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A shameful scene flashed through Tang Xia's mind. She clenched her fist and roared like an angry kitten: "You, how can you do this? Your bride ran away and casually grabbed me as a substitute. It's fine if I accompanied you in your performance, but you actually didn't know how to be grateful for your help and still did that kind of thing to me? "

"What kind of thing?"

Mu Ling Feng's cold gaze finally rose from the newspaper and looked at the angry face.

"That's right... You know what you did. "

"You drank all my wine last night and vomited all over me, causing my bedroom to be unable to sleep. Who do you think would be in the mood to do anything to you?"


"You mean nothing happened between us?"

Mu Ling Feng was too lazy to explain, her gaze returned to the newspaper.

"Mu Shao, we've found the thing."

The man's low voice came from behind him. Tang Xia turned, it was a man dressed in a black suit, she had seen him yesterday at her house receiving Tang Yao's whip.

Wait, what was in his hand?

A wooden box?

"Mu Ling Feng, you're going too far. That's mine."

"That's right! It's yours, I didn't say it wasn't yours. " He was still reading the newspaper, not even batting an eyelid.

"Since it's mine, what do you mean by bringing it back?"

"You will live here from now on. Of course I will bring you your things, but in this entire room, only this thing can be taken away. As for the rest, they are all lost."


Tang Xia was speechless, "How can you guys casually touch my things?"

He turned around and angrily grabbed the collar of the man beside him.

The man was very tall, she had to stand on her tiptoes to reach his shoulders, thus, facing her sudden attack, the man disapproved, stood like a statue, and explained very sincerely: "I'm sorry, Young Grandmother, it was Mu Shao's order."

"You are not allowed to call me Young Grandmother."

"Yes, Young Madam!"

"..." It broke down!

Mu Ling Feng closed the newspaper and stood up from the reclining chair. Under the sunlight, she saw a face that was as handsome as this.

"You look like you don't want to do it?"

Mr. Mu, please clear up the relationship between us, I am not the woman who wants to marry you, the woman who wants to marry you has already ran off with your groomsman, and it is impossible for me to take her place and marry you, and even more so, to live under the same roof as you. As for this blue amber, you have already agreed to give it to me, so I cannot take it back, and even more so have additional conditions.

Tang Xia was so angry that her face turned pale, her tone was calm, but she had forgotten one thing, that in front of a powerful noble, all the logic and philosophy she talked about were all nonsense.

Mu Ling Feng held her chin with her slender hands, appreciating her serious look.

"Truly an arrogant woman. Originally, I planned to let you go, but yesterday's escape made me very angry. So, you must pay the price."

Price? Who did he think he was? God?

"Great!" The price is right? I, Tang Xia, am not a pushover like you, and it would be best if you did not provoke me. "

It was just a gay, who was afraid of who?

She turned around and left in a rage, not wanting to face that stubborn face again.

Just as she reached the door, two bodyguards stopped her, "Young Grandmother, without Mu Shao's permission, you are not allowed to go anywhere."

Why did he have to do this to her? She wasn't his pet.

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