The Sex Gods Pornstar/C5 She has potentials..
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The Sex Gods Pornstar/C5 She has potentials..
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C5 She has potentials..

“What Lisa?” Aiden’s deep masculine voice speared through Lisa, making her cheeks to flush.

She’s lucky she painted her face with powder and bronzer, if not the twins would have figured she’s into them through the warm flush across her cheeks.

Well, not that they don’t have a hint of her actions towards them but you know, they’re not into emotional shit.

So entangling with someone on an emotional level isn’t their thing. Moreover, since they’re of age they had been sharing woman so it’s nearly impossible for them to entangle with someone individually.

“A friend of mine is launching her project today in a party and you know…it’s always good with have a partner that can…” She wasn’t able to finish when Alex cut her off.

“Nah…I’m out. Have somewhere to fly to.” He shrugged, his response knifing Lisa’s heart.They could hear people’s footfalls in the hallway.

The other actors coming in for their own show while some actresses are walking around naked, some are putting on bikinis.

The Brazzers doctor walked by and greeted the sex gods and seeing her made Lisa to make a mental note to visit the doctor later for any vaginal tear because she’s still feeling sore in her nether region.

Brazzers is a big porn company and their hiring rate is seventy percent. There are tattoo section and clinic inside the building and of course, cafeteria.

The sex gods planned everything well before establishing the company and the incentive lures hundreds of people to work there.Their policy before hiring is that you must not be a virgin.

They don’t work with virgins and secondly, you must have a highly sensitive body and also very quick to orgasm.Once someone fails to meet this criteria they won’t hire them.

Hence, during interview they'd first of all ask if the applicant is virgin. How fast you orgasm before any other essentials.

Then lastly, the only thing that can prove you’re competent is getting tested. Sometimes the sex gods gives their applicants a quickie or tongue-fucking or fingering.

Once the person responds positively then their chances of getting hired increases.On the off side, Lisa was a virgin when she applied in the company.

But it appeared Aiden was in a downright good mood because of the million they hit that very day and he gave Lisa an appointment to come over to the company the next day after she agreed to get deflowered.

Coming the following day, she found out that the sex gods wanted to break her in a three way sex. One she found sleazy and appealing. Consequently, Alex and Aiden took her and broke her virginity.

Since that day, Lisa has clung to the twins, loving it when they both work on her body.“Sorry, Lisa. I need to catch up with friend.” Aiden said, absently.

Lisa’s face shrunk as she tried to suppress her anger. Manageably, she fluttered the corner of her lips in a forced grin.

The twins nodded and began to walk away, chattering and Lisa stared at their retreating figure.She was just about to turn and walk away, only for the girl she fucked to make way toward her.

She wanted Lisa again and she wanted her to link her to the sex gods like she’s linked to them.

Seriously, who dares stop the twins and chatter with them in the whole of Brazzers? No one.Shyly, the girl force a grin on her face,

“Hi, Lisa...” Her voice is calm and melodious. “I'm Mira.” The girl introduced, only for Lisa to stare down at her.

“How may I help you?” Lisa for the first time looked at the girl’s chest, down to the mounds of her breast and taut nipples.

She doesn’t know when her mind mentally concluded Mira has alluring tits. While Mira was speaking, Lisa only stares at her tits, wondering why Aiden piqued interest in it .

Now, she can see it clearly. Mira's nipples are puffy and mesmerizing and her pink areola highlights the captivating beauty of the puffy nipples.

Her mounds are creamy and the nipple rings sums up the beauty of Mira's tits.Lisa doesn’t have a nipple ring but now she’s considering.

“About what happened there…?” Mira sucks in a sharp breath as Lisa stepped into her space and glared at her.

“If this is what you want to lure Aiden and Alex with…I’ll cut it off.” She threatened and touched Mira's nipples though she had wanted to make it hurt her but Lisa’s hands instinctively glided over the taut nipples sensually while her eyes bored into Mira's.

Mira took a sharp, gulping breath as Lisa’s fingers lingered longer than it should.“I guess you should go back.” Lisa uttered, drawing her fingers back with a fierce intensity as though she’s hit by a laser.

“I…I wouldn’t mind being friends with you…”Pivoting around, Lisa ordered. “Leave “Heeding the command, Mira skittered away, her bare ass jiggling.



“So how was the…interview?” Aiden asked as he flushed onto the seat across from Alex's desk.

