Love is Deep/C9 Should i or shouldn't i go
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Love is Deep/C9 Should i or shouldn't i go
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C9 Should i or shouldn't i go

Me, should I go

My body trembled. Just as I was about to close the phone in my bag, I heard Huo Jianzhou say in a loud voice, "It's nothing. I probably left my phone in the lounge when I changed my clothes. I'll go pick up the phone first."

I heard his unhurried explanation and hurried in.

This made me even more afraid to turn off my cell phone. If his phone suddenly stopped ringing before he could come in, it was obvious that someone had turned it off for him.

I felt extremely guilty until I saw Huo Jianzhou come in with a sullen face. I heaved a sigh of relief and quickly turned off the phone.

"Why don't you mute your phone? What? Do you really want them to watch my live broadcast? "

Huo Jianzhou raised his eyebrows and sneered in an extremely soft voice. He approached me step by step, and my heart instantly cooled down by half.

"Didn't you ask me to come over? "How did I know he would suddenly call me!"

"Stay put. I'll lead them away later. Find a chance to leave."

After saying that, Huo Jianzhou left without looking back. I hid in the resting room by myself. It didn't take long for me to hear that there weren't any movements outside.

However, I still remained cautious and waited for another ten minutes before I cautiously walked out.

As I walked out of the office, the insides of my body were torn apart. I was as ashamed as I could be.

I hated the moment I sank, how I made myself so miserable!

Not long after cleaning up, I received a call from He Zheng.

Wife, I invited my superior to have dinner with his girlfriend. His girlfriend is your colleague, Fang Feifei. Tonight is very important to me.

Then he hung up and sent me the address on WeChat.

I was a little angry, He Zheng did not even ask if I was willing to go, just using this kind of commanding tone to ask me.

Just as I was about to put down my phone, Huo Jianzhou's WeChat also came over.

"Tonight, I will definitely make you my woman! I will fiercely control the flower petals beneath you!"

My face turned red, and my body shuddered as if an electric current had passed through it.

Thinking about how I saw the purplish-red object beneath him this morning, I couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

What am I thinking?

I chided myself unceasingly in my heart. However, my original desire to go eat with He Zheng had also changed. I had somehow walked into the room and changed into a white skintight dress.

This dress was given to me by Wang Jiali. She said that I always wear yoga and sportswear, and she can't stand me ruining my body like this.

I looked at the person in the mirror and put on some makeup before rushing out to the hotel that He Zheng had mentioned.

When I went in, the three of them were already there. He Zheng quickly took my hand and asked, "Why did you come so late?"

I smiled but didn't say anything. I swept my gaze across Huo Jianzhou in anticipation. As expected, I saw the amazement in his eyes.

At that moment, my vanity was actually a little satisfied. I felt that it wasn't in vain that I was dressing up.

Fang Feifei passed me a glass of wine with a fake smile, holding Huo Jianzhou's arm with a face full of arrogance.

I acted as if I didn't see it. I ate a meal quietly and listened to everything they said about socializing.

A few minutes later. I felt a foot rubbing against my leg, and the vague touch actually made some moisture flow between my legs.

I looked at the man in front of me. The corner of Huo Jianzhou's mouth curled up into a trademark evil smile.

My heart was beating wildly. In front of my husband and his girlfriend, he was flirting with me under the table...

As I thought about it, my face turned red all the way down to my neck. I also saw that Huo Jianzhou was looking at me with a darkened and gloomy expression.

Not long later, his phone rang. A new message had been sent.

I took it off nervously and opened it. It was indeed Huo Jianzhou!

"I'll go to the washroom later. If you don't come, then you just have to wait for your husband's promotion to fail."

I bit my lower lip and looked up. Huo Jianzhou was just getting up and saying he wanted to go to the toilet. Before he left, he didn't forget to give me a meaningful look.

I... Should I go?

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