Love is Deep/C4 I'm crazy
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Love is Deep/C4 I'm crazy
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C4 I'm crazy

I'm crazy.

Huo Jianzhou hugged me. His gaze was fixed on my face, and his gaze was dark like a man-eating wolf. It was as if he was going to eat me in one bite the next moment.

When I finally reacted, the white shirt on my body had already been torn into pieces and thrown onto the car seat with a 'hiss'. The black bra was instantly exposed in the air.

"Mm ?" "Don't..."

As I refused, I couldn't help but let out a low warning. Even I was stunned as Huo Jianguo's hands didn't stop moving down my waist, causing my already sensitive body to tremble.

No, I can't do this, I have a husband, I can't do this sort of thing with other men that would betray He Zheng!

However, my whole body was as weak as a pool of water. I let Huo Jianzhou continuously provoke me, losing all my strength and falling into his arms while panting heavily.

I hate myself for being useless. I hate myself for not being able to control my strength after being slightly provoked by him!

But I need the love and comfort of a man too much.

Even if this man was despicable and shameless, even if he was very decent, the pleasure and thrill he gave me was something that my husband couldn't give me.

But I had to hover on the edge of morality.

Thus, I bit my tongue and used my pain to stimulate my remaining rationality to push away the man who was hugging me tightly!

"Director Huo, you can't do this!"

Huo Jianzhou probably didn't expect that I would push him away. After being stunned for a moment, he actually laughed. He suddenly leaned forward, grabbed my arm that was about to escape and fiercely pulled me back, forcing me to wrap my legs around his waist!

"Can't what? Yao Mi, did you know? I've wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you. Your tits are so big, your ass is round and perky, and I reacted instantly when you walked past me. Look at you wet, don't you want it anymore? "Do it with me, I will definitely make you want to die!"

His straightforward words made my face turn red, and the strange feeling of emptiness beneath my feet became even more intense.

I struggled with my eyes red, but my restless movements stimulated the blood pumping through my veins!

I could clearly feel his forceful side ferociously pushing against my private parts!

So big!

It was like a huge, thick pestle that could pierce through me at any moment.

"No, please ?"

Just as I was biting my lip and struggling, the sound of high heels suddenly came from outside the car!

I was so scared that my face paled, and Huo Jianzhou reacted nimbly. His face darkened as he grabbed onto me and hid me under his seat.

Who could it be?

Who would come at this time?

I was so nervous that my heart leapt to my throat. I widened my eyes in panic, wishing that I could immediately disappear.

Huo Jianzhou gasped under his breath, pressing my face against his, covering my head with his suit jacket. His thick hair stuck to my cheek like sharp blades.

The weapon was even harder than before. He actually dared to let me carry him even at a time like this!

I didn't dare to resist, for fear that someone I knew would appear. I bit my lip to resist, the heat so close to me that it felt as if my tight breathing could spray onto it.

I'm going crazy.

"Jianzhou, I've got your wallet."

It was Fang Feifei's voice!

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