Love is Deep/C7 The person who came was not fang feifei but he zheng
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Love is Deep/C7 The person who came was not fang feifei but he zheng
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C7 The person who came was not fang feifei but he zheng

Huo Jianguo was going too far! What does he take me for?

Anger rose in me, and for a moment I wanted to send the message to Fang Feifei and let her know how dirty her boyfriend was in private.

Thinking about it, that video was still in Huo Jianzhou's phone. I didn't want everyone to know about it, so I became depressed. After a while, I changed my clothes and went to Huo Jianzhou's company.

When I carefully bypassed He Zheng's floor and entered Huo Jianzhou's office, there was no one in the office.

Is Huo Jianzhou not here?

Just as I was about to call him, I heard footsteps outside the office door, and I ducked into the back lounge, afraid that someone might see me there.

He was not afraid of others, just afraid of being seen by Fang Fei Fei.

However, what shocked me was that the person who came was not Fang Feifei but was He Zheng!

The man's voice grew clearer.

"Boss Huo, I heard that the company intends to arrange for the middle management of the group to become vice president of the southern branch ? Do you think it's appropriate for me? "

"Manager He wants to go to the south? Aren't you afraid that being separated from a beautiful wife will affect their relationship? "

"To tell you the truth, my wife also supports me in my career. "Although I've gotten a lot of opportunities at the company in the past few years, I still want to take advantage of my youth and go out. I want to wait for me to come back from the south and give my wife a better life ?"

"Mm ?" "You sit on the sofa and wait. I'll go change my clothes first ?" Huo Jianzhou pondered for a moment before replying.

Hearing their conversation, I was engulfed in a cold feeling.

He Zheng wants to work for the southern branch? He also said that I supported him, but that I had never heard him mention it in my ear, and that he would always come home, intentionally or unintentionally, in case I asked him to share my room with me.

I could tell he was trying to avoid the fact that he couldn't, but I didn't know he wanted to be separated from me.

Was it to avoid me that I had to apply for a transfer to the south?

When I thought of this possibility, I couldn't help but laugh at myself. I perked up my ears to listen for movements outside and turned my head to face Huo Jianzhou's handsome and enchanting face. I was so shocked that I cried out softly.

Huo Jianzhou quickly blocked my mouth and kissed my lips without caring about my objections. His tongue tyrannically went into my mouth to churn about. A pair of large hands kneaded my chest with lightning speed, causing my already sensitive body to instantly react.

In the small lounge, Huo Jianzhou suddenly pushed his long legs between my legs, bit my earlobe and extended his fingers downwards ?

"No!" "My husband is outside, I don't ?"

As soon as I thought of it, I immediately stopped his movements and looked at him pleadingly.

He Zheng was outside, only five meters away from me. If I were to really do it here with Huo Jianzhou, he would be able to hear the commotion if I were to be slightly louder.

Huo Jianzhou chuckled, "What are you afraid of? He's outside. I'll do it with you inside. How exciting!"

This freak!

I gnashed my teeth in anger. Staring at him, I wanted to say something. He suddenly ripped off my shirt and took the beans on my left side into his mouth.

My God, my comfortable toes are hooked!

Although I bit my lip, I still couldn't help but let out a moan ?

"Ah ?"

He Zheng who was outside seemed to have heard something. "Director Huo?" Are you okay? "

As he spoke, he seemed to be walking towards me. I could clearly hear the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer.

My body instantly froze. A pair of hands tightly gripped the corner of Huo Jianzhou's shirt. I was so scared that my face turned pale.

What should he do?

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