He looked at the passports of all the interviewee for the day and his eyes stared a moment longer on Kate’s passport.

“The girl kinda looks familiar.” Aiden said.Of course, he remembered her. The little wild-mouth girl he met at the elevator.

She really lacked manners. Aiden said to himself.The receptionist said she was a newbie in Brazzers but her passport here showed she’s among those that was interviewed today.

Annoyed by Kate’s attitude at the elevator, he raised her passport and asked Alex. “Did you employ her?” Alex raised his head from his computer and looked at the picture his brother is showing him.

Oh, the last girl he interviewed.“Not yet. But she has potentials.” Alex said. “She’s quite the looker too.”

Aiden’s nostrils flared. He doesn’t care whether Kate has potentials or not. His arrogance gave way and he stated.

“Don’t fucking employ her.”Confused, Alex asked. “Why? You know her?”

“Met her at the elevator. She has no manners and quite a bitch for talking back at me.” He said, reclining against the swiveling chair. Alex chuckled.

He doesn’t really agree with Aiden on this, ‘cause somehow he liked what he saw in Kate.

She’s innocent and exactly the type he loves to taint. Alex only shrugged but kept the rest in his heart.He doubts he'll not employ Kate ‘cause of Aiden.“

Gave twenty applicants the contract. If they decided to abide by the rule. It’s up to them. Should be expecting a response at most by tomorrow.” He responded Aiden’s initial question.When the computer finished booting, Alex connected to the internet and ploded to their website.

Just this afternoon, Brazzers have about ten million visitors and people have been dropping mouthwatering comments lately.

He searched for the last video he acted with Lisa, the one he was asking the editor about and when he stumbles on it, a smile splintered his lips in two.

“I like how she takes the cock.” The first comment read.

Alex scrolled down, curious.“His cock is huge. I love his thrusts.” Another comment.“Fuck!! I love how she takes the daddy’s cock. Such a daddy’s girl.” Alex couldn’t hold back his smile.

He loved how their copywriter comes up with such captivating titles.

Just like the one for this very video he's watching is titled.“Teen girl fucks best friend’s daddy.”

“Hey, what are you watching?” Aiden asked when he saw the smile ghosting across Alex’s lips.

Alex shrugged and shove the laptop to Aiden’s line of sight and he watched the video and read of few of the comments.

“Naughty people.” He muttered, moving the laptop back to Alex.

“You said something about flying somewhere?” Aiden asked

“Yeah, about that. I’ve a client I need to meet in North Carolina tonight. She’s flying from London.” He responded shutting down the laptop.

“She wants a good fuck?” Aiden teased, standing up from the seat.

He straightened the crease on his shirt's sleeve as he traded glances with his brother.

“Nah. She’s a pornstar from a rival company and wants to partner with us after her employer and boyfriend fucked her up and sacked her. Figured about Brazzers not long ago and messaged me. Though I’m yet to find out how she got my actual number.” Alex goes into details about his meeting with a pornstar from another porn company.

The sex gods loves to tackle such cases head-on and with this pornstar wanting to join them, they'll get more information about their competitors weaknesses.

“That’s good. We've got to take those fuckers down. Brazzers should come first. “ Aiden commented, legs marching toward the exit.

“Gotta meet up with Michael, he's back in town.” He grinned. Alex's brow lifted.

Michael has been their friend for ages, back when they were under their foster mother.Alex is damn surprised. Only Michael knows the little secret

Alex is hiding from his brother for ages.He Hope’s Michael seals his lips shut. He can’t have Aiden remember the only thing he's been hiding for years.

It might break their bond as brothers.Michael has been away from the states. He traveled to Ireland for his Masters degree.

“When did he return?” Alex asked, picking up the bands of the interviewee's passports Aiden was staring at earlier.

His eyes dropped down on Kate’s picture and quickly he remember her orgasm.

A smile ghosted across his lips remembering this.With a shrug, Aiden said.

“Today. We gotta booze.” Aiden shut the door not giving Alex chance to ask another question.Alex stands up and began to prepare his exit from the company to head to North Carolina.

But before leaving, he tried to check Kate’s report again, only his network isn’t strong to allow him an access to the girl’s record.

“Hope she accepts the job.”

He said.Alex would love to be the one to test her. And he'd make sure Aiden doesn’t overshadow him nor stop him from employing her no matter what. She must work in Brazzers.

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