first before contacting me directly. So that's how she got the number, I assume," Zaiden cleared out. "Also, why aren't you receiving your mother's calls or Freja's? They have been worried about you."

I averted my gaze. "I have been busy," I replied curtly.

Zaiden watched me for a while, trying to figure out what was going on in my mind. I thought he would never figure out, but he never failed to surprise me.

"You are afraid you may expose me to them, aren't you?"

Without answering him, I got up from my seat since I had finished drinking the espresso. Sparing one last glance at him, I walked out of the cabin.

I was afraid that I had to lie to my loved ones. It was better to avoid them than to hide the truth from them. Mom might end up having a heart attack if she finds out that her daughter was working under a murderer. Freja would stab me to death.

I had to submit my resignation letter soon.


The office hours were over.

I was walking to Zaiden's cabin, with the white envelope in my hand, after mustering enough courage. As planned, I would submit the letter to him now, even though I was afraid of his reaction. What if he acted calm and accepted my resignation, then killed me all of a sudden?

No, he wouldn't kill me. He shouldn't, because I was his loyal employee.

Or did he mix poison in the espresso I drank with him in the morning?

I placed my hand on my mouth, wondering whether I really drank poison or not.

I fastened my pace to avoid unwanted talks with myself and get scared just by assuming everything. I knocked on the door and heard a faint 'come in.' It was weird because Zaiden would say in a deep voice, not faintly.

Was there an enemy of Zaiden sitting inside instead of him?

I shook my thoughts off my mind and opened the door. I stepped in and saw someone standing near the glass view, through which the city could be viewed. The person was wearing the same colored suit that Zaiden wore today, so it was definitely Zaiden. Even his height was the same, and so was the black hair.

I kept the letter on the table and started speaking, "Zaiden, I have decided to resign from my post. Before you ask why, I think, you know the reason. You are right, I have plenty of questions hovering in my mind. But if you answer them, I am afraid I might learn more about your personal life, which I don't want to."

When he didn't turn around, I continued, "It is hard for me to cope up with the fact that I saw you killing someone. Zaiden, I have known you for two years, and believe me, I have never pictured you as a murderer. I thought you were a workaholic, who wouldn't praise us for our work, but still pointed out our mistakes until our task was perfect. You taught me how perfection works in business. I cannot believe I have to do this, but this is for the best. I assure you, your secret will be safe with me."

I could feel a few tears sliding through my eyes. I added, "Thank you for everything. My resignation letter is on your table. Goodbye, Zaiden Storm." With that, I turned towards the door.

As I was about to walk out of the cabin with my bag, a hand covered my mouth—more like a handkerchief was placed on my mouth. Soon, darkness engulfed me.


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