The So-called Loser's Counterattack/C1 You won't get away with it even if you die
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The So-called Loser's Counterattack/C1 You won't get away with it even if you die
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C1 You won't get away with it even if you die

Yue Zhonghai rode on the Three Wheels s car and went back after hearing the commotion.

He was lucky today, so he picked up a jade pendant on the way. The phoenix jade pendant was the size of a small crescent moon cake and seemed to be very valuable. Yue Zhonghai wanted to take it back to the Master Zhang to see if he could exchange it for some money.

With a squeak, Yue Zhonghai stopped the car in front of Master Zhang's house. At noon, the family would be eating. Yue Zhonghai pushed open the door to Master Zhang's courtyard and went straight to the living room: "Why is there no one here?" Yue Zhonghai was confused.

He looked to the west and saw a curtain hanging over the door. There seemed to be movement inside. Yue Zhonghai lifted the curtain without thinking. The result was that Yue Zhonghai was stunned by the scene inside.

What was not inside was the Master Zhang's daughter, Zhang Qingyu, changing clothes. Zhang Qingyu only had a small triangle inside her body. She was preparing to tie him up with an armed belt. , who had entered the room, was stunned as she stared blankly at Yue Zhonghai.

"Ah ?" Zhang Qingyu reacted and squatted down while clutching her chest. She was so scared by the shout that she turned around and ran. If she was met with the Master Zhang, she could lose two layers of skin.

Just as he put down the curtain and turned around, he saw three pairs of furious eyes. The Master Zhang couple and their son, Zhang Dabiao, were all looking straight at Yue Zhonghai.

"This Uncle Zhang is here to find you, not to sneak a peek at Qingyu and change her clothes!" Yue Zhonghai quickly explained.

"You bastard, Ma De, I will beat you to death!" Zhang Dabiao punched towards Yue Zhonghai. Fortunately, Yue Zhonghai dodged it.

"Big Biao, stop messing around." Master Zhang said with a gloomy face. Yue Zhonghai, if you talk about this matter, I will definitely fight it out with you. "Hurry up and f * ck off, f * ck off!"

Hearing that, Yue Zhonghai ran out of the hall like a madman. He forgot to lower his head and hit the door. Yue Zhonghai, who was covering his head with his hands, disoriented and ran out. After getting on the carriage, he anxiously rode away.

"Is it that easy to get this kid?" Zhang Dabiao asked his father.

"You still want the whole village to know that your sister is going on a blind date in two days? If you make any rumors, then this matter will go down the drain! " Master Zhang was furious.

"Forget it, Sigh, let's just not make the pigsty. Who would have known that this damned girl would just go home and change her clothes. " Master Zhang's wife Yang Yuhua said angrily, "What are you still crying for, why aren't you coming out to eat!" Zhang Qingyu's cry came from inside the house.

"F * ck, you scared the baby to death." Yue Zhonghai went back to his house and opened his ceiling fan. He plopped down on a stool. There was no longer any blood on his head, so Yue Zhonghai used his bloodied hands to take out the jade pendant. If it was glass or something, I would have suffered a huge loss. "Eh, why is there light emitting from this?"

That beam of light instantly rushed through Yue Zhonghai's forehead, causing him to be dumbstruck. In Yue Zhonghai's mind, a thought that did not belong to Yue Zhonghai was cheering. That's great, after all these years. He finally found the body he wanted to possess! and he's even the same as me, a Spiritual Root with balanced five elements! "

"Who are you? Get out! " Yue Zhonghai screamed in panic. Possession or something like that, I've read about it in the Xianxia novels. But then, his consciousness began to blur. He knew he was going to die soon. Although this body could still live in the future, it was no longer Yue Zhonghai!

"F * ck, I won't let you off even if I die!" Yue Zhonghai steeled his heart, his hand reached out for the copper plate that was already exposed, and after a burst of sparks, Yue Zhonghai finally lost consciousness. However, before he lost his consciousness, the thought that was rampant in his mind seemed to let out a wail and say "No!".

Yue Zhonghai was woken up by the sound of his stomach growling, he opened his eyes and shook his head. He was sure that he was still himself, but there were a lot of things in his head. These things had already been completely absorbed by Yue Zhonghai when he was unconscious.

"There's really Cultivation? Then how did this treasure appear in this world?" Yue Zhonghai crawled up and muttered.

That phoenix shaped jade pendant was a treasure, it had escaped into Yue Zhonghai's Dantian. That thought just now was the Primordial Spirit of a great cultivator of Tribulation Stage, Xiao Yaozi. However, staying here for too long was already very weak.

Xiao Yaozi had come across this opportunity with great difficulty, but who knew that with a single fierce attack, Yue Zhonghai would be able to take his life. This electricity belonged to the power of thunder and lightning, the most positive power. It destroyed his extremely weak Primordial Spirit. It was still effortless.

Xiao Yaozi's Primordial Spirit soul was destroyed and killed. However, all of his memories had been completely absorbed by Yue Zhonghai, leaving him with a prize of tens of billions. It fell from the sky and hit Yue Zhonghai.

"I'm rich, I'm rich." This time, I'm going to post. " Yue Zhonghai's eyes glazed over, and only one sentence came out of his mouth.

Xiao Yaozi's Primordial Spirit had been absorbed by him, allowing him to become stronger. It was because he didn't have the ability to use it. If he wanted to use it, he would have to train it. In this world without spiritual energy, it was almost impossible to cultivate. But that jade pendant just so happened to have a Small Space, there was spirit energy inside. Yue Zhonghai could go in and cultivate.

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