Love is Deep/C8 No i can't do this
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Love is Deep/C8 No i can't do this
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C8 No i can't do this

Huo Jianzhou looked calm as he shouted towards the door, "Don't come over here! I changed my clothes and went out immediately. "

"OK, Director Huo, if there's nothing else, please take care of it first. I'm in no hurry."

He Zheng was very tactful and didn't take another step forward.

From the sound of it, He Zheng should already be standing at the door of the lounge.

What should he do when he sees it?

When I thought of this, the pores all over my body started to feel fear. I wished that I could find a hole to hide in!

Huo Jianzhou didn't care about it at all. He moved even faster as he opened up the inner part of my skirt.

No, it can't be this way!

Even though I yearned for it in my heart, He Zheng was outside, so no matter what, I could not get through the hurdle in my heart.

Huo Jianzhou arrogantly tore off my blocking hand and at the same time untied his pants. He took out the purplish-red thing inside. It was thick and big, causing me to blush.

"Do you want it? Do you believe that even if I let your man in, he wouldn't dare to stop me from going after you? " His voice was low in my ear.

Huo Jianzhou's words, which were half threatening and half real, stabbed me in the heart like a sharp knife.

"No ?" "I'm begging you, don't stay here, I don't want He Zheng to hear it. I'm begging you, can you go somewhere else please? I'll definitely give it to you!"

I was so anxious that I was on the verge of tears. My big eyes were full of pleading as I looked at the man in front of me.

I really can't do it here. Even if He Zheng were to sacrifice me for the future, I still wouldn't be able to get past that hurdle in my heart.

A trace of light flashed through Huo Jianzhou's eyes. He hesitated for a moment before he finally nodded.

"That's what you said, take the initiative next time!"

I pursed my lips and nodded. I didn't know whether it was anger or shameful desire, but it was only when Huo Jianguo ruthlessly grabbed my chest that I was unwilling to leave.

I was finally relieved as I heard Huo Jianzhou and He Zheng's footsteps walk far away. They sneaked a glance outside and wanted to take advantage of the moment no one was leaving quietly, but an unexpected guest had actually appeared!

"Jianzhou, you don't have the time to come to my house to eat?"

Fang Feifei was wearing a pink dress with a pair of high heels with a length of ten centimeters beneath it. She was walking towards Huo Jianzhou with her beautiful legs.

I hid in the shadows, my heart in my throat.

Why did she come as well?!

I was even more afraid to walk out of the office, not daring to breathe. I hid behind the door of the lounge and watched the three people in the office.

He Zheng beamed: "So Miss Fang is your girlfriend, such a perfect match. I wonder if Boss Huo is free tonight. My wife and I will treat you to a meal together with Miss Fang?"

When I heard this, I had a sudden foreboding.

Fang Feifei held onto Huo Jianzhou's arm with a face full of pride, "Of course you can. I'm just afraid that Yao Mi is too busy trying to flirt with all sorts of men, and won't have the time to do so."

I always had more students in the gym than she did, and for that reason she played with me a lot, but I didn't expect her to discredit me so much in front of my husband.

He Zheng was obviously stunned for a moment, pretending not to understand as he foolishly said it was fine, Yao Mi would definitely be very happy.

What the hell am I happy about!

I wanted to get away from them.

However, what I did not expect was that the next sentence He Zheng said completely stunned me.

"If Miss Fang doesn't have any objections, I'll give Yao Mi a call right now. She'll definitely be very happy when she hears that we're going to have dinner together with Director Huo and Miss Fang."

After saying that, he took out his phone and pressed something with his finger.

By the time I realized it, it was already too late.

My cell phone rang and I froze as if I had been hit.

"What is that sound?"

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