Love is Deep/C5 Caught in action
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Love is Deep/C5 Caught in action
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C5 Caught in action

She smiled as she stood outside the car and handed the limited edition wallet to Huo Jianzhou from the window. From what she could guess, that hand of hers was only half a meter away from me!

My entire person panicked like a prey that had been lightly licked by a giant beast. I tightly bit my lips to prevent myself from letting out even the slightest sound of fear.

I heard Huo Jianzhou's voice as calm as it could be, and I even heard his chuckle and the sound of him lighting a cigarette.

This man, what was she going to say? If Fang Feifei came up later ?

There's no need to think about it. If Fang Fei Fei opened the car door, she would definitely be able to see me as a living person. What would she do to me then?

The more I thought about it, the more cold it felt behind my back.

"I was just saying that the purse is gone. Woman, why did you send it down so urgently, and you want to be manipulated again?" "Don't worry, I'll come and find you tonight ?"

"Aiya, I'm so hateful. How could I have one? I know, I've already told you a few times. Alright, alright, hurry up and go back to the company. I'm going to busy myself first!"

Hearing her say that she was leaving, I heaved a sigh of relief. My legs, which had been curled up all this time, moved slightly. Unexpectedly, the heels of my high heels accidentally knocked against the car seat, causing a muffled sound to ring out.

"Jianzhou, what's that sound?" Fang Fei Fei became alert as she approached the car door with the intention of looking inside.

God, I can even just make out the woman's curly hair!

What to do?

Am I going to get caught!?

Just when I was panicking, Huo Jianzhou suddenly moved his body. His huge object hit me hard in the face, and he reached out his hand to grab Fang Feifei by the window to kiss her.

"Ugh ?" You're so annoying. Look at how anxious you are ? "Why don't we do it in the car..."

In the quiet underground parking lot, I could hear the faint sounds of men and women kissing each other indirectly. I could even imagine how Huo Jianzhou's tongue would move in and out of Fang Feifei's mouth.

"Scoundrel ?" I haven't fed you enough last night? What are you trying to squeeze me out of? "

"Disgusting ?" "You ?"

Huo Jianzhou let go of Fang Feifei's hand and said lightly, "Okay... "I still have some things to do so I'll go ahead and find you tonight ?"

"Alright, I'll... They will wait for you. "

Huo Jianzhou chuckled and bid farewell to Fang Fei Fei before turning the steering wheel and stepping on the throttle, driving away.

He had finally left!

As soon as the car left the company, I immediately opened my jacket and got up from the car seat, face red with shame and indignation, panting as I stared at Huo Jianzhou.

Beneath him, it was still open, and there was a huge bulge.

I didn't even dare to look at it. The burning heat on my cheek didn't disappear for a long time!

"I want to get off!"

Huo Jianzhou laughed in disdain. He didn't even look at me and said, "Yao Mi, are you sure you want to use this attitude to talk to me? You don't care if your husband sees the thing in my hand?

When he said those words, I immediately clenched my fist in shame and anger.

He gave me a deep look and drove the car to an alley behind. He wasn't enjoying himself at all, perhaps because he was afraid that someone would notice my actions and drag me along to ride on his legs.

This time we were closer together.

"Ah ?" What are you doing! "

"Don't move, if you move again, I'll really go in ?" "You're responsible for extinguishing the fire you raised ?" He hugged me tightly. I struggled, but there were countless people coming and going by the roadside. I didn't dare to show it too clearly.

He could only let him do whatever he wanted.

At this moment, Huo Jianzhou's cell phone rang. The dark glow in his eyes was extinguished. Before he could clench his teeth and answer the phone, it quickly ended. Instantly, a warm current sprayed onto my thigh.

I was so embarrassed that I was about to die.

He even pinched my butt.

Trembling, I tidied myself up, afraid that I would meet such a despicable and wretched person again.

"Got it, I'll go back immediately ?" He hung up the phone, but the light in his eyes had yet to dissipate as he slowly tidied up his pants, "There's so much water, you flowed so much without even going in ?" If it wasn't because this place wasn't romantic, I would really like to enter your body right now. "

"Stop talking ?" "Let me get off ?"

I wanted to get out of the car. I didn't want to be humiliated again.

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