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C6 Amity

However, Huo Jianzhou didn't make things difficult for me. His pitch-black eyes deeply fell on me. "Get off the car. Wait for my call ?" "Next time, I won't let you escape ?"

I didn't expect to leave so easily. When I stood by the side of the road, I was completely dumbfounded. My body felt sticky and uncomfortable. I could feel countless pairs of eyes staring at me.

When it was time for me to get off work, I got on the bus home. My mind was full of the scene with Huo Jianzhou.

But at this time, the mobile phone received a friend Wang Jiali sent me a colorful letter.

Wang Jiajia had just married her boyfriend for four months last month and was currently on her honeymoon in Sanya.

I thought she was sending me a beautiful scene from Sanya, but I didn't expect that when the video started, I would hear a hungry moan and rough breathing.

"Ah ?" Give Me... "Ah, my husband is so deep ?"

On the screen, Wang Jiali was wearing a pair of black hollowed-out underwear. She was being pressed down by the man to the ground while sprinting. The angle of her leg being lifted made me stunned.

I was scared out of my wits. The sound was not loud, but it was especially loud on the noisy bus!

I quickly pressed the pause button and, with trembling hands, turned the knob.

I am so ashamed that my ears are red. This Wang Jiajia has truly caused me so much trouble! I could feel countless gazes coming at me, and I could imagine people around me thinking I was shameless, that I was looking at them with such eagerness on the bus.

The man sitting next to me was always staring at me, his dirty eyes constantly falling on my heaving chest and even my thighs under my skirt.

I'm wearing thong today, because what Huo Jianzhou did to me in the car, my underwear is wet.

I felt as if I had been stripped naked and my breathing had tightened.

The man next to me seemed to have decided that I was an unruly woman, and he kept leaning towards me, even pushing me against the window. He glanced sideways, his gaze falling from top to bottom onto my chest.

I held my breath and looked down.

My tight-fitting clothes, holding my full and passionate chest, almost pushed my clothes open.

I admit that I was aroused by Huo Jianzhou's desire. Although he rubbed and teased me for a long time, I was still shamed and excited at the thought of his entrance.

To say that I am not disappointed is to say that I still abide by my moral bottom line.

But I couldn't let my imagination run wild, I couldn't let any other man get hold of me. When the bus arrived at the station, I didn't know where I got the courage to push aside the man who was trying to molest me and get off the bus in a hurry.

When I got out of the car and got home, I couldn't help my curiosity and clicked on the video again.

"Yao Mi, let me share with you. This posture is simply too satisfying!" Hurry up and practice with your husband, you will definitely thank me! "

Wang Jiajia had always been so open. I wasn't surprised that she could say such words, but at this moment, a trace of envy rose in my heart.

Forget about changing his posture, my husband, He Zheng, could not even force himself up.

Recalling the wedding night that completely depressed me, I couldn't help but feel a little depressed. I was also a woman, so why couldn't I experience this joy?

Sighing, I suddenly thought of Huo Jianguo's grinning face, the feeling of him licking my chest and putting his fingers beneath my skin to smooth it ?

As I thought about it, my body began to heat up.

God, Yao Mi! What are you thinking about!

I didn't dare to think too deeply about it. I quickly went to take a cold shower.

I threw the drenched thong into the trash can. I still had Huo Jianzhou's smell on me. I wanted to wash off the dirty smell on my body.

After showering and changing into clean clothes, I hope that all of this can quickly pass and that Huo Jianzhou will stop pestering me.

In less than two days, Huo Jianzhou sent me another text message.

"Where are you? I want you to come to my company within half an hour! "

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