Love is Deep/C2 Who is the mysterious person
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Love is Deep/C2 Who is the mysterious person
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C2 Who is the mysterious person

Before going to work, I mysteriously chose a set of underwear that was even sexier than yesterday's black. I wore only a pair of thong pants, and on the outside, I wore a black buttock skirt.

After dressing up, I drove to work in my mini.

I was working as a yoga teacher in a gym. I didn't have many lessons every day.

There were a lot of tough guys in the gym. They were all tall and strong, and I used to be conservative and resist all kinds of desires to keep my husband safe.

However, once the gate of desire was opened, it would become uncontrollable.

I sat in the elevator and went up to the 18th floor. There were many people in the elevator, and as long as it was a man coming up, he would look at me meaningfully.

But very quickly, I was pushed into a corner and immediately, I felt a strong male hormone surrounding me.

A strong man pressed his body against me. I was startled and could clearly feel a big hand burrowing into my panties.

My face felt hot.

The man's sexy fingers were cold as they were massaged along my buttocks. His hot breath was stuck to my sensitive earlobes. My body instantly softened.

I bit my lip to resist, but I didn't dare to struggle too much.

I wanted to see what he looked like, but I couldn't turn my head.

"Why are you dressed so coquettishly today ?" Are you waiting for me to control the thong? "

I was ashamed and embarrassed, but the guilt gave me countless pleasures.

I tried to stop his hand from coming in. However, he didn't even give me the chance to retaliate. One of his hands violently pierced through my body, while the other violently grabbed onto my chest, ravaging me before I could enter and leave.

"I said I will control you so much that you want to die ?" Were these thong for me? So much water... I really want to take a sip. "

His crotch pressed hard against me.

I was forced to raise my hips, and he was only able to let me feel his thick body time and time again through my trousers.

So thick!

It was him!

I sent a text last night to harass my man.

I was afraid of being seen by others, but this kind of adultery made me unable to stand up.

Normally, it would only take a few seconds, but today, it was extremely difficult to endure.

Finally, the elevator arrived.

The man finally showed mercy and let me go. I hurriedly tidied my clothes and supported myself on the wall to look back at the man's face. However, I found a wretched and fat old man staring at me from not too far away.

Is this the man who just sexually harassed me? I immediately felt so disgusted that I wanted to vomit. I felt that everyone was looking at me strangely, so I couldn't stay in this place any longer. I hastily got out of the elevator and fled.

Suddenly, someone in front of me stopped me.

"Yao Mi ?"

When I looked up, I saw my nemesis, Fang Feifei, standing not far away. She looked like a peacock, with a tall, handsome man in a suit in the crook of her arm.

I've seen this man a few times. It's Fang Feifei, the new boyfriend.

The man was dressed in an expensive black suit with a short hair and a cold gaze that was as sharp as a knife. My eyes were brimming with vigor as they landed on me. My breathing unconsciously tensed up.

I kept feeling that this gaze was following me like a shadow, as if it was going to strip me of all my clothes.

I didn't want to get entangled with Fang Feifei, but she didn't want to let me go.

"Let me introduce you, this is my boyfriend Huo Jianzhou, he's from Huo Da Group. Isn't your husband working for Huo Da again?" Speaking of which, are you still a subordinate of our Jianzhou? Jianzhou, you must take good care of our Yao Mi's husband ? "

Hearing Huo Da Corporation, I stopped in my tracks. Was Fang Feifei's boyfriend She Zheng's boss? How could I dare to offend him?

Not waiting for me to say hello, I was interrupted by Huo Jianzhou. He wrapped his arm around Fang Feifei's waist and grabbed her butt before walking away.

"It's too late to take care of you, you little bitch... How can I take care of everyone? "

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