The Sex Gods Pornstar/C2 Shh, let me feel this....
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The Sex Gods Pornstar/C2 Shh, let me feel this....
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C2 Shh, let me feel this....

“Turn around.” Aiden’s deep voice blared in the room filled with camera men and other crew members.

His whole naked body is sweating and his long, thick cock covered with rubber jerks as he flipped the girl lying underneath around.

“Okay, Aiden. You seem energized today.” The lady at the receiving end of his thrust said and turned to lie face down on the mattress.

When she positioned just the way Aiden wanted, he pulled her hips up and palms his cock and drove into her again.

The girl jerked and a moan escaped her mouth. Aiden began to thrust, plunder deep into her.“Fuck, Lisa. Your pussy is so fucking wet.”

Aiden said as he fucks her cunt, Lisa’s inner walls clenched around Aiden’s cock, making him grunt.He slapped her ass cheeks and muttered in a sensual voice.

“You clench my cock too much, fuck.”He continued to drive into her, harsh thrust and sex scents filled the room. The camera men continued capturing the scene as Aiden drives his cock in and out of Lisa.

She moaned, pushing her hips back to meet Aiden harsh thrust.Basically, Lisa is the preferred person in Brazzers company Aiden and Alex prefers to act porn scenes with.

That Lisa makes it feel as though the show is real and that’s what they wanted the viewers to feel. The connection that seemed to lurk around even though there’s none.

Aiden and Alex aren’t the type that falls in love. They’ve been known as the sex gods right from teenage years. They had been rendering sex services to women back when they were in their foster parent’s house.

Their foster parent a women who loved getting fucked by men for money forced them into the business.

Back then, she'd bring home women old enough to be their mothers and the twins ends up fucking the old mama’s pussy. It was a thing they abhorred at first but three months into the game, they started deriving pleasure in having older women’s cunt fucked.

Alex is older than Aiden but Aiden happens to be the rougher one amongst them. The first time their foster parent brought in the women who looked like foreigners in their home in Texas, threatening to put them back into the street if they don’t comply with her, Aiden fearlessly pulled down his briefs, eyes steadied on the woman who lay on the bed, her pussy dripping wet with her juices.

He inched closer to her, shakily but implacably determined to follow instructions than have them thrown into the streets again. They’ve been there and it was hell.

Alex and Aiden are both English boys whose mother died of pneumonia after weeks of moving from Scotland to America in search of their father that got her pregnant where she worked as a maid for a Russian Oligarch that resides in Scotland.

She obtained information about the man years after looking for him. By then Aiden and Alex was already thirteen, so she took them with all her life saving from Scotland and moved to America in search of their father.However, it happened that the place she thought was their father’s address wasn’t it.

Pennyless and lacking option on how to return to Scotland to continue working for the Russian Oligarch, they began squatting in the streets of Texas. Weeks of being homeless and out in the cold street made their mother to develop pneumonia and it didn’t take long for her to leave them.

The boys had to survive on their own. The Child Protective Services (CPS) took them and put them in separate foster homes which I didn’t want. Hence, they ran from there.

The second time they were picked off the street by the CPS they got lucky enough to be put under the same parent.

A women in her forties.She had appeared to be responsible to the CPS which made them to leave the boys under her care but it's only the boys that knew who the woman literally is.

She brought in men into her house at night and got fucked for a specified amount of money.

It was her business until she discovered there are women who are pedophiles and loved having little dicks as small as the boy’s to fuck them.

With that new business idea, their foster parent started bringing older women for them to fuck.So the first day Aiden rammed an older lady’s cunt. It was a strange feeling for him.

It was hell. Alex followed his brother’s trails and took the women waiting in bed for him. From there, they became sex gods who makes money for their foster mother.

It was a lifestyle they abhorred at first but now, it’s a lifestyle they can’t seem to change. The business made money for them but their foster mother who later adopted them took it all.

Aiden was embittered by that. At the age of eighteen when they foster mother bought them cell phones, they boy scoured the social media and figured there’s something people loved to watch, even those who claims to be pure and innocent and that’s pornography.

Aiden highlighted the whole thing to Alex who bought the idea. They saved up money to create a website after figuring out how to go about it.

Then they began using their ex-girlfriend, Cheska, to act the porn scenes which of course in the end they shared the money.The boys figured people loved that.

People were willing to pay a huge amount of money to watch porn. Sometimes people do demand meeting face to face for services and for those that wanted to meet physically, they paid and joined the social media group they created.

Overtime, they income accelerated and they established their Brazzers porn company. Providing opportunities for those that needs acting roles.

Now, their company is one of the most popular in the porn industry and they know the owners as sex gods.

Aiden slapped Lisa’s tits and she squirmed, flicking her clit as Aiden fucks her. She whimpers when he dips his hands into the tight rings of her ass hole.

“Aiden, fuck. Take me from there.” She said, voice high pitched.“You love to be fucked from there, don’t you?” Aiden says as he pulls from her cunt and press the tip of his thick, hard cock in her anus.

“Holy Christ!” Lisa murmured, her face turning to all shades of colors as she regard Aiden from over her shoulders. She watches as he push himself into her ass hole and a satisfactory smile ghosted across her lips.

She loves the way the sex gods takes her. Before she came into this company, she was novice but it took a threesome with the sex gods to break her.

Lisa holds herself in high regard in the company and allows no other Male pornstar to touch her. She loved being fucked by the twins alone. Unless when she’s instructed to act a lesbian porn scene.

“Fucking go deeper.” She demanded, thrusting her ass back to meet Aiden’s mind blowing thrust. Aiden snaked his hands from behind her and captured her taut nipples between his fingers, then he tugged on it, making Lisa mewl, loving his harsh ministrations

.“Pause, please. Boss. We need to steady the camera.” The main camera man said and earned a growl from Aiden.“What the fuck, Dan? I was just about to come.” Aiden growled and paused.

He pulled out of Lisa quickly, making her slump on the bed with smiles on her face, her body glistening with beads of sweat.

She smiles and tucked her lower lips between her lips as she watched Aiden palming his cock.The camera man began to adjust the camera. Other pornstars line in the room waiting for it to get to their turn.

Aiden winked at one of the naked ladies and molded her breast with his hands, his cock pointing at the girl's belly as she leans in close, wanting Aiden to touch her more.

Everyone wants to be fucked by the sex gods of Brazzers but it’s rare to act scenes with them. Only Lisa has gotten that golden privilege. Sometimes people wondered if the twins share the same girlfriend but no one can actually tell who their girlfriend is.

Well, that’s one thing Lisa prides herself with. She doesn’t miss a chance to pose as the twins girlfriend and because of that fellow pornstars paid her lots of respect.

“Aiden!” Lisa calls out to Aiden when she saw him cupping and sexually touching another pornstars breast.

“Shhh…let me feel this.” Aiden barked, still touching the tits and then he leans forward and takes the girl’s tight, pink nipples into his mouth.

The moment she felt his warm mouth over hers, the girl prayed inwardly that Aiden will take her.

As if hearing her silent prayers, Aiden rose his eyes and stabbed the girl with his gaze.

He doff his slick mouth from her nipple and said to her.

“I guess I should cum while riding you, next.” His voice comes out gruff, making the pornstar’s pussy dripping with liquid need.

“No!” Lisa yelled as she stood up on the bed.

